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Coastal Grande

The Hummingbird

"As beautiful and ambitious as the sea."


[justify]Great Northern Capital: Coastal Grande

The pride of the Great North extends out from land to sea. Coastal Grande is the largest city inall of Genesaris and by far one of the most beautiful, second only to Aelindra City in size and glory. No missions of conquest have ever touched Coastal Grande, and it has only grown in strength. As a result, Northern residents tend to be arrogant and overt, looking down on those of more modest cities and towns.

Despite the undercurrents of racism and cultural stigma, no one can deny that Coastal Grande is one of the best tourist areas and resorts. The economy is exceptionally strong, allowing for splendid hotels, restaurants, and luxuries rarely found anywhere else. Due to the city’s relationship with the sea, high-class seafood is incredibly popular and has been shipped out continent-wide, resulting in a great surge of income for the government. The Great North has used this to strengthin their magitech and military, which has caused some worry in lands with a history of war with the North.

Flag: Black background; silhouette of a white falcon over a blue sea.

Ruler: Council of Eight (Ayden, Acies ab Vesania)

Prime Military: Invictus Army

Hardened by generations of civil war and unrest, the Invictus Army has a dark history of demolishing entire cities and decimating the South. Highly intelligent and ruthless, the Invictus Army spare nothing when dealing with criminals and lawless intruders, often performing executions by “accident”. To their credit, crime is at an all-time low.

Citywide Landmarks

Yum Janus Tavern

A cross shaped tavern that is divided into three dining sections; the rich, the not so rich, and a place where both can mingle. A cause of controversy, the only thing everyone agrees on is that Yum Janus has an incredibly high standard of food and service. With prices from the modest to the insane, even the cheapest of meals leave the hungry satisfied. Due to its popularity, the Yum Janus company has spread to nearly every city, but this is where it all began.

Airship Ocean Base

Situated out from land to sea and therefore protected quite well against mainland attacks, 8 airships languish like shining gems on the surface of the clear waters. Shining gems though they seem, they are all outfitted with some of the finest weaponry possible. In contrast to the tear and jet-shaped airships of modern times, these take a more revolutionary approach; spirals stacked on top of one another and sustained by curving pillars, making them taller rather than wider. They also have a small fleet of sea ships.