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Cobran Town

The Hummingbird

“C’mon down to Cobran-Town, where the ‘peeps’re salty, the water’s saltier, n’ the temperature doesn’t go above freezin’!”

- Tilde, Leader/Ruler/”Supreme Best Friend” of Cobran Town

Cobran Town



by, Tilde-0001


Cobran Town lies at the southern end of the Cold South, with a large natural harbor leading out to sea. Its territory spans roughly the size of Massachusetts. It is surrounded by mountains, and its natural harbor is protected by massive icebergs, perma-frozen due to the Cold Sea’s frigid waters.


While not necessarily at the highest of altitude, Cobran Town is home to a few large, dormant volcanoes. These three relatively-massive, 2,000-foot-tall volcanoes - Kora, Skora, and Lora - have been hollowed-out, given rooms and its own water and electricity supply, and are now home to the improperly-named Grand Council of Thermus, the parliamentary sector of Cobran’s government. According to legend, these volcanoes came about during the formation of Valucre, and stayed active for several-thousand years.

The entire city-state of Cobran is protected by the massive Jar’Katul mountain range, similar in height to the Himalayas. The only ways in and out of Cobran are either through Tel’Kortuuk Pass – cutting straight through Mt. Yurklat, the northernmost mountain of the Jar’Katul range – or entering via Kellek Harbor.

The city itself is located in the S’vorak Basin, a large section of flat land smack-dab in the middle of the Jar’Katul range. It is exactly at sea-level, and is scoured by freezing winds from the sea.


Cobran Town is filled to the brim with buildings, old and new. In the center of the city lies Downtown Cobran, home of the Castle and Armada HQ. As the distance increases from the city’s center, the quality and age of the surroundings tend to become quite dilapidated – a result of Cobran’s Laissez-Faire economic system.

Cobran’s older buildings are rectangular in shape, and have been repaired and rigged with makeshift parts made of scrap metal. Many buildings have been draped in insulating cloth to prevent any holes that couldn’t be repaired with hard materials.

Its inner buildings, however, are rounder in shape to deter the wind and are built with much better materials imported from Terrenus. Many of the buildings in Downtown Cobran are made of magic-infused materials, in order to better-insulate its occupants.

The Castle is the largest building in Cobran, standing tall at 244 stories high, but the buildings around it are growing higher and higher, thanks to the construction efforts of Cobran’s civilian workforce.


With a bone-chilling 10 degrees Fahrenheit at its highest in the summer, the climate of Cobran is harsh and unforgiving. Nearly-constant, freezing winds scour the city’s poorer areas and uncharted terrain, resulting in a quick, hypothermic death if not clothed or insulated properly. A magitech-powered shield keeps the climate of Downtown Cobran fairly-constant, but only stays on during the day in order to save power and increase the difficulty of an enemy invasion.

Flora and Fauna

Cobran is home to the elusive Saloth, a sentient humanoid species. The Saloth and its tribes reside within the Walled Sector of the city, and rarely attempt to communicate with those beyond the wall.


Cobran is made up of mercenaries, ex-soldiers, and their families. The population is generally-young, with the predominant age range between 25 and 35. Many families, after making enough money thanks to the extremely-lenient tax laws, tend to migrate elsewhere in order to have and raise their children – only to be replaced by a new young couple or band of mercenaries looking to establish a permanent base-of-operations.

  • Civilian Population: 200,000
    • Minors (Under 16): ~30,000
    • Adults (16-59): ~164,000
    • Elderly (Over 60): ~6,000
    • Male/Female Ratio: 60%/40%
  • Law Enforcement/National Guard: 1,500
    • High-Ranking Officials: 10
    • SWAT/Special Operations: 50
    • Prison Guards: 40
    • Castle Security Officers: 200
    • Police Officers/National Guardsmen: 1,200


Cobran is home to a large variety of races and species, from humans to elves to orcs and beyond. Due to its high concentration of mercenaries and entrepreneurs alike, Cobran’s cultural diversity is among one of the highest in all of Genesaris. Because of this, the people of Cobran are generally tolerant by nature and highly-adaptable to change. Hardworking and highly-independent, its citizens pride themselves on making history day-by-day. They tend to meet in local taverns and meeting locations across the city to trade stories and tales of the day’s accomplishments, celebrating their victory of surviving the day.


Thanks to its large, natural harbor (known as Kellek Harbor) and its benign tax laws, Cobran is one of the largest – if not the largest – shipping hubs in all of Genesaris. The transport, import, or export of goods are only taxed a flat rate of 1%, no matter how grand or modest the cargo, resulting in many various shipping and transportation companies basing their headquarters out of Cobran. Within the city also lies many thousands of vendors, shops, and other services, all paying a flat tax of .85% of income per year. Its largest form of commerce, however, comes from the Private Military Contractors (PMCs) working within Cobran. All contracts, regardless of importance or location in which the contract was signed, are taxed “heavily” at 3.5% per contract if the services are employed from a company headquartered within the city walls. Many PMCs, valuing Cobran’s lax regulations on how contractors conduct their business, have made this city their home.

Major Companies and Institutions

The Armada: Cobran is home to the Armada, the air detachment of the Fortundan Guard. Once a private contractor aligned with Cobran, the government has since assumed full funding and control of the Armada, bolstering its defenses and increasing the size of its fleet of armored zepplins.

Parks and Recreation

Within the climate barrier of Downtown Cobran lies the Kor Family Recreation Center, a large recreation site dedicated to Fortundan war hero Lo Kor’ Tuul. Admittance is free to all, and consists of several grassy fields as well as a shooting range and barbeque pit.

Landmarks and monuments

The Statue of Tilde: a large, bronze statue of Tilde, adorned in full armor and a fur cloak, holding the Fortundan Flag in one hand and his famous CR41 “Stubby” assault rifle in the other. The citizens of Cobran look up to their leader with great respect and gratefulness for indiscriminately giving them the opportunity to make something of themselves, and often visit the statue of their own free will and time.

The Castle: in the dead-center of Downtown lies the Castle, housing the Federal Branch of Cobran. It is a large, cylindrical building, soaring at two 238 stories tall to commemorate the age Tilde was when he created Cobran. The top floor of the Castle holds the Hall, a large throne room that holds Supreme Queen Maura and her cat/personal knight, Suzu. Only President-Officer Tilde, General-Chieftain Allistair, and those granted clearance under special circumstance are allowed into the Hall. The higher stories are patrolled by heavily-armed Armada airships to protect the Castle from attacks. Beneath the Tower lies the Keep, home to the Fortundan Guard – Cobran’s standing ground military.

  • The Hall: Supreme Queen Maura’s throne room. Consists of a White travertine tile floor, with thick maroon wood grain inlays that form rectangles 24 feet long and 12 feet wide. Large, white, ionic pillars line the sides of the room along with connecting arches, and the ceiling is covered in white hexagonal tile with gold flecks, each 4 1/2 inches in size with a thin black inlay. The throne has three large steps with black carpet covering most of the area; the carpet starts from the bottom step and leads up to and behind the throne. The throne is made of gold, with beautiful, red velvet embroidery.

Armada HQ: Next to the Tower lies Armada HQ, a five-story, square-shaped building that houses the top officers and pilots of the Armada – Cobran’s own air force. It contains a large, geothermal-powered radar dish, able to detect enemy aircraft, along with a sonar system to detect incoming ships and submersibles. A small, contained bridge connects Armada HQ with the Castle.


Cobran’s government, since it is a city-state, is composed of a Federal branch and a democratic legislative body.

Local government

The city of Cobran’s local legislative body is divided into three sectors – Kor, Skor, and Lor, all named after their respective volcanos of Kora, Skora, and Lora. Within each of these volcanoes-turned-government buildings lies the Grand Council of Themus, a democratic parliament consisting entirely of those aged 65 and over put together by Tilde in order to celebrate and reward old age. However, as he likes to put it, “nothin’ gets done in there – they’re so old, all they do is argue ‘bout what ‘ta do! Usually they just say, ‘Tilde can decide.’”

Federal government/Military

Federal Department: All other aspects and responsibilities of government – finance, execution and enforcement of law, welfare of the people, etc., are placed onto Cobran’s executive leadership: Maura, Supreme Queen, responsible for the overall welfare of Cobran and providing diplomatic support/ambassadorship when necessary; Tilde, President-Officer, responsible for keeping the government running, making sure businesses are flourishing, ensuring the civilian arm of the Federal Branch stays flexed, and maintaining that the laws of Cobran are followed; and Allistair, General of the Fortundan Guard and Standing Chieftain of the Armada, responsible for protecting Cobran from all threats foreign and domestic.

Fortundan Guard: the Fortundan Guard consists of elite mercenaries and contractors of all races and creeds, loyal to the Supreme Queen and run by General-Chieftain Alistair. They are armed to the teeth with the latest in weaponry, are all adorned in turquoise fortundium armor, and are very well-trained from various backgrounds. Upon conscription, they are given the rank of Guardsman and can move up the ranks to Guard-Officer. Its Black Ops division, the Kort’el, only answer to the Supreme Queen herself and act as her personal bodyguards. Their armor consists of a dark turquoise body with black plates expertly-welded in ornate, regal patterns.

  • Total Size: ~10,000

    • Guardsmen: ~8,000

    • Kort’el: ~500

    • Military Policemen: ~1,500

The Armada: the Armada, Cobran’s standing air force, consists of a huge fleet of several-hundred airships. It is run exclusively by General-Chieftain Allistair, and houses only the most elite of soldiers and pilots. The Armada consists of the Grand Fleet, which provides air support and logistics for ground troops and government personnel as well as Royal Air Escorts; and the Fortundan Marines, the elite air-to-ground attack unit of the Armada, consisting of Fortundan Grand Guardsmen who did not pass Kort’el training but are too well-trained to be sent back to the regular Guard. Their armor is painted in a flat olive-drab color, with turquoise trims on their helmets.

  • Total Size: ~5,000

    • Pilots: varies by number of airships

    • Marines: ~3,000


For those seeking a quality education, the Grand Academy of Jade teaches advanced military tactics, modern moral principles, and a variety of many different subjects ranging from foreign languages to advanced sword and gun play.


  • Roads and Highways:
    • The Great Road: officially designated Highway 1-A, the Great Road is a long highway carved deep underground to keep temperatures relatively stable for any and all vehicles to traverse. There is no speed limit – only several large lanes built for a variety of vehicles, from horses to giant bipedal tanks. Its exits consist of large, airtight elevators and huge underground hangars built to store plenty of vehicles.
    • Highway 2: Highway 1-B, also known as Highway 2 or the Royal Trail, is a large, ornately-decorated road that runs from the northern end of Cobran and into the Castle.
  • Rails/Subways: There is only one rail system, the Fortunda Express, which runs free-of-charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter the weather. It is powered by Magitech and run by civilian engineers, as well as patrolled by the Cobran Police Department.
  • Riverways: The Sio’vennen River is the only waterway of Cobran, and runs from the massive snowmelt collection along the edges of the city directly to the Tower in order to be processed and sent throughout the city



The Mercenary Republic of Cobran, also known as “Cobran Town” or “Cobran” to its denizens as well as travelers and scholars alike, was founded in 14AO by Tilde.

Tilde, an immortal Fortundan mercenary and veteran of the Generations Era, was given the funds and means to build his dream –  a city of mercenaries, by mercenaries, for mercenaries – by a mysterious benefactor. Within a span of two years, his once-small territory grew in size as his new standing army, the Fortundan Guard, was established and run by his best friend, General Allistair Caldwell. Within a matter of a decade, the City-State known as the Mercenary Republic of Cobran was established and proceeding in full-swing.

It is unclear as to when Maura, Supreme Queen of Cobran, was placed into power, but her presence and royal decrees shifted the general dynamic of the city-state, sending it into a golden era of peace. Travelers from across Terrenus and Genesaris flocked to the harsh, icy wastes of the Cold South to find this mysterious city-state of Cobran.

Despite the outer city’s slumlike appearance, it is thriving and filled with life. No matter how poor its citizens may seem, they enjoy the same amenities as those within the climate barrier of Downtown thanks to Supreme Queen Maura’s famed “Decree of Basic Rights of the Citizens of Cobran,” or commonly known as the Equality Act, which allows all citizens of Cobran the right to “eat, drink, live, and enjoy life to its fullest.” However, this meant that each citizen, unless already employed, MUST pull their own weight and work at least 5 hours a day in order to receive a day’s worth of pay – what they do with their money is their business, but most use the money to pay upkeep taxes (with a large amount of money to spend for themselves and their families). Thankfully, Tilde has tirelessly worked around the clock to create new jobs for everyone, since his city-state just keeps growing and growing, from the ground up – literally.


None – YET!


Past? What past? Cobran’s still young!!!

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