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DragonSoul Summit

The Hummingbird

"We are the superior. None can defeat us, for we are one."


DragonSoul Summit


Regent: A council of five dragons; namely, a red dragon, gold, silver, black, and green.

Flag: A banner flies above the city’s tallest spire, featuring a great winged dragon of red and black stitching breathing gold fire over a mountain range. 

Contact: The Hummingbird

Most cities are composed of humans and humanoid races, welcoming to all.


DragonSoul Summit is a city composed entirely of dragons and creatures the humans call monsters.


Once, DragonSoul Summit was occupied by humans who fought daily with the monsters that roamed the mountains. Creatures of great size and immense strength attacked the city with growing ferocity and increasing numbers until at last the humans fled. It was then that the dragons came. With their vast power, the dragons asserted authority and dominion over the mountains and abandoned city, and to this day rule over the monsters who have made DragonSoul Summit their home. Living side by side, the dragons and monsters capable of doing so occasionally take human shape to explore the city the humans left behind, but regard true humans with prejudice and suspicion. While allowed into the city, they cannot be called welcome and are often barred from entering certain areas. Indeed, some areas can only be entered by way of flight.


Power is everything in DragonSoul Summit, the deciding factor in status and received respect. Even the lowest born creature of DragonSoul can gain a respected place in society if they demonstrate enough power and savagery, often given a chance when the city is outright attacked or threatened by an outside force, usually by outsider monsters or dragons disgusted by the sight of the two living together.


For those hoping to gain the partnership of a dragon or other supernatural creature, any human can enter the grand arena set atop DragonSoul Summit’s majestic castle, and prove their mettle by fighting and perhaps defeating a prospective partner. Only by doing so will a monster or dragon respect you, and consider joining you in your travels.






DragonSoul Summit lies atop the tallest mountain peaks of the mighty Shienvar Mountains in Southwestern Genesaris. Craggy peaks and sparse regions of forests and woods dot the mountains, hiding the aeries of lone dragons as well as secret caverns filled with the fierce and savage inhabitants all humans regard with healthy respect and healthier fear. Small streams and rivers flow between the mountains, providing freshwater seafood and a constant, clean water source. The base of the mountains is populated thickly with deer, moose, and various other wildlife, all providing a rich food source for the inhabitants of DragonSoul Summit.

Deeper into the mountains, on the outskirts of the city grounds are ruins of temples and libraries and various other buildings – perhaps school and churches – often occupied by a monster or dragon who find the city too crowded for their liking. These ruins are in increasing disarray the further into the mountains they are, having been the primary targets in DragonSoul’s violent past. In the sides of the mountains there are caves and entrances to the underground region of DragonSoul Summit, a prosperous and dangerous part of this strange society.

Three cities lie in close proximity to DragonSoul Summit; Talthanus City, Wicker Town, and Saitn Desolatus, and all are interested in the gems and rich resources the mountains hide in their rocky earth. It is said gold and emeralds were found in rich abundance there, but now are hoarded by the dragons, who have shown little interest in trading with the human civilizations.



Stone buildings and towers make up the majority of the city, some of them overrun by vegetation and others having degenerated into crumbling ruins. However, many are still standing, filled with the possessions of the humans long departed. Tapestries, statues, furnishing, and other belongings can be found in houses. Jewelry and trinkets can be discovered in stores long abandoned, and books and scrolls of long lost tales can still be read in the city’s many libraries.

The city is maintained well enough for those interested in wandering the city grounds, and in truth, the architecture is a fascinating example of creativity, sophistication, and beauty. Domed roofs and sharply pointed spires stand together, adorned with the flag of DragonSoul Summit on which a dragon will often perch, overseeing the citizens of the city. But for those uninterested in the city, there are caverns, caverns, underground tunnels and countless aeries burrowed into the mountainside for any manner of creature wishing for a home.

The underground of the city is nearly its own society, inhabited by such creatures as hydras , nagas, and other, darker specimens. Mysterious power radiates in these underground sections, and it is said a crystal lies hidden somewhere deep beneath, and may be how the dragons managed to contain and establish power over the monsters who drove the humans out.


The Shienvar Mountains experience all four seasons in their time. Summers are warm and bountiful with prey; springs bring rain to rejuvenate the earth; fall brings a chill in the air and color to the forests; winters often bring a bounty of snow to the mountain peaks. Fall and winter is when many dragons and monsters creep back into caves and aeries to sleep. Oftentimes, this is when thieving humans crawl into the city hoping to steal the hidden treasure dragons tend to collect. However, there are a few dragons and monsters who stay awake, watching for threats.

Flora and Fauna


Flora and Fauna are bountiful in the mountains. All s orts of creatures and platns exist alongside one another. Here are just a few of those, a small sample of what may be found.

Dragons: the most common creatures are, of course, dragons. They are divided among the primary colors of Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Gold. Each dragon race nurtures its own ways and traditions, along with being diverse in attitude, personality and views toward outsiders. Some dragons are more aggressive towards their own kind than others, which has led to great aerial battles that can be seen from miles away. However, no battle has led to the destruction of their city – yet.

Nagas: these serpentine humanoids are mysterious and beautiful to look upon, though their lower half is often that of a great snake. They pride themselves in their collection of tomes and ancient books, gathering knowledge and priding themselves in all that they have learned. They are willing to teach and tutor other monsters and creatures for a price, their lessons including that of arcane knowledge and the magical arts.

Nightmares: it is uncertain whether these black, fiery equines are more spirit or mortal animal, or perhaps something in between. Possessed of a great intelligence though often feigning less, these horse-like creatures roam the lower heights of the mountains in small herds or, more often, alone. Their manes and tails are of fire, usually orange, or red, but the older, more powerful Nightmares have manes and tails of blue or white fire. They rarely let anyone or anything ride them, but there have been rare stories of those who joined their strength with that of a worthy human.

Prophecy Tree: the wood of this tree is a deep, wine red, hard as stone and growing nowhere else in the world. It is said that carving words into this tree will make those words come true, and so anyone who encounters this tree vies to alter the future by marking its wood. It is so far unproven whether this myth contains a kernel of truth or not.



All the creatures living in DragonSoul Summit are wary, suspicious, and sometimes outright hostile toward outsiders, whether they be other creatures or humans. Although they avoid driving out outsiders, it is difficult to find a welcoming and friendly attitude when first entering the Summit.

Culture and tradition vary from region to region within DragonSoul, for each species and race of creatures has its own ways. DragonSoul is a not a melting pot of culture, but rather a city divided among culture and tradition, accepting in diversity and tolerant of mistakes.

The population of dragons and other species are unknown, foro many creatures hide in the aeries within the mountians and beneath groiund, keeping to themselves.


It is said that treasures exist underground, and that a few dragons hoard the massive treasury that once belonged to the humans who, long ago, lived in DragonSoul Summit. However, instead of trading in gold and other tradition currency, many creatures deal instead in the trading of rare goods and even deeds. Those who wish to gain something must trade something of equal or greater value, or do something worthy of gaining notice. It is not enough simply to bring in a pouch of gold when gold is plentiful and therefore of minimal worth. A legendary weapon or heroic deed is of far greater value.

Major Companies and Institutions

Parks and Recreation

Parks and the like are all in profusion, since most of the city is a beautiful if inhospitable ruin. There is one place where all creatures may gather without fear of one another, where battle is prohibited and everyone is demanded to be respectful of one another; the Central Park. Located near the center of the city, this green and verdant area is often filled with creatures eager to learn about one another, and is about the only place where even humans can feel secure.

Landmarks and monuments

The Summit: The highest peak of DragonSoul this mountain peak is topped with the statue of a dragon with three heads overlooking the entirety of the city. It is in debate how old this statue is, but most claim it is at least hundreds of years old and just as long in the making. Chased with valuable metals and with eyes of sapphire, rubies, and precious topaz, this stattue is truly a beauty of art.

The Deep Gate: the entrance to the underground lies here, in the northern point of the city and lowest point of the upper mountains themselves. Guarded by giant dire wolves measuring fifteen feet in height,  it is difficult to gain permission to access this forbidden area, which is both dangerous and filled with secrets. It is said treasure is hidden here, and more, rarer valuables as well.

Arcane Library: this library is as old as the city itself and holds books and scrolls of knowledge not everyone can boast of. Secrets to forbidden blood magic, ancient runes, hexes and curses can all be found here, or so the proud Nagas who guard this empire of knowledge attest.



Each creature teaches its own kind, though there have been many instances of other species entertaining and teaching others of its way and cultures, creating a bridge of communication between all the creatures making DragonSoul Summit their home. The Central Park is where most of the combined learning and education take place. Most Nagas are also found here, willing and able to teach a great many things than the other creatures of the city.


Horses and other flying mounts are the main transportation provided to humans who travel toad n form DragonSoul Summit, but those creatures themselves  have no need of such things, preferring to use their own methods, whether it is by flight or foot, shadowalking or teleportation.

Notable Residents

Red Dragon Sayrithekin: the leader of the council of dragons overseeing DragonSoul.He is old and powerful and protects the city proper.

Elder Naga Haytressi: She is the oldest naga to live in DragonSoiul. She is completel blind, but all other nagas bend to her wishes, reveling in the powerful aura and knowledge she exudes. Few ever see her, however, as she spends most her time in her den underground. It is said she has seven serpent tails, a blessing from the gods.


A long time ago, humans occupied DragonSoul Summit, worshipping the powerful creatures that roamed the borders of the city – dragons, wyverns, nagas, spirits and other creatures that no human could hope to fully understand. They fought and tamed and communicated with thse creatures on a daily basis, until the humans grew contemptuous and hostile, beginning to hunt down the creatures for hide and resources. Dragons were the most endangered, for their horns and hides produced the best armor and weapons for mankind.

Finally, the dragons banded together and attacked the city, led by Sayrithekin, the Red Elder Dragon. Other creatures joined them, and in an alliance never heard of before or since, drove out the humans. The dragon generals took the throne of rulership over the city and declared DragonSoul a safe haven for all creatures seeking asylum from mankind.


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