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Kaurilia City

The Hummingbird

"Fire at will."


Kaurilia City

Regent: Kaurilian citizens are subject to the rule of a group of captains chosen from the seaships and one pilot from the airships. These men and women are chosen and replaced rather frequently, yet Kaurilia has somehow maintained a stable, if independent and isolated, government.

Flag: A blue ship sailing under the coals of a sea serpent, the spiny head turned toward the mast against a yellow background.

Contact: The Hummingbird

A modern, large city, Kaurilia dominates the seas of the North and West. West Coast Town, Joran, High Crest, Wicker, Saber, Port, and even Coastal Grande rely on their imports of seafood and natural resources, of which it gathers, stores, and has much of. Even cities farther away maintain contact with them for the same supplies, giving money and even soldiers to them in return for peaceful trade. Ten state-of-the-art airships are used for these long distance transports; however, because of the amount of valuables they carry, Kaurilia is in constant danger of pirates… both off shore and in the sky. Although their sailors and pilots are always well-trained and held to strict standards, it doesn’t stop the occasional renegade from raiding their ships. Even the ships themselves are targets simply for their largely advanced technology, making them a wanted prize for pirates.

Due to their knowledge in ship-building, coastal cities often employ them to make ships for them, providing a large source of income for the city and ensuring economic stability.



To the north, west, and east, the sea guards Kaurilia city with high waves beneath a glorious sun that shines throughout the year. Isolated on a wide peninsula with rolling hills lining the northern coast with flat grasslands and open plains to the south, it is difficult to catch the Kaurilian soldiers off guard.

The nearest city to Kaurilia is the shady and suspicious Testerossa Town, with which it experiences good trade with, if not altogether friendly. The long roads provide a straight route between the two cities with two bridges to cross the wide mouth of the Sojourn River. Otherwise, Kaurilia is largely isolated from the rest of Genesaris. However, its resources it gathers from the hills and Tree Camps within the city are highly sought after, so it suffers little in the way of poverty.


Due to a reputation of being a unconquerable city, many races have made their home in Kaurilia city, where they enjoy modern luxuries including but not limited to running, hot water, electricity, cooling systems, security alarms, state-of-the-art housing, and more. Inns and luxurious hotels are plentiful for the long-ranging traveler and/or tourist, and banks and stores are also famous for their exotic design that is often imported all across Genesaris, often setting the latest fashion trends.

The architecture in Kaurilia is sensible – not too extravagant nor too simple. Efficiency is key to Kaurilia, boasting a powerful interior rather than focusing on first glance appearances. Most of the buildings are mortared stone mixed with wood, but there is no shortage of certain constructs made of marble and various metals gathered from the hillsides to the north.


Situated far the northeast, Kaurilia is a warm and sunny area, popular for tourists and travelers looking for a peaceful, indisturbed getaway from harsher climates. A long time ago, Kaurilia once did experience snow, but now those days are long gone,with the harshest temperature there being low enough only to get the occasional spring showers and autumn rains.

Flora and Fauna

Kaurilia's natural surroundings house a variety of animals and plants, some common and others less so. Their Tree Camps – large areas within and around the city serving purely to grow trees and lumber – tend to attract animals and more exotic plants. These are only a few of the great variety available in Kaurilia City.

Crimson Shroud (Tree): These trees, uncommon anywhere else, have a deep red-brown bark and crimson, blood-red leaves. They are prized not juts for their beauty but for their lumber, which, instead of rotting, petrifies into a rock-hard, wine-red material. With the rich soil provided by the Kaurilia Tree Camps, they are easy to grow and maintain.

Blue Siphers (Jellyfish): Good with lemon and butter and soft to chew, these jellyfish are native to the waters of Genesaris, and are often found washed up on the banks of Kaurilia's coastline. These jellyfish are only mildly venomous, with generic antidotes easy to come by. They eat by stunning their prey and confusing them, capturing them as said prey wander around disoriented. They are a favored seafood plate for Kaurilian citizens, though a few can't abide their gelatinous texture.

Winged Snake (Reptile): These are snakes with feathered wings. Said to be magical by some and a freak of nature by others, these snakes are relatively harmless and small, growing to about four feet in length and feasting on small rodents and larger insects. They enjoy slugs and insects harmful to the Tree Camps and are therefore considered beneficial creatures. With scales of all colors, these serpents are often found flying below the canopy and are sometimes domesticated as wayward pets.



Kaurilia is a melting pot of culture and tradition, with many races mingling together to share ideas and trade customs. The standard language is Midland, as it is with most cities, but it is not uncommon to find different tongues being used on the streets and in taverns. Used to tourists and travelers, Kaurilia is very tolerant of differences and holds nothing against those who may make mistakes regarding the common laws of the city.

Civilian Population: 1,625,000

  • Minors (Under 16): 437,125
  • Elderly (Over 60): 312,500
  • Male/Female Ratio: 48.9%/51.1%


Kaurilia's economy is extremely fine, relying on the constant flow of money doled out by tourists and travelers seeking a relaxing, often flamboyant vacation. Not only that, the Tree Camps and hills filled with valuable metals and stone provide a favored source of trade with other, faraway cities. Kaurilia's supply of such material seem neverending, and their Tree Camps are carefully monitored and cared for so as to never run out of healthy lumber. There are many citizens who takes jobs as traders, craftsmen, fishers, and general laborers, all leading a comfortable life as no one job is considered more prestigious than another.

Major Companies and Institutions

Airship Traiding Base: On the outskirts beofre the northern hills lies Kaurilia's airship base, where ten airships often lay docked and unloaded with supplies, or loaded up with supplies depending on the time of day. Kaurilia relies on these iarships to trade with other cities that keep their economy strong, and are currently working on a larger, eleventh airship to do the work five airships can do together. Despite their use in trading, all airships are heavily armed with guns and cannons.

Seaship Dock: Beyond the hills, off the northern coast, lies Kaurilia's seaship bay. Here seaships are built, tested, and set sail for other cities along and near the coast. Used for trade and guarding the seas from pirates, these ships are sleek, well-armored and armed, hard to sink and harder to fight. Usually patrolled by groups of soldiers armed with the best rifles offered. These sharpshooters tolerate nobody suspicious and come close to harassing intruders they think don’t belong there. The bay is usually loaded with workers hauling cargo in and out before the ships take off in groups toward whichever city or cities need their load.

Gunsmith shop

If anyone needs a gun, they typically make the difficult, long distance trip to Kaurilia. This brick building looks like a house rather than a smithing shop - that’s because it is a house. The widowed gunlady is said to craft her guns in the basement of her house and is only occasionally seen outside usually obtaining pieces of high-grade wood for her weapons and the metal for bullets. She never sells to poor shots or disrespectful “hooligans”, and never even allows anyone inside her house except her apprentice; her daughter.

Parks and Recreation

Landmarks and monuments

Esteral Tree Camp: Situated in the center of Kaurilia city is the city's largest and grandest Tree Camp. Filled with trees and large plantlife of all varieties, it is from here that most lumber is fathered and faithfully regrown. It is also a famous park where people spend their days escaping an especially hot sun. Littering is a crime and chopping down any tree without government-issued permission punishable by a hefty fine.

Eversky Tree: This silver-coloured tree with dark grey leaves sits at the edge of western Kaurilia, grown so tall it overlooks nearly the entire city. Considered a mark of favor from the Elemental God Aezar, Lord of Earth, this tree is sacred and old as the city itself.


Agency Overview

Regent: Council of Eleven

Prime Military: The Sea Dragons

The people of Kaurilia are all capable warriors, hardened by past battles with the Northeastern lands. Their talent in battle on sea is unrivaled, using ships sleek and fast as well as large and durable. On land, Dragons use one of the rarest weapons in all of Genesaris and possibly the only reason they have not ever been conquered: guns and rifles. The woman who crafts these surprisingly reliable weapons has been doing so since her youth, and adamantly refuses to make them for anyone else. Although there are other gunsmiths, next to none can match her quality.

City Guard Total: 1,800

  • High Ranking Officers: 12
  • Jail Workers: 100
  • Capital Guards: 65
  • Special Assignments Officers: 10

Military: Houses 10% of The Rising West's Army, about 100,000-135,000 troops.

  • Territory Coverage: About 300mi Radius
  • Estimated Number of Forts (Contains a brigade): 40
  • Troops able to defend city within 1 day: 50,000-54,000
  • Time to gather entire army: 4-8 days.

These numbers do not account for mercenaries, assassins, or Edgemasters who might work within the city. These numbers fluctuate on a daily basis and cannot be accurately counted due to government secrecy.


Two public schools work together to provide everyone a solid education focused around reading, mathematics, nature, and sailing. These subjects are strongly supported by one another, with technology being a foundation for all four. Most students graduate with a knowledge of how to fly an airship and how to captain and navigate a seaship, and most know how build a rudimentary one.


Horse roads and carriage: No airships for public transporation wtihn the city exist. Isntead, people walk or ride horses and carriages through the generous wide roads.

Airships (out of city travel): One alrge airships exists to carry important figures who require a meeting with Kaurilia's council on important international matters, usually to sign agrreement sin case of war or other political matters. For casual travel from less prestigious figures, the trade ships, which travel all over Genesaris, are used.

Notable Residents

Gunlady Tanya: the secretive master gusnmith and sharpshooter of Kaurilia. She builds the guns and teaches her daughter her craft.

Nicolas Tram: of the council of eleven, rumor has it that no one can outshoot or take more bullets than Tram.



Will you fill this?


Christess Kaurilia was a seaship master who docked on what is now Karuilia's northern bay area. Treading inward, she discovered a magnificent tree of silver and grey leaves, a magnificent specimen she, a well-rounded traveler, had never seen before. A worhsipper of Luquura and Aezar, gods of sea and earth, she took the tree as a sign of favor and began to build a small village.

This small village was, unfortunately, a prime target for other, renegade pirates. Calling for help, Christess hired a group of Stealthmasters who were armed with one thing these pirates didn't have; rifles and guns. With conviction, they defended the city, with Christess eventually marrying one of the mercenaries and convincing the others to stay upon discovering the rich deposits of valuable metal and stone within the northern hills. With their protection, Kaurilia grew, as did their supply of guns, and has ever been conquered since.

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