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Pasion Pasiva


Themes: Science Fiction and Fantasy

King: Raylon Tekker

Contact: Dolor Aeternum

Illyria was a kingdom shrouded in darkness within another plane now thrust into Valucre by the machinations of two gods and their obsession with two particular people: Raylon Tekker and Irene Gabriela Du’Grace. It is a kingdom that thrives on the advancement of technology, the ethical melding of magic with machine, and a mostly collaborative system that encourages discourse. The majority of Illyrians see their king Raylon Tekker as their savior after centuries of torture and destruction at the hands of a powerful necromancer named Cypher Raikoh Paine many years ago. Some claim Raylon was and is the Light that will forever guide them forward while others use the fear/pain of those days to better themselves and their people.




Illyria lies to the west of the Orisian capital of Versilla fully replacing what was once known as it’s sister island Ceyana. The dark, sterile landscape replaced the bright, humid lands many Orisians had called home. Illyria’s monolithic crystalline buildings dig deep within the ground within Valucre’s crust, using the energy all around Valucre to remain illuminated even during daylight hours. A network of passages have been created even throughout Ild’s Pass as Illyrians seek to uncover more about Valucre as well as establish their new home.



With Illyria replacing Ceyana almost entirely, the introduction of magitech into a previously magitech has created a stark contrast from the simpler atmosphere of the neighboring Orisia. Skyscrapers litter the airspace all made of reinforced crystal imbued by ancient magic to remain sturdy even during heavy attacks. The dichotomy of light and dark is a key element of the city as the dark environment of Illyria is contrasted by the blinding light of the buildings, especially the Spire which stands above the rest.



Illyria is in a distinct position due to the Ceyana incident where certain pockets around the large island have retained Ceyana’s original humidity. These areas are easily visible from the air due to the fact that the ground is brighter than Illyria and they are dense with the vegetation that remained.

The rest of Illyria is cold and dark as sunlight does not penetrate through the air. The ground is arid and sometimes cracked similar to the environment of Yh’mi in Terrenus. The difference lies in the saturation of magic that lingers in the air due to centuries of magical warfare that many Illyrians remember sorrowfully. Through magical and bioengineering, they have managed to make the city proper into a climate controlled section that is heavily controlled by the joint efforts of the Magical and Scientific Divisions. Despite the capabilities of the system, most days remain cool and dry as anything else interferes with morale and progress according to researchers.


Flora and Fauna

All of Ceyana’s original flora remains within those pockets so any fruit that normally grows within tropical climate remains (i.e. orange, banana, berries, mango and so on).

Outside the Capital City:

Honepoora – These creatures went on a rampage during the Ceyana incident but several managed to make a home within the pockets of the original Ceyana that remained.

Orbiters, Render, Anular - See Illyrian Bestiary.

Inside the Capital City:

Beefly Migration – Due to the magical saturation within Illyria a few beefly species have begun sprouting up throughout the city. Experimentation on them has been outlawed by Raylon at this time.




Most of Illyria is divided into two modes of belief where some believe the reliance on technology coaxed by their King is a poor choice and they should devote themselves fully to survive with magic alone. The other belief is that technology has not only allowed them to survive the many years of drought and famine but it has elevated them to levels that make them better than many other societies. Regardless of which side they stand, Illyrians strive to acquire more knowledge and thus devote themselves fully to whatever field of study they are passionate about. Most live recluse lives within their laboratories or schools though recent pushes by their King have encouraged more physical interaction in the hopes that acceptance of other ideas grows.

Many can be seen out in the streets debating philosophy, magic, politics, or even food choices passionately trying to use logic to beat their opponents into submission. This rarely ends in any physical altercations as Illyrians have seen enough of their people hurt and would sooner hurt themselves than ever think of harming their fellow man.

This does not mean political intrigue or vicious manipulation will not occur, but they would never use physical force against one another to gain victory.

Naturally, any foreigners are exempt from these considerations as Illyrians will not hesitate to forcibly remove them should they feel warranted to do so.



Trade and barter are common within Illyria both of material goods and information. Recipes for elixirs, blueprints for minor magitech devices, and even food have been exchanged with the fluctuating market depending on season as well as demand.

Despite Illyria's mostly neutral view where they avoid conflict with other nations at all costs, there is a burgeoning industry for magitech weaponry that stems from a deep-seated paranoia from centuries past. A great deal of resources are spent learning more about how to defend themselves as well as counterattack should the need arise so jobs are plentiful within the military division should you be willing to enlist.

Magical engineering is also a key staple of the Illyrian economy as chemists, wizards, and other magiscientists come together to improve the Illyrian way of life. From consumables such as zip tablets which enhance endurance to fully automated homes that house pocket dimensions customized to the person’s tastes there really is no limit to the imagination and innovation they can provide. Illyrians have been known to sell these items to foreign entities though the vetting process is grueling for anyone involved.


Notable Locations

Scientific Division Headquarters: Overseen by Luz Yllende, this is where most of the scientific research is done both for military and civilian arenas. An intense curriculum is offered here that is strict but prides itself on cultivating the minds of those willing to give their lives to make Illyria better. The large building is located directly south from the Spire, though it is several hundred miles away.

Magical Division Headquarters: Located behind the Spire is a large circular building that houses millions of students and faculty. Though frequently receiving criticism for its aversion to cooperation with other divisions, many aspiring magicians come here to learn mostly defensive forms of magic though there is an advanced graduate class that is specifically focused on more ancient forms of magic that are meant to be offensive and place one in an elite tier of graduates that are fast-tracked through the military division.

Military Division Headquarters: Located on the eastern portion of Ceyana lies a structure with several large crystals jutting out toward Orisia. Not much is known about the inner workings of the military division outside of the inner circles that govern how the Illyrian Military is used. Raylon Tekker serves as the ultimate leader, despite his natural pacifist/diplomatic way of being. No one in Illyria has anything bad to say about the military division and will scoff at anyone who dares challenge their use or lack of use.

The Spire: The largest building within Illyria, shining with a magically infused light that affects beings made of shadow as well as vampires/vampyres should it be attuned to do so. King Raylon Tekker resides here along with his sister and several trusted friends. The purpose of the building is more symbolic than it is functional, meant to be a reminder to all of the Light that liberated them from the darkness. Those seeking an audience with Raylon must pass several checkpoints created by the military and the controlled airspace around the building interferes with most of the magitech equipment on any aerial vessels.


Government and Notable Laws

The Light is supreme above all: King Raylon Tekker, often referenced as The Light affectionately by Illyrians, makes most of the critical decisions for every decision that serves to impact the Illyrian people greatly. Raylon has entrusted the division leaders with the authority to oversee their respective areas as long as they subject themselves to a personal audit by him or his sister done randomly throughout the month or within two months.

Illyrian High Council: Most of the elders that existed even before the centuries of pain they suffered at the hands of the necromancer Cypher comprise this council, though Raylon has begun introducing some of the younger Illyrians into the fray in an attempt to break with the traditionalism and unwanted racism or prejudice that govern their positions. The High Council is responsible for fielding most of the division complaints as well as important social issues, presenting this data to Raylon for review and decision. A flawed system for sure for those within the council that are more enterprising or wish to limit the knowledge their king has for their own gain.

Weapon License required: All forms of weaponry are severely monitored as anyone wishing to own weaponry are forced to enter a registry where they are randomly monitored and have to renew their license every few months. Even the military are not exempt from being searched. All foreign weaponry will be confiscated before entry is allowed. Storage containers are provided with biometric locks so the visitors can pick up their weaponry when they leave without risk of having their items stolen.


Notable Residents

Raylon Tekker – King of Illyria. Light of Illyria. A calm and charismatic leader who is known for his kindness as well as how he saved them from centuries of pain and now this Ceyana incident. Fanatics practically worship him while others fear the vacuum he will leave should he perish.

Luz Yllende – Leader of the Scientific Division most noted for her aggressive and imposing behavior but greatly respected for her initiative as well as her commitment to the division.

Herod – Member of the Scientific Division most noted now for warning Illyria about the Ceyana incident hours before it occurred, allowing them to mitigate the damage.


Social Temperature

Illyrians are generally wary about allowing any non-Illyrian visitors or entities within city walls and there is an undertone of racism specifically for beings who have been produced by the occult or dabble in it. Vampires, Orisian vampyres, werewolves, necromancers, witches, and several other species will be outright attacked if seen or apprehended forcibly by the Military Division. To make matters worse, most Illyrians are selfish, preferring to look out for themselves than even fathom helping anyone in need. The success of their King and their admiration for him has begun allowing his more accepting beliefs to seep into their own albeit very slowly.

To contrast, however, any wizards or scientists seeking to learn more or collaborate on studies regardless of origin are received warmly as it is the belief of everyone within Illyria that any knowledge gained could be used to better their already advanced familiarity with magitech and magic.

Most Illyrians are far too focused on their studies to give anyone else the time of day much less any foreigners so do not expect any warm welcomes should you decide to come to Illyria for tourism. Illyrians conduct themselves professionally but few will be overtly amicable.


Likely Opportunities

Establish an exchange of information with your character’s business or organization

Establish an export/import of goods or arms with enterprising scientists.

Seek an audience with Raylon Tekker should you wish to establish a relationship with your character’s government

Take a tour of the scientific division to see the latest innovations that may be exported to a city near you.

Take advantage of the racism/traditionalist beliefs to gain leverage somehow.


History within Valucre


Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives: The unsuspecting island of Ceyana suffers from the machinations of the gods Tenebre and Havoc, both aiming to deal blows to both Raylon Tekker and Irene Gabriela DuGrace by forcing the contrasting kingdoms into an uncomfortable situation and causing some strain in their relationship. Several dimensional anomalies devastate the city of Antigua and bring vicious creatures once contained by Illyria’s defenses within the city walls where they lay waste to millions of Orisians. An eclectic group of people work together to confront one of the gods in an attempt to stop the havoc that was caused, a few others work to save Orisian lives by any means, and Luz Yllende is thrust into the fray where she saves a few Orisian lives as well.


Article Written by Dolor Aeternum

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