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The Areder Mountains

Pasion Pasiva

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Description: A relatively short span of mountains centrally located between Morgana City and Drakiss Keep, the Areder Mountains are a stretch of highly jagged mountains. A place of constant volcanic activity, the Areder Mountains constantly experience violent earthquakes that often radiate out to neighboring cities.

History: The Volcanic stretch of mountains located at the heart of Orisia Isle dates back into the ancient history of the island. Long before the rise of the current DuGrace family, a known Overlord Areder occupied the area between Drakiss Keep and Morgana City. This old Vampyre is said to have claimed the lives of thousands. His hunger went unchecked and his gluttonous hate spread like an unstoppable wild fire. A rarely known fact is the relationship between Lord Areder and the present queen of Orisia, Irene Gabriela DuGrace. Though the reign of Lord Areder rose and fell some five hundred years before the Black Queen's birth, Lord Areder was the younger brother of King Luca Bonifacio DuGrace, Gabriela's father.

This ageless man was met with a mighty hero who rose in the south to strike him down. Sir Aulden, a hero and claimed god by many Orisian natives, marched across the White Desert to face Areder in the North. An epic battle ensued, but ended with the death of both Areder and Aulden. From the ash of their very bones the Areder Mountains rose, with a fiery inferno growing in its belly. While the Areder Mountains are known to be dangerous the effects of the volcanic activity are generally confined to the mountain range, still the violent activity reminds the Orisian's of the evil that this land once held. Of course this is just a fairytale told to children before they go to bed—but even some adults today find themselves choosing to travel around the volcanic mountains rather than over or through them but that may just be due to the giant spiders.


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Black Rock Spider: Upon the forest-like mountain side, and before the volcanic peaks, several nests can be found of the Black Rock Spider. These armored spiders are large fiends that usually stay in their area and territory. The nests are roped off by thick webs of string that the spiders spin to keep out predators. The massive spider's silk is very valuable and used for trade within Orisia.

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(Written by Ayden, edited by Gabriela)
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