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The Cathedral Mountains

Pasion Pasiva
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The Cathedral Mountains are the main line of defense for the capital on the eastern side of the island. Stretching more than 2,000 miles—they create a natural barrier that makes it difficult for attacking forces to reach the seat of power of the Summer Isles. At their highest point, the mountains reach an elevation of more than 14,000 feet but warm winds that blow from the Dorado and Platiado Plains keep even the highest altitudes temperate and comfortable. On the western side and the part of the mountain range closest to the capital, the Cathedral Mountains are covered in dense virgin forests, closer to the Aulden Gate and the Great Plains of the East; the mountains are rocky and less hospitable.

It is said that Sir Aulder, the ancient hero of Orisia who defeated the wicked Lord Areder hailed from the Cathedral Mountains. For this reason, the only safe passage from the eastern end of Orisia into the heartland and capital, has been named the Aulder Gate and can be found at the base of the Bovania River. This is also the location of a small city, one of Orisia’s oldest, Antigua—ruled in the Black Queen’s stead by the Order of Iniquity. 

For the most part the mountain range is temperate and comfortable. Winds from the Great Plains prevent ice and snow from forming or falling even at the highest altitudes. On the eastern side, temperatures can rise and the climate can get quite dry making it highly inhospitable, especially during the summer. 

Travel: There are many forms of travel in the Cathedral Mountains. There are ancient tunnels that have been abandoned and could be brought back to their former glory—it would require a great amount of work and capital. Mostly, there are beautiful trails and roads that cross over the mountains leading from the capital and surrounding villages toward the Gates. Zeppelin’s are another favorite form of transportation in these areas for they provide a far smoother ride through the high peaks of the Cathedral Mountains. 

Places of Interest: 

1. Aulder's Gate—A passage that connects the eastern and central part of Orisia through the Cathedral Mountains.

2. The Golden Road—A long and but carefully cared for paved road that connects Versilla to Antigua and surrounding villages. This is a very important trade rout and therefore well guarded and protected.
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