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The City of Drakiss

Pasion Pasiva

Drakiss Keep

Irene Gabriela DuGrace, The Black Queen




Drakiss Keep is one of the smaller cities of Orisia, however it is among the largest of all its Keeps. Serving as a military stronghold, Drakiss Keep overlooks Orisia’s northeastern shores.

The Keep is strategically located on the northeastern shores of Orisia as the crosshairs between the mainland of Genasaris and the continent of Terrenus across the sea to the east. North/northwest of the Keep, and its surrounding city, lies a vast mountain range that stretches from the coast to the keep’s western borders serving as nearly half of the city’s borders in all. The other half is the coastline northeast/east/southeast/south of the city, with a small valley area to the west. These natural regions place Drakiss Keep in a very safe location from enemies or invaders.

Drakiss Keep’s construction began immediately upon the Great North’s sudden retreat from Orisia Isle twenty years ago. It has drawn warriors of ever class ever since. People from all over the world and even other realms travel to Drakiss Keep to fight in the arena and prove themselves worthy for whatever cause they may seek to uphold. The Great Keep has become a place where anyone is accepted, or where anyone could come and be left alone if they can properly defend themselves. It is a place where any Orisian who seek shelter and/or protection can receive it. Drakiss Keep attracts warriors, rogues, fighters, magic users, and many others for limitless reasons, but most have one thing in common. They come for the possibility of becoming a legend not only throughout Orisia, but all nations who know of Orisia as well.


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Although Drakiss Keep is one of the smallest distinct city/stronghold, it has an ever growing number of inhabitants. People of all races from all over venture here for numbers of reasons, most of which have to do with military amitions. From the arena to the astonishing school for fighters and magic users, to those who seek to pursue a career in the royal guard, Drakiss Keep is populated by a vast number of warriors and would-be warriors alike. It doesn’t end there however, for many families are also present. Traveling merchants and adventurers are always present as well as there is no shortage to the business received by this extraordinary city.


The Black Queen is the supreme sovereign of Orisia. Drakiss Keep, like all other cities within Orisia is ruled by two Knights—hand chosen by the Black Queen to protect both her own and Orisia’s interests. These two knights swear fidelity to the Black Heart of Orisia.

Currently Drakiss Keep has two such Knight Commanders pending, He who is in perfect Temperance and He who is in perfect Patience.

Royal Courts- Depending on which Knights of Virtue are in town, the number of nobles in the Royal Court can vary greatly. There will usually be at least one Royal Court, of 50 men and women, at all times in this city. Their duties are scattered, but their primary duty is to serve under their Knight Commander and serve as a source of leadership. During times of peace, members of the Royal Court are encouraged to pursue personal interests that benefit the city.

City Defenses: 

Despite the fact that nearly every individual in Drakiss Keep are able warriors and stand together as a force to be reckoned with, the city and its keep have formidable defenses in place in the unfortunate event defense is needed.

Drakiss Navy - In Drakiss Harbor is a force of battleships to be unmatched. With crews made up of nearly every class, these ships and its crews are overwhelming in battle. Each ship is manned and maintained of all hours of everyday, crews taking turns in their shifts. Outside of the harbor along the cliff’s walls facing the sea are hidden caves where even more formidable ships are kept to flank any naval attack or invasion, similarly manned and maintained.

Volcanoes - There are a number of volcanoes surrounding Drakiss Keep (all part of the Areder Mountains), a few of which are manned in shifts by very powerful magic users who could easily hold any eruptions at bay, ready to summon forth magma-like fire elementals to defend the city.

Outposts - There are numerous outposts along Drakiss Keep’s perimeter. Outposts are placed on the hillocks and cliffs facing the sea. There are outposts along the wall built from the sea to the mountain range facing the valley, and a line of outposts leapfrogging from the keep to the top of the tallest mountain in the range. All outposts are manned every hour of every day. Magical fires will be triggered causing a domino effect throughout all the posts so that messages can be sent back and forth, different color fires having different meanings.

City Guards - City Guards are comprised of the unique citizens of Orisia. You will see many races and species in a Guard Uniform. Though the Uniform isn’t much of an actual uniform, Drakiss Keep’s guards are recognized by the simple cloak they wear over their own attire, and an arm band wrapped around one arm which bares Drakiss Keep’s and Orisia’s insignias. The guards wear their own clothes, armor, weapons and everything not only to keep up the morale, but due simply to the fact everyone in the Keep are capable warriors and would fight for the city whether or not initiated into the guard. The insignias on the arm band are enchanted with protective wards that also deflect magical assaults. The cloaks worn over their person, also bearing an insignia, will protect them from all weather and remain dry even in a downpour. The cloaks also provide magical camouflage as well.

Places of Interest: 

1. The Arena - The arena is Drakiss Keep’s most cherished and popular feature. Hundreds, even thousands, venture from all over the realms to take part in the arena. The arena offers the chance to become a legend and opens up doorways to many other jobs. It is a form of entertainment for the common folk of this city. It is where men and women train to become guards, or where people are selected the opportunity to become guards, or, in some cases, station of higher ranking.

2. Schools & Hospital - There are two schools in Drakiss Keep. The first being a general school for youthful education. The children will attend here and learn everyday principles and values. This is where they will be taught life lessons and general education such as literature, mathematics, history of not only Orisia but of all of Genasaris, and valued skills for various professions. The school focuses greatly on physical education, providing the children with many activities to help develop them into formidable young champions as well as provide the resources to do so. The second school is one for the adults wishing to learn more of the art of weaponry or magic. This is also the school where men and women train to become Orisian guards as well. These two schools, though located in a smaller and more isolated location in Orisia, are some of the most regarded and respected among its kind. The Hospital is located underground beneath a section of the city so that even in the midst of an invasion, the helpless are safe. This establishment is free to any Orisian and where most the paladins and healers spend most their time. On their off time, some choose to help out and teach their skill, values and ideals at the schools.

3. Community Prison - The Community Prison is located beneath the actual keep inside both natural and man-made structures in the hillocks. The more shallow sections of the prison are reserved for the mundane and less serious criminals whereas the deeper the structure the worst the criminals. Prisoners are kept watch by not only guards, but various specific classes of them as well as the occasional elemental.

4. The Simmering Chains- The largest and most popular of the local taverns. Most gossip and rumors can be heard through the local chatter going on here. A Quest Board can be found for any wandering adventurers interested in making some profit. There are many regulars of all races, so it would be unwise to start in fights with the locals, especially with the number of guards posted within and without the immediate vicinity here.

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