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The Orisian Timeline

Pasion Pasiva

Timeline of Orisia
A lore collaboration by Gabriela, Jordon & Orisian Role Players

The Timeline of Orisia is a detailed chronicling of every past major event to have ever occurred that have directly or indirectly affected Orisia. From the beautiful Dawn of La’Ruta to the valiant Battle for Versilla; from the waking of the Black Queen to the rising of the Children of the Night and the birth of the Summer Knight, the entire history of the Summer Isles and its many people can be found in these tomes.

This timeline serves as the official registry for all major role-play events that have been canonized into Orisian lore. That is to say, events that alter/effect Orisia in a capacity beyond the scope of the immediate thread (i.e. if your character murders an entire village and leaves the bodies there to be found, the next person role-playing in said village would need to acknowledge those bodies), or on a large scale.

Threads seeking to be added to the timeline will first need to undergo the site’s standard canonization process, be reviewed and approved before being added to the timeline. It should be noted that simply submitting your thread for canonization via this process does not guarantee it will be accepted. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me or King.


Age of Light


Dawn of La’Ruta

La’Ruta (“The Path”) is discovered for Orisia.

March of the Beasts

With La’Ruta running rife in Orisia, various creatures journey to it from across the world, making the Island of Summer their new home of peace and bliss.

Rise of the Dragons

Among the different species that settle in Orisia, the dragons dominate all others and set themselves up as the island’s rulers.

The rule of the dragons is no less harmonious, with their inherent power, wisdom and justice attributing to their authority. The Summer Islanders both welcome and support the dominion of the dragons.


Age of Darkness


Black King’s Landing

Lord Areder DuGrace, the younger brother of King Luka Bonifacio DuGrace of Atitlan, comes to Valucre and sets his eyes upon Orisia, seduced by its relatively secluded size, diverse population of beings, and the different bloods within them. His arrival is immediately suspect, and he wastes little time or energy on beginning to subdue the island to his will and desire, unleashing a dark and terrible power of which the peaceful Orisian people were utterly no match for.

Fall of the Dragons

With the rise of Lord Areder in Orisia, the power of the dragons is challenged. Lord Areder recognizes the rulers of the island, but only insofar as campaigning to depose them.

After a struggle, most of the dragons go into hiding within the island or flee to Orisia’s sister-island of Ceyana. With the greatest threat to his power subdued, those remaining on Orisia begin to lose all hope. Their draconic leaders had all but abandoned them, and left behind was a dark lord, a black king, as their cruel oppressor.

Long Night

Now the sole sovereign of Orisia, Lord Areder begins to strategically conquer and subjugate the island. While many beings had since escaped, he recognizes them all as his food source, and creates barriers to prevent anyone or anything from either entering or exiting his new dominion, while inviting a new generation of vampyres to come and settle.

The Orisians are subjected to years of enslavement, torture and murder. The island becomes a land of darkness, a far cry from the land of light or Island of Summer. Areder makes it clear to all of his subjects that opposition means punishment, while obedience was no hopeful prospect to begin with. Signs of Areder’s madness are hard to ignore.

Hunt of the Treefolk

The defeat and removal of the dragons of Orisia allowed Areder to focus both on overwhelming the island’s other inhabitants and experiencing what they had to offer. An unquenchable thirst plagued the lord of darkness, whether he knew it or not, and no species seemed to be anything more than prey. Save for one.

Orisians had long since been acquainted with the mysterious tree-faring folk known as the Goran, the “People of the Wood”, a particular race of humans. Some speculate that the Goran were present upon the island before the Genesarans came over, with no record of their history or even name on the mainland, adding to their mystery.

While little knowledge of the Goran’s presence, culture and involvement was preserved, most Orisians know the account of the people’s particular misery during Areder’s reign. The dark lord had made it one of his personal obsessions to study and break the Goran, namely because he was not able to drink their blood.

Goran across the island fell victim to fruitless experiments and, over time, their treatment beneath Areder had a twofold effect for the rest of Orisia. Islanders sympathetic to freedom saw the Goran as martyrs, while collaborators, even those who served the black crown out of terror, became desensitized by the horrendous abuse of the Goran and sympathized with their master’s goals.

Eventually, after having exhausted his efforts to feed on the Goran—whose otherwise stable if traditionally small population was moved into forced labor over livestock pens—Areder’s anger carried into his denouncement of the entire Goran people. Hating them for their incompatibility, he decreed the execution of the People of the Wood island-wide.

Under this new declaration of extermination, the Goran fled from their oppressors, knowing yet that leaving the island itself was impossible. Up against the trees, literally, some Goran died where they stood, whilst others fought back, until none were left standing.*

*As far as Areder and history were concerned, the fate of the Goran was certain: the People of the Wood were made extinct. Years later, however, in the aftermath of Areder and Aulden, rumors began to circulate of the Goran’s survival. In the turbulent times of the Warring Houses period, certain land became constantly contested, essentially becoming no man’s land. A large forest was in one such area.

Stories arose that attempts by various factions, such as noble houses or even outlaw gangs, to claim the forest ended in failure in one form or the other. Eventually, attempts to take the forest all but ceased. It was only after the expedition of House Talus to take the forest for their own purposes, enlisting the Dawn Knights to aid them, that the Goran’s existence became more accurately recognized.  

Nearby the forest, the forces of House Talus skirmished with the Rose Reapers, an outlaw organization whose primary purpose was to target members of House Beauchene and their supporters. With House Talus serving as a warden house to the crown, the Rose Reapers were their sworn enemy by default.

The victory of the encounter was claimed by House Talus, however Ser Edric Talus, Lord Trinten Talus’ younger brother, was slain in battle. His death was avenged by Ser Lanias Dawn, the Baronet of the Dawn’s Keep, the Grand Master of the Order of the Dawn and the head of the knightly House of Dawn. Taking prisoners, Lanias was led to the hideout where the Rose Reapers were operating from. There, the collection of Talus household troops and Dawn Knights put the Reapers to the sword and their hideout to the torch.

The double victory itself was enough to earn favor for both House Talus and House Dawn, yet it was by command of Ser Lanias that the bodies of three Beauchenes, cousins of the king himself, were discovered. They were identified by garb, possessions and the roses carved into their foreheads; a signature of the Rose Reapers.

As a reward for the service and commitment of Ser Lanias and his Knights of the Dawn, House Dawn was lifted in status to a baronial house, with Lanias being granted a lordship and lands that came with it. The king had decided that House Dawn should remain in support of House Talus as their overlord, serving them as a warden house in turn, keeping in check the previously contested land where the skirmish was fought.

The new lands that fell under House Dawn included the great forest, which Lanias had since learned the name of: Wolfwood. Its people, however, would still remain a mystery, as undiscovered by House Beauchene as the truth behind the account of the battle that took place and the circumstances of four noble deaths.

All that was reported to the public was that Lanias had taken a commoner’s hand in marriage, and went about officially establishing his new nobility by taking on a new house name: Dawnwood. As the years went by, so too did the internal development of the relationship between the Dawnmen and the Goran. Eventually, the Goran entered into public knowledge, by as much choice as consequence of bonding and visitors from outlanders.

In the present day, the Goran and their Wolfwood are still shrouded in mystery, but their existence is known throughout Orisia. Of late, for the first time in public history, Lord Vadrian Dawnwood took Lady Aine Dawnwood out of both their lands and to Ceyana as well as the Orisian royal court.

Day of the Champion

Aulden, a mysterious hero, faces off with Areder. Aulden defeats his adversary in combat, a battle known as the “Clash of Stars”*, slaying Areder where he stood and giving rise to the Areder Mountains. Though victorious in ending the brutal regime of Lord Areder, Aulden himself suffered injuries and died not long after.

* “Clash of Stars” refers to the level of greatness of both Aulden and Areder, morality aside, as well as none other than the personalities of both men. Areder was regarded as “a dark star that fell from the sky”, while Aulden was “a bright star that burned to dust its fallen twin”, as quoted from the A Clash of Stars story.

Freedom’s Mourning

“Freedom’s Mourning” was given to the period that took place in between the Day of the Champion and the Warring Houses era afterward. Though Aulden had given Orisia freedom from Areder’s cruel reign, the island’s hope of a new and just leader ended thereafter with his own life. The islanders, then, found themselves mourning both their “shooting star of a savior” and the lost opportunity of stable governance.

Though confusion is mainly what swept over the island to begin with, as various peoples recovered from the horrors, it was growing increasingly clear to the Orisians what would follow. It didn't take long for reports and rumors to spread, with talk of "man-sized bats flying down from the mountains", "a warrior-king campaigning in the north" and "a sandstorm of bandits blowing in the deserts". This was all the more apparent with the devastating departure of La’Ruta as the Orisians had once known it. Civil strife, it seemed, was soon to explode.

Warring Houses

Rise of the Dawn Knights

Fools’ Feud

Havron-Maver Feud

Burning of the Hog

Thousand Acres Dispute

Raid on Tarlston

Battle of Three Chimneys

Burning of the Freehold

Lady Havron's Beheading

Bloody Tears / Tears of Blood

Cambeth’s Blunder


Age of Suffering


Arthair’s Conquest / Reign of King Arthair I "Calum" Beauchene

Midsummer Wine Party / Midsummer Massacre

Butcher King / Reign of King Bucharles I "the Cruel" Beauchene

First People’s Revolt

Siege of Martown

Belltower Butcher

Summer Uprising

House of Wax / Reign of King Rogane I "the Driftwood King" Beauchene and Queen Tesabelle "the Candle Queen" Beauchene

Field of Flames

Gold Coast Raids

Scourge Upon the Sea

Skinning of House Normyth

Letters’ Feud

War of the Roses

Cousins’ Conflict

Battle of Inkwell

Battle of Twilight

Duel of the Crowns

Battle of the Red Field

Truce in the Garden of Pink and Red

Skirmish on Atitlan

Siege of Beauport

Assault on Versilla

Storm of the Bats

Calm Before the Storm

A Squall with Wings

Breaking of the Storm

Wrath of the Sun

Looking Glass / Reign of King Rogane III "Raveneye" Beauchene and Queen Victorya "the Mirror Queen" Beauchene




Bloody Doublet / Reign of King Leorge IV "the Scarlet King" Beauchene and Queen Arvana I "the Scarlet Queen" Beauchene


Great Northern Invasion

Lords’ Rebellion

Flight of the Falcons

Battle of Snowfield

Battle of Havoc Hill

Age of Anarchy

Dance of Dukes

Copper Terror

Pennies’ War


Present Age Part I


Black Queen’s Landing

Shortly after waking from a three hundred year torpor, Gabriela travels from Terrenus to Genesaris, where, with the help of the ancient being known as Tenebre, she discovers Orisia. After learning about the island’s history, and the lack of a government, she names herself sovereign of the lands and calls for the rest of her family to join her upon the island's golden sands. With no one willing or able to contest her claim, Gabriela is free to rebuild the broken nation into a what she remembers of Atitlan, her original home, from a collection of fragmented memories.

The First Meeting

Not long after arriving in Orisia, Gabriela decides to escape the demands of her newly acquired position as Queen and her responsibilities to her family by going on a midnight stroll to inspect the repairs being made to the castle. It is while admiring the moonlit countryside that she is approached by a strange creature, the likes of which she has never before encountered. He introduces himself as the Crimson King of Patia, Dread Margrave of the Bloody Seer, and future Emperor of Terrenus -- and Gabriela has little idea what to make of him. Yet she finds in him a strange sort of comfort and is soon confessing her troubles and worries in regards to Orisia’s troubled past. After an exchange of gifts and of seemingly reluctant affections the queen is forced to depart just as the sun begins to rise.

Heart-Blood of a Kingdom [Birth of the Black Queen]

Seeking refuge from the sun, Gabriela oversees the construction being done within the throne room. It is here that she learns that the people of Orisia have lovingly christened her as the Black Queen, due to her inability to walk amongst them during daylight hours. Though the title is graciously accepted, it comes with a sense of dread and helplessness for Gabriela—which is easily noticed by her guest Raylon Tekker, king of Illyria. But this is the least of the Black Queen’s worries as she and her guests are forced to witness the loss of control experienced by her royal consort, MorceLa’Kai as he begins to fall under the control of a deadly sword with a mind of its own— Venoms Kiss.

In the Wake of Terror

After being forcefully excused from court by the Black Queen, MorceLa’Kai sets out heartbroken and compelled by the maddening sirens call of Venoms Kiss. And while the queen continues to tend to her guests, he ends up at the nearly completed Temple, dedicated to the memory of a mother he never knew and who in turn knew little about him. Here he is confronted by the two deities that follow and protect the DuGrace family—the Ancient spirits of the Dark Goddess and Father Darkness. But when both Gods implore MorceLa’kai to abandon Venoms Kiss things take a turn for the worse. When faced with the possibility of having to give up his new found weapon or lose the love of his queen, MorceLa’kai attempts to convince himself, as well as the Gods that he can keep both. 

A Dragon's Rage

The prodigal son returns. Lucis Angelus DuGrace has finally found his mother and is ready to face her and deliver his judgment—whether to forgive or punish her for her abandonment three hundred years earlier. However, his arrival is complicated by the meeting of two strangers whom seem to be waiting for him. There’s an odd but beautiful woman with an equally bewildering power and a man who quickly finds a kinship with Lucis, due to his ability to transform from man to dragon. It seems that Lucis must overcome a number of challenges before finally reaching his mother, the Black Queen.

The Second Encounter

The Crimson King has returned, again uninvited. What was meant to be a private meeting between fire and ice has been interrupted by sheer madness. Bolstered by the intimacy that he and the Black Queen were sharing just moments before MorceLa'Kai showed up, the Crimson King has done something truly unthinkable and stolen Gabriela right from the arms of her consort. Yet the queen did not seem to put up much of a fight...

A Nearly Peaceful Place

Thinking to avoid an awkward and poorly timed meeting with her jealous consort, MorceLa'Kai, Gabriela thought the Crimson King was aiding her by sweeping her away. On the other side of the world, the truth is revealed to be a much different reality. Seeking to claim her as a prize--an object of obsession, the Fiend reveals to a terribly disoriented Gabriela that they will now be sharing more than a single night. Set on maintaining her liberty Gabriela engages the Crimson king in bloody and exhausting melee. 

The Shadows of Our Past

The Northern threat has returned. Zent'Yazgos Rivendell, high commander of the Northern armies has turned his sights upon Orisia once again. But this time it is not the people or the wealth that has captured his attention, but rather the bold woman who has declared herself Queen. Sending word of his imminent return to the island, Zent has sent a letter meant only for the Queen's eyes. However, the Queen is nowhere to be found and so the letter has been delivered to the next of kin--The Black Queen's only son, Lucis DuGrace.

Birth of the Order of the Black Heart

Raylon Tekker, King of Illyria, has brought his concerns regarding the absence of the Black Queen directly to the throne room. Expecting to have to wrestle answers as to her disappearance from reluctant sources, he instead finds a blatantly if not heart-broken honest father. Truth revealed, Raylon must make a decision whether he will undertake a dangerous mission to find and retriever the Queen or if he's better off keeping his hands clean of the dealings of foreign nations. But before he can make his decision known Lucis, Gabriela's only legitimate son, enters the throne room and declares himself guardian of the throne while in his mothers absence. From the edging chaos that is arising from the Black Queen's disappearance an idea is beginning to take form. Feeling that destiny has brought him to Orisia in her time of direst need, Lucis sets out to form The Order of the Black Heart. 

Whispers of La'Ruta

While awaiting Gabriela's return, Vivian Virgil one of only two fledglings sired by the Black Queen, finds herself drawn to the massive temple erected in the memory of the Dark Goddess. While attempting to meditate, Vivian finds her peace distrusted by an eccentric priest and one of the Queen's guests. With nothing better to do, she agrees to explore the vast expanses of the temple with the man--all the while allowing her curiosity to guide a number of questions regarding the Monk's strange religion. Together they muse over the abandoned state of the temple, the first step to a rebirth for Orisia's religious center. 

A Sad Return

Reaching the outskirts of Patia, Gabriela finds herself surrounded with would-be allies who all too willingly offer to aid the Black Queen in her escape to the west coast of Terrenus. However, once found by the Crimson King, her new friends quickly surrender her back to the Devil. With little in the form of choice, Gabriela agrees to return with the Crimson King, but only after these new friends promise to travel to Orisia and bring word to her people and family that she is alive and well. Once alone, the King confirms Gabriela's suspicions that she is indeed his prisoner--but allows for a sliver of hope to remain, noting that the Queen's visit is indeed only a visit. And against her better judgment, the Black Queen again feels the old stirring of sympathy and curiosity for the complicated Crimson King.

Lost in the Woods

Following their timely escape of Roen's Knights of the Bloody seer, Eden and Ysandre take refuge in the man's mysterious, magical shack. Ysandre is allowed to eat and drink her fill, while obtaining dry clothing to wear for the night. After his shower, Eden and Ysandre meet in the living room to discuss how they'll go about returning to Irene's homeland, Osiria, and inform her people that she is okay and unharmed.

A Noble Quest

After a oddly peaceful week-long journey over the ocean that separates Genesaris from Terrenus, Raylon and May find themselves nearing their goal. Only a day away from reaching Patia, the two finally seem to settle into a conversation, deciding to try and pan out how they will go about reaching and infiltrating the Crimson King's abode. But the conversation soon shifts from the mission at hand to more personal matters. Do Raylon and May have more in common that either of them thought? 

A Meeting Between Three of the Seven

After leaving Damian to his own devices, shortly after the grand adventure they shared, Lucis emerges from the woods covered in blood to meet three strangers hanging out on the skirts of the castle grounds. After quick introductions, Lucis invites the three to join him in the throne room where he discusses with them his intentions to form the Order of the Black Heart. After gauging their reactions he invites them each to join the order, but urges them to take some time to truly consider all the dangers that come with the position in knighthood. Just as their conversation turns to matters of state two strangers are brought before the black prince. Immediately recognizing his mother's scent upon them, Lucis dismisses Leo and Persephone and receives the first message the Black Queen has sent since her abduction. Convinced that these two extraordinary individuals would make excellent additions to the order, Lucis quickly sets upon inviting them into the ranks of knighthood. Though their answers are still pending.

Caged Bird

After carefully studying his mother's notes, Lucis sends Rommel to invite and hopefully accompany Nicolas (renowned inventor and genius) to work in Orisia. Set on retrieving the genius and gaining his services, Lucis urges Rommel to do whatever it takes to convince Nicolas to accept the position. Nicolas accepts after a short dealing session with Rommel, which concludes with him gaining a huge power over Orisia's weapons market. However, Nicolas is not coming alone...along with him comes Charlotte his little angelic slave. But can Nicolas keep her status a secret? 

Sail to the Abyss

Rommel was successful with his mission to establish contact with Nicolas, and after having spoken to the man has managed to convince him to travel to Orisia to further hear about the prospective alliance. After securing his passengers Rommel gives the order and the ship is well underway to returning to Orisia--however Nicolas comes with more than anyone could have bargained for. Although he has introduced the young angelic woman who travels with him as his "beloved" it is quickly becoming obvious that the mute girl cannot stand to be around Nicolas. Suspicions are starting to rise, but with great value placed upon Nicolas' willingness to work with Orisia it may well be that any of his transgressions will be overseen. 

Slighted Return

Still reeling from the rather unpleasant encounter with MorceLa'kai, Lucis does not react well to the sudden uninvited presence of The Black Queen's sister, Malaysia. Still he manages to remain calm and to give the winged woman the information she seeks, and hopefully to keep her from doing something as foolish as entering the Crimson King's domain. Regardless of the unfavorable circumstances, Lucis is given a chance to learn more about the soon to be Knight of Loyalty and Kindness, Ysandre. Finding comfort and wisdom in her words Lucis quells his rage even when another invited guests arrives. 

A Trip to the Tailor

In desperate need of clothing after realizing that Roen's just wouldn't cut it, the Black Queen is reluctantly allowed to visit Patia's best tailor. While there she meets an eccentric but obviously dubious man--painted in blood and also in search of the talents of Patia's best tailor. It is the first care-free moment the Black Queen has felt in many days, and she means to thoroughly enjoy it.

Solitary Words to a Foreign Goddess

Upon exiting the temple of Sul Juris, Corvinus meets Irénè Gabriela DuGrace, where she finds that his company would be more acceptable. For a time they talked as Corvin showed the Black Queen around the dreary city that was Patia. Corvin soon led her to a tavern named the Ugly Mug. There they talked further and with more privacy, Corvin giving her a small bit of his past, in order to correct her misguided view of him. She on the other hand found him to be perfect in his brokenness, despite how Corvin viewed himself and others. An offer was made, for him to betray Roen, and to leave his order to join hers. As the sun began to rise, Corvin led her back to Roen’s villa, wary of the shadowed things that stirred in a cage locked tightly away in the back of his mind. The Black Queen’s offer went unanswered that night, though it weighed heavily in the Knight's mind.

The Beginning of the End

After a heartfelt conversation with the Crimson King, Gabriela manages to convince him to allow her to return to Orisia. Unsure if they will ever cross paths again, the Black Queen cannot help but feel a slight pinch of sadness for her abductor. But hardening her heart she carries on and reaches the ocean where the Sea Queen awaits to carry her back to her home. However, before reaching the ship her crew is attacked and the captain of the ship slain by MorceLa'Kai. Convinced that she cannot allow his madness to continue running rampant she attempts to attack him just as the sun is rising. Though sharing her contempt, MorceLa'kai saves her by shifting them into the womb of the ship and away from the sun. But is avoiding the deathly light of day any worse than being trapped below deck with her jealous and angry brother? 

An Inevitable Meeting

An inevitable meeting between Lucis and Gabriela. Having been patient for most of the voyage that carried the Black Queen from Patia back to Orisia, it is when the glittering city is upon the horizon that Gabriela cannot wait any longer. Leaving the the ship, using the shadows, Gabriela appears in her throne room where Lucis soon joins her. The following meeting is full of a multitude of emotions, for both mother as well as son.


Present Age Part II


The Masquerade

A massive event meant to celebrate Orisia's continual prosperity. Also the knighting ceremony of 6 out of the 7 Noble Knights for Orisia's Order of the Black Heart. A lively affair that is attended by many guests, all with different reasons for showing up. From blooming political alliances to not so subtle threats, the Masquerade Gala is the place for everyone to hide and reveal their true intentions. It is in this Gala that the Black Queen weaves her political web and manages to win new friends to her cause, while finally meeting face to face with the embodiment of the Great Northern Threat. Though little is actually resolved among the swirling skirts of gowns and seemingly never ending alcohol, all the chess pieces seem to have been placed. 

Red Throne, Black Queen

Not willing to let the party end so soon, Gabriela gives Roen a private tour of her throne room in the early hours of the morning. Their meeting soon turns to a passionate reunion that soothes away most doubts and hurt feelings that remained from their previous encounter.

A Night of Storms

Shortly after being knighted at the Masquerade Corvin left the gala, and made his way to courtyard. By keen nose he found his way to Gabriela’s bedchambers. In hopes to find solace now that he was alone, with the intent to catch Gabriela alone to discuss the matter of his betrayal and oath breaking, which had been settled without giving him any choice in what price must be plaid, even his offer for a trial by combat had been utterly ignored. However; things did not go exactly as planned when she entered the room clothed only in Roen’s shirt and scent upon her flesh, the caged emotions that had long since festered burst forth. 

Wounding her with his dagger, and binding her naked upon her bed he questioned her barely conscious mind what the price for his freedom was. When he finally had his answer and the shocking revelation of her feelings towards Roen, he finally gained some semblance of control, and loosened her bonds. Surprising himself, he stole a kiss from the very queen he had wounded, confused by his very own actions, and by her even meeting the kiss he was left in a daze.

Gabriela, hungering for blood, and still possessing some vestige of her strength capitalized on his daze and pulled him sharply to the bed, and tackled him there. Straddling him, the last of her strength used, she fell against him, whimpering and trembling atop him from the torture his blood caused her as it coursed through his veins. It was then that Shaitari entered the room, and saw the situation before her, called for the guards. A scuffle lasted but a few moments before Corvin was subdued and dragged off to the dungeons.

A Night of Terrors

A man pretending to be a simple guest of the masquerade slips away into the night, leading a poor young victim to a nearby temple, with vile deeds on his mind. Addicted to perverse chaos and the defilement of that what is innocent and pure, the impostor taps into the school of abjuration to seal all exits and trap dozens of people inside the cathedral honoring the late Kalicity. Utilizing illusion and necromancy, the man creates a scene of terror and bloody gore, dismembering random citizens and using fear to push others into action against the innocent young woman. The end of a nightlong ordeal led to the torture and maiming of his victim, as well as a zombie affliction cast upon numerous survivors, who begin the spread of their curse the moment the doors were opened.


Wanting to grant Orisia and it's fine Temple a gift of healing, Merida enters the Temple to only find carnage, thanks to an unknown hand. Welcomed by the sight of a woman crucified, nude with only a murder of crows for accessories, with her skin picked apart and eyes missing; a flayed piece of meet to welcome interested visitors. Across her ruined chest the word 'Unnatural' is written. Beyond the carnage welcoming her are Wights, attacking her on sight, but to her relief her Priest friend Neilson arrives on the scene to lend a helping hand. Together they begin the process of purifying the grounds, the process becoming easier as Lucis and his strapping guards come to aid the cause. 

Lost and Found in the Ellwood Forest

In a heated moment of truth and courage, Charlotte made Nicolas realize that he was no good for her. In response to this realization the man who had been holding her prisoner finally granted the angelic girl her freedom. After hearing the truth from her lips, Nicolas stood and left her in the middle of the Masquerade Gala. Without any true knowledge of her new surroundings, and unable to reach the only man she thought might help her (Rommel), Charlotte left the Masquerade and walked along the first path she found. Unfortunately this path lead her deep into the Ellwood Forest, a place that normally doesn't hold many hidden terrors. However, due to the attack on the Temple, undead monstrosities are roaming about. And although Charlotte has found herself in the company of a supposed gentleman (Alexander), she may be in more danger with him than without him.

Biding the Time

Jumping from balcony to balcony, Vivian Virgil seeks to gain any information available on the attack that took place in Kalicity's Temple. Unfortunately enough, or perhaps fortunately, Vivian ends up standing on Lord Resurrection balcony. After stopping her mid jump, before she can move on, Resurrection is questioned by the green-eyed beauty. Both content and relived to find that Resurrection had nothing to do with the attack and creation of the wights and zombies, Vivian seeks to move on. Not happy with the short visit, Resurrection kidnaps the knight of prudence up into the air where he gets an earful from the unhappy vampiress.

The Devils Ward

Still not fully replenished from her near-dead experience at the hands of Corvin, the Black Queen has midnight tea interrupted by none other than her beloved devil. Suspicious of what has caused Gabriela's current weakened state, Roen manages to keep from asking any questions. Still little can deter from Roen's excitement as he presents Gabriela with a plan meant to strengthen the bonds between Orisia and Patia. The Devil seeks Gabriela's approval in a deal that would exchange of one of Orisia's royals for a number of Patia's knights. Reluctant, the Black Queen negotiates some terms of the exchange, but it is beyond obvious that her mind is elsewhere. Having secured even a hesitant affirmation from the Queen, Roen quickly moves to start preparations for the exchange, leaving Gabriela to further consider the deal she may have just made. She is not alone for long, soon enough two of the prior nights musicians find their way to her table where they manage to deter her further from the pressing matter at hand. But the Black Queen is not well known for procrastinating, and she does eventually excuse herself to attend to her personal matters.

A Raven in Chains

Conflicted by all the growing activity, Gabriela finds herself weeping before a chained Corvinus. But she finds little comfort in the man who nearly took her life. Unwilling to risk his life, should Roen find out about his transgression, Gabriela decides to embrace Corvinus and to take his life for her own. After siring the man, and letting him free, Gabriela stands there amid the chains and shadows of a dungeon cell and becomes painfully aware of her own captivity.

A Night Off

Seeking a moment alone with the Black Queen, Roen calls her to the lakes edge. Having thought that he would spend a pleasant moment with his child-queen, and that he might even gift her with a token of his affections, the Crimson King is not at all pleased to have his private meeting interrupted by none other than Corvin. Freshly sired, by Gabriela's own blood, Corvin does little to hide not only his disdain for Roen, but a disdain that now seems to extend to Gabriela as well. After having rather cruelly delivered news of the outbreak of undead creatures in the Ellwood Forest, Gabriela is pushed to reveal a truth she had been hiding for some time from Roen. Suddenly engulfed by rage, fueled by a sense of betrayal, Roen makes an accusation that stirs Corvin into a violent reaction, finally bringing about a physical altercation between the two men that has been months in the making.

Lover Dearest

An odd little creature has found its way into the Queen's private chambers. Physically and emotionally exhausted from the meeting with Roen and Corvin, Gabriela accepts the little dragon without much consideration that it could be dangerous. Once safe within the Queen's chambers, Israfel settles comfortably atop the Queen's lap and informs her that he is her familiar. After revealing a few family secrets that Gabriela was never aware of, Israfel delivers the worst of his news. He tells her that Roen was seen with a beautiful young woman--nude in his private chambers, within the warm waters of his private bath. Unsure of what to make of this, Gabriela cannot help but feel betrayed, but with the looming threat of the undead hoards in the Ellwood Forests Gabriela has no time to explore her emotions and is thrown into her public audience with a mixture of hurt and anger.

An Audience with the Queen: Fixing What's Broken

Heartbroken, but without time to mourn a possible lost love, the Black Queen holds a public audience. What was meant to be a small assembly between herself, her knights of the Black Heart, and a few others turns into a rather large gathering. With multiple sources of aid presenting themselves before the Queen and offering both their support in council as well as swords. Among these champions are the Crimson King and his fierce collection of knights freshly brought from Patia, Alazar guardian of the Cold Mountains, Corvin and his Free Legion, the Summer Knights of Orisia, and many others. After hearing multiple opinions, Gabriela decides that the Ellwood Forest cannot be burned to the ground, but must be saved. Sending men and women into the zombie infested forest, without entering herself leaves the Black Queen feeling ashamed and pushes her to take on a disguise in order to fight alongside her people and allies. But with her mind clouded from the news of the Crimson King's possible betrayal, Gabriela is simply not in the right mental condition to fight.

We Who March At Dawn

After an audience with the Queen a strategic plan for dealing with the hordes of the undead has finally been reached, though not fully agreed upon. Two groups will be sent into the forest, one as a search and rescue team and another as a find and destroy team. This is the place to decide in which group you want to be! It is in this military camp, nestled upon the mrsilla at an ungoldly early hour, that those anxious about the upcoming battle can prepare themselves, grab some food, build a friendship or two, or maybe try to even sleep before the call to march comes at the break of dawn.

Travelers Blissfully Lost in Translation

Heading out into the Ellwood Forest, alone and in rusted old armor, the Black Queen of Orisia is intercepted by a strange creature. A demon of sorts, who feeds from despair and lust, is terrorizing a group of women. Unable to overlook the offence, Gabriela means to confront the creature, only to find that he is at her heels. Preparing to attack, the strange demon manages to take control of any and all human women who are within the vicinity by making them believe he is a small child in need of help. Turing her own people against the Black Queen, the creature is able to escape. Gabriela, unable to lift a hand against her citizens is left in a dire predicament, but is saved by an unexpected hero. The great General of the North has paid Orisia an unexpected visit, and while strolling the streets of Versilla finds the Black Queen in a perilous situation. He saves her, but now that he has her alone he refuses to let her shake him off and makes a proposition that the Black Queen is hard-set to refuse.

Interrupted Return, Escape or Kidnapping?

Unable to control her rage, Charlotte attempts to assault her one time owner, Lord Justus--Knight of Chastity. With no knowledge of the past that Charlotte shares with their superior, two knights apprehend the angelic girl, with plans of taking her back to the DuGrace Castle to await judgment from the queen. Unwilling to be a prisoner once again, Charlotte manages to escape into the forest--still steaming with zombies. There she meets three others, and they seem to be set on an dangerous adventure to try to cross the Ellwood Forest.

Putting the Dead to Rest

Following the outbreak of a strange but viciously contagious zombie virus, a massive military force is brought together in order to try and reclaim the Ellwood Forest. Brave men and women from a number of organizations come forward to cleanse the forest as well as save anyone who might still be within the expanse of the woods. But once in the forest the full weight of what awaits the warriors becomes painfully obvious. After learning of the fall of one of the forest villages--La Cierra, the Black Queen decides to take matters into her own hands and goes in search of rarely seen High Lords of Genesaris. Uncertain if they will be willing to help, or even if they can help, Gabriela arrives in the cold mountains and after pleading her case convinces the three brothers to create a megastorm to end the bloodshed taking place in Orisia. The megastorm is delivered and the zombies are cut down and transformed into an immortal type of poisonous poppy. Gabriela's efforts to end the undead threat backfire by causing displeasure among commanders of the military forces that were defending the forest. 

Three and One

Following the instructions given by Alazar, Gabriela envisions a place of rock and ice, and finds herself transported to the underground fortress that houses the legendary High Lords of Genesaris somewhere deep in the Cold Mountains. Without much time for pleasantries, Gabriela is introduced to the three brothers who guard over Genesaris. Unable to deny that she feels a direct connection to not only Orisia, but the whole of the continent, Gabriela reluctantly accepts the destiny that the brothers have envisioned for her. But she does not do this without making a substantial request of her own. With Orisia still under the attack of the Undead, a force with numbers that grow by the day, Gabriela manages to convince two of the High Lords to produce a MegaStorm to put an end to the Zombies. After an agreement is reached, the Black Queen leaves the High Lords to prepare and heads out into the Cold Mountains meaning to cross them and reach the Northern General.

Of Stone and Snow

Having vastly underestimated the conditions of the Cold Mountains, Gabriela finds herself struggling against a blizzard that threatens to test and beat her endurance. Tenebre, who has been silent for some time, decides to make an appearance only to torment his Beloved and to plant in her the idea that she can runaway from her responsibilities yet again--like she did in Eden. Content only after having pushed Gabriela, literally over the edge, does he leave her alone. When the Black Queen finally manages to stand from her fall she finds herself at the foot of two massive wooden doors, completely out of place in the snow-white world of the Cold Mountains. Banging on the doors, she is greeted by a face she had not expected to see again so soon--her sister Malaysia. Understandably surprised, Malaysia urges Gabriela into her home and out of the storm. Once out of the cold and with the help of Malaysia and Israfel, Gabriela finally notices that she has been followed. Unwilling to do anything regarding what she suspects to be an assassin, Gabriela seems to turn a blind eye to the threat and carries on her visit with her sister.

Forging Union's Chains

Deciding that any further travel out in the open is out of the question, Gabriela employs Tenebre's help in reaching her final destination--the heavily fortified castle of the Northern General. Potent magics protect the castle, and so Gabriela finds herself at the gates where she is expected and immediately recognized. Quickly she is welcomed, taken to a private chamber where she finds a dress has been picked out for her as well as any other comfort she could desire. Once dressed, and ready to be paraded around for the sake of the General's pride, the Black Queen goes to wait for his attentions, during which time she encounters her brother MorceLa'Kai. Revealing that she is to be married to his General, MorceLa'Kai immediately suspects that it is not for love of desire that such a union is being forged but is quickly dismissed by the General before much more can be revealed.

A Return -- Putting the Dead to Rest

After her visit to Malaysia and the Northern General, Gabriela finally returns to Orisia. With only an hour or so left of Darkness, Gabriela reemerges in the still haunted lands of the Ellwood Forest, within the completely run-over village of La Ciera. Desperate to find the High Lords, who are about to release the Megastorm meant to cleanse Orisia of the walking dead, Gabriela goes headlong into a hoard of zombies with no one but Israfel at her side. When the Megastorm hits and the dead are transformed into beautiful blood-red and orange poppies, The Black Queen is the first to succumb to their deadly pollen. As the change takes hold throughout the entire Ellwood Forest, a mixture of feels run through those battling the dead--confusion and anger. Though Gabriela sent word of her plans, it seems the messengers did not arrive in time, leaving quite a number of soldiers and knights at the mercy of the deadly flowers. 

Sweet Dreams

The High Lord Zenahriel saves Gabriela from a bright and fiery death after he picks her up from the middle of La Ciera, the place where she fell under the influence of the poisonous poppies. However, the cover that he manages to find for the Black Queen is not enough to keep her from suffering serious first degree burns from the sunlight filtering into the old abandoned building. Starved, Gabriela forcefully takes the High Lords blood, breaking her bow against feeding from humans. Horrified by her own actions, no amount of comfort can be taken from Zanahriel's gentle treatment or even his kiss. Things turn awkward and the tension between them is palpable so he promptly returns her to her own private chambers within the DuGrace Castle. It is there, amid nightmares, that the Black Queen calls out to an old friend who seems a little too willing to come for a visit.

Those of Scholarly Minds

After inspecting the damage in the Ellwood Forest, Gabriela finally returns to the DuGrace Castle but not before giving her thanks to a seemingly uncaring Crimson King. Convinced that his silence and lack of acknowledgment is further proof of his betrayal the Black Queen decides that it will be the last time she and Roen will meet face to face again. Broken of heart and body, Gabriela seeks comfort in her private study but rather than peace and quiet she finds a dear but ill timed guest awaiting her. Alazar, who like an old friend, immediately gauges something is wrong is the first to learn of Gabriela's engagement to the Great Northern General. Not wanting to give away her reluctance in the matter, Gabriela quickly ends the meeting.

Solace in the Stables

Called previously through one of Gabriela's fitful dreams, Xintylin came and went like a nightmare. Alone, Gabriela attempts to conduct the business of Orisia, planning to make headway on the rebuilding efforts of both the Temple as well as those villages and towns devastated by the zombies in the Ellwood Forest. But she is unable to concentrate and so she steals away to the royal stables to sit with her beloved Shade and read her book of sonnets. It is there that the Black Queen meets Rourke, a fallen knight of whom she has heard much via her youngest daughter Raspberry.

Tricky Business

Forced to sit out the main efforts taking place to beat back and defeat the undead, Gabriela cannot find any semblance of peace or comfort. With her mind refusing to turn off, even long enough for her to manage a moment of sleep, she decides to contact a provider of illicit drugs, hoping to find a solution to her problem stemming back from a seemingly far removed memory. This leads to a rather amusing first meeting with one of Versilla's best dressed criminals, and the creation of a deal of sorts. Confident that she has attained a new fountain of information, Gabriela cuts the meeting short after receiving a letter from Alazar, one of Genesaris' High Lords. 

Sweet Vengeance

Landon Cristo, a half snow elf from the Southern Wilderness, tracks an evil man to Drakiss Keep. He is a Hunter, and this man his prey. Knowing that the man feasts upon women after once feeding upon the sexual pleasure, Landon summons a siren to lure him to his death. The siren chooses to remain with him once the deed is finished and they go to a local tavern, the largest in Drakiss. It is here the snow elf learns of a man, who's name has haunted him his entire life, will be arriving there in just a few short days. Once again the siren, Dominique, agrees to assist in his personal vendetta and so they wait. ---pending Damian Grey's and the Black Prince's arrival to Drakiss Keep.

The Mad Dragoon

A Band of misfit Heroes venture into the Red Sands of Orisia to free an imprisoned man, taken form of a Dragon in a crystallized stasis. On their way to the red sands, the Valanian Sands show the group how dangerous the desert is. A giant worm, hungry and dangerous, threaten to consume the group before the enter into the Red Sands. If the group gets pass this, they will face a great many more challenges and creatures.

A Dream of Angels and Death

Meanwhile in the City of Morgana, while reconstruction moves forward, Leo struggles to control what he sees as an inescapable future of destruction and pain. Locking himself away in his own mind while Dollya follows through with her promise to hide his heart somewhere where no one can find it, Leo is confronted by an individual from his past. Dollya manages to make her way back to Leo just in time to help, but not before the evil seeds of a demon are implanted in the place where Leo's heart once beat.

Two Nobles

Damian and Lucis have set off on to their new home and current mission sight, Drakiss Keep. Deciding that they will travel via air and ground, in order to further explore Orisia, they undertake an adventure that will lead them into quite a bit of trouble.

Sound the Siren!

A Quest to uproot the rumor of missing people in Morgana has gained the attention of a few adventurers. Four individuals search the town to find the truth behind these rumors, and find that much of the information isn't reliable. Much to their dismay, they follow the only lead that they have which was given by one of the cities Guard Officers. With the moon high in the sky, the adventurers approach the destination that will reveal all the truths behind these missing people. Only time will tell if they succeed, or become just another group of missing people themselves.

Kiss of Self-Inflicted Death

During the night in Versilla city, one of it's own takes their life into their own hands. Luckily for the young girl who felt this world was too cruel, she left herself to literally die upon the roof top, a Knight of the Order had come to her rescue. It was Rosalyn, who would rob the girl of her chance to end this cruel world. With the assistance of a holy man, Rosalyn and him would take her back to the Castle, where the girl, Canaan, would fall under Rosalyn's wing. {Written by Ayden}

The Black Spider "Quest"

A spreading rumor travels through Morgana about a Black Rock Spider trapped inside the Mining Enclave. The formidable foe requires the delicate situation to be handled by skilled warriors, not the common guardsman. With that, a new and rising Order within Orisia have traveled to Morgana to help with this situation. The outcome of their battle with it will determine their fame in Morgana and Orisia. Will they bust? Or make themselves a part of history? {Written by Ayden}


Present Age Part III



Exquisite Misfortune

The Familiar's Loft

A Long Night at The Consejado's Hall

Exploration of the Desert

With the Dragon King free'd from his prison, he travels the sands of Orisia in search of the Black Queen. Along the way, he stumbles across none other than the Black Queen's sister. Malaysia and Ayden's impromptu get together raise questions among both parties, yet it is clear that this is a beginning to new relations. 

Tending to New and Old Wounds

Dancing Dolls

Topaz finally got some free time to wander the DuGrace Castle. Coming upon Raspberry crying over a broken doll brings her caring side out. Taking the young princess under her wing and back to her guest room, she fixes Caroline and meets Erith, the young princess' giant werewolf guardian. After the doll is fixed, Erith leaves carrying a sleeping Raspberry in his arms. {Written by Lunadrakla.}

A Pocket Full of Posies!

The Ancient One and the Sinking Island

The Lady Helen with Maggie, Xavier, Seneca, and Baxter aboard have undertaken the task of locating the massive legend that roams the waters. A whale of the past when all was made to giant proportions. Finally catching up with the whale and for the first time getting to see the island that was lodged firmly and mysteriously upon its back, they have also discovered what is thought to be two babies that have surfaced with the island. Noises have been heard from the inner depths of the island as they begin to attach themselves to board the creature. {Written by Lunadrakla.}

The Isradis Cure

Jensen and Anna work difficulty in Morgana on the Isradis stones. Both scholars/scientists have spent months working with the stones in order to understand their abilities and capabilities. It wasn't until one fateful morning, that Anna fell to her death, that Jensen produced the greatest breakthrough in all of Valucre itself! A black stone; the Stone of Resurrection. Giving life back to Anna, the two went on to live a happy life together, living off of the fortunes of their find. This is a true happily ever after! {Written by Ayden} 

Nether Quest

Dorian Dredd comes back from his journey in the Red Sands with Dravish and Gamriel. The three trio have the desire to join the upcoming tournament, but is quickly thwarted with a new task. An ancient hero calls for their help in the Nether, and the three gather more helpers to make this dangerous journey. It is also noted that while in the Nether, the group slowly forgets pieces of their own memory! Time is surly against them! {Written by Ayden}

Sugar Rush

Rebuilding Izabal

The Red Scare


The First Dance - Mingling in the Long Hall

Moonlit Gardens

A Dangerous Line

Lost among the Hedges

Watching Fortune Unravel

Round One: Erin vs Toren

Round One: Damian vs Van

Round One: Rommel vs Seaia

Round One: Rourke vs Kayden

Sojourn in Drakiss

Tupalu Junction

A Tale of Loss

Round Two: Seaia vs Kayden

Round Two: Erin vs Van

Far From Home

The Long Night

In Cold and Dark Waters

Broken Tears

The Gift of Flight

Full Circle

Lost in the Echo

Strange Lands

The Storm

Voyage to Ceyana

Morgana's Invaders

A River of Blood

Even the Darkest Knight has it's Dawn

A Dread Council

Curse of a Devil -- Life's a Roll



Present Age Part IV



A Party of Many Faces

In Open Waters

The Quiet Ambient

War of Roses

The Ties that Bind

The Catacombs

Age of the Sea

Enter Sandman

Paradise Lost

Of Pawns and Knights and Kings and Queens

An Evanescent Encounter

Newly released by the Crimson King, Gabriela takes to the streets of Patia for one last look at a city she hopes to never see again. Her wandering takes her to the doorstep of the famed tailor—a master with a needle and thread. Standing outside the shop in the mist of night, the Black Queen of Orisia crosses paths with a familiar creature…a vamypre…a pureblood. 

Lost and Impulsive

After having accepted Raphael’s offer to help her return to Orisia, still completely unaware of his alterative motives, Gabriela urges the man to return to Patia to put his affairs in order before they depart Terrenus. Waiting on western cliffs of Terrenus, Gabriela sits watching the stars and contemplating her short moment of peace. Her mind turns to Raphael, utterly mystified by his presence and the overwhelming sense familiarity that she gets from him. But while her mind wanders she is approached by two very strange creatures—a woman and a monster. It isn’t long after that they both reveal themselves to acquaintances of an ancient monster from Gabriela’s past—Malice, the Great Devourer, the War Lord himself. And much to her horror, the God of War has requested her presence, willing or not. 

Misery Loves Company

Having collected his prize, the Ankharu, Malice’s loyal servant, carries Gabriela away on a stolen carriage toward the Labyrinth Forest. After twisting and manipulating the two men who had originally rode on the carriage—Gabriela is forced to kill them in self-defense as they attempt to pull her out into the sunlight that would end her life. The rest of the trip is spent in relative silence—until an old friend decides to show up and try to rescue the Black Queen. Forced to witness the death of one of her only true friends, Gabriela watches as Xintylin is cut down.

Dinner with a Deviant

Principles, and their Price


Present Age Part V


Present Age Part VI


The Tea Party

Dreaming as the Summer Dies

Ceyana Welcoming Party

War Games

War Games Scenario 1: Charlie Foxtrot

A Royal Encounter

Tea with Flowers

Prophecy of the Mother and Father Continued...

The Path to Tranquility

A Warriors Retreat

In the Glory of Moonlight

Once Upon a Time

An Inventor Without a Purpose

Yonder Times

Through Prison Bars

Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In the Corridors of the Mind


Fete Ghede Massacre (12, 3)

In an attack led by a group of Unnaturals and all those poisoned to their cause, the City of Veelos is brought to the brink of total annihilation.

Godspeed, Ever Linde

Hoping to intervene the Fete Ghede Massacre and provide assistance to the overwhelmed City of Veelos, the Outsider and his crew pilot an airship, the Everlinde, to Orisia. However, the ship meets with unexpected interference and catastrophic failure. This is the first account of La'Ruta's violent and debilitating effect on advanced technology.

Blood Diamond

In the wake of the Fete Ghede Massacre that devastated the port city of Veelos, the Black Queen and her cousin best decide how to handle the fallout. To make matters worse, Gabriela finds herself dealing with the frustrations of an unexpected proposal from her long-time beau, Roen Jaeger, king of the Terran city of Patia. The two cousins come to terms, deciding that a public appearance from Gabriela would do well to unify the people of Orisia behind their queen, reassuring them that the nobles not have forgotten the common man.

A Road of Bones

With rumors of rebellion and possible attempts on Gabriela’s life weaving through Orisia, Gabriela insists that she and Rafael travel as a pair to maintain a lower profile. While apprehensive, her cousin nevertheless obliges. During their journey, the two are beset by a Desolation God of Genesaris, intent to have Gabriela’s heart. While Rafael fights valiantly in defense of his cousin, he is no match for the power of the beast. The creature’s strength gains the attention of a long-time friend and ally of the Black Queen, the High Lord Zenahriel, who drives the creature off. Now a trio, the three continue to Veelos.

We The People

Despite their near death at the hands of the Desolation God nights before, Gabriela is determined to continue with her address. Dreadful news arrives from across the seas, with early reports indicating Orisia’s involvement in a foreign tragedy on the island of Biazo. Still, the Black Queen will not be deterred. On her way to the heart of the city where she is to be met by the by the angry crowds of Veelos’ citizens, Gabriela is attacked and nearly killed, saved only by her cousin’s timely intervention.

Party Planning

Weeks after her address in the ruined city of Veelos, Gabriela decides to hold a festival to celebrate the passing of a dreadful year and the ushering of a brighter, more promising future. Rafael’s presence has become common in Orisia since those events, and the two cousins have grown closer in that time. Emboldened by their bond, Rafael seeks to reassert his claim over Gabriela’s heart and return their people to their former glory. It is a slow burning fire, not yet strong enough, and their privacy is interrupted by a long-time friend.

The Monotony of Royal Court

With life somewhat returning to normality, Gabriela finds herself knee-deep in the tedious duties of nobility. Rafael remains a close advisor to his cousin, lending her his guidance. They are visited by many that day, from malcontent farmers to foreign dignitaries, including long-time ally Ayden Nedane. In the hours following her obligations to the island, Rafael shows Gabriela how those that would dare speak against their monarch were punished in their home, and she finds herself submerged in the violence and bloodshed she had fled so long ago.





Present Age VII


Happily Ever After

Alazar and Vivian tie the knot. Gabriela finds out about Roen's plan to turn her allies against her, and is particularly devastated by Raphael's near involvement. 


Gabriela decides to runaway and leave Lucis on the throne.

The Queen and the Thief

Gabriela arrivels in Lo'Bre where she is sure she will start a new life. But not long after arriving in the new city, thanks to the magic of her new companion the High Lord ---, her things are stolen. Having kept a precious few items that could give away her identity, Gabriela must find her stolen bag before someone figures out who she is.

Role Reversal


Hard Choices

Back in Orisia, Lucis reads receives the letter left behind by his mother. But instead of simply revealing the truth -- that she abdicated the throne. He decides to fake her death in order to gain full and unquestioned control of Orisia through the law of inheritance. To sell the lie, Lucis murdered a woman and uses her remains to fill the Black Queen's tomb. 

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King

Everyone comes to pay their final respects to the supposedly dead Black Queen.

The Unquiet Grave

The Empty Tomb

Stillness in Woe

All Is Bright

The Third Refrain

Unquiet Rest

Pressing Flowers

In Storm, Quiet

One Last Time

The Devils Throne


Intimations of Immortality



The Most Cherished

Hello Baby!

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Word Has It

Blonds Have More Fun

The Eleventh Hour

Having become aware of his cousin’s deception, Rafael relentlessly seeks her across Valucre. She is discovered in the Terran city of Last Chance, accompanied by a ragtag group of would-be supporters, friends, and adventurers. Finally confronting his cousin for her transgressions, Rafael learns of Gabriela’s pregnancy; and she learns of the consequences of choosing love over duty.

Unrepentant Vows Spoken

Following their return from Terrenus, Gabriela agrees Rafael’s incessant demands for a marriage between them. While still hesitant about the proceedings, she nevertheless obliges for the sake of her child’s future, and the two are paired in a holy ceremony of the Sitraic Faith known as the Tethering. The sacred bond between them becomes the foundation of their people, and all those of their bloodlines shall inherit the strength of both.

Moonlight Sonata

In spite of their engagement, which has been well-received throughout all of Genesaris, there is no sense of peace of happiness between the two vampyres. In an effort to ease the rising tension, Rafael seeks Gabriela out in the gardens to discuss their futures. Negotiations inevitably break down in an exchange of cruel words and harsh truths, and the two cousins find themselves torn further and further apart.

Runaway Bride

Taking matters into her own hands, Gabriela seeks to escape her oppressive fiancé and his tyrannical ways. With the assistance of her faithful charge, a fae by the name of Eluvie, she makes her attempt. But Rafael’s reach is long, and his influence vast. After a brief chase, the two escapees soon find themselves back in his custody. For their betrayal, they are both punished mercilessly, subjected to the angered vampyre’s unending malice, cruelty, and will to dominate all life.

The Loss of Faith

In the aftermath of her failed attempt to escape, Gabriela’s life is marred by pain, torture, depression, and self-reflection. All but broken by the unrelenting torment suffered at the hands of her vengeful fiancé, she finds herself all but consumed by so bleak a life. It is in her darkest hour that she is visited by a fair-spirited friend, a servant from a time before she became Rafael’s.

[Ravenspire] Finally

After begrudgingly accepting her cousin’s deal of returning her to Orisia so long as she attends a formal event in his company, publicizing their engagement and pregnancy, Gabriela attends the wedding celebration of Kadian Emperor Corvinus and Empress Leoa Melisende. It is a night filled with introductions, promises, and political intrigue. Things go awry, however, when the two vampyres stumble across a wounded child and find themselves considered prime suspects in the investigation that follows.

The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fledgling Sparrow

In the aftermath of the investigation and the consequential battle between the Elder and a monstrosity by the name of Farkis (the actual criminal behind wounding the small child, Emily, and her mother), Gabriela and Rafael find themselves in the forced-hospitality of the Kadian nobility. Their night is filled with venom, demands, concessions, and passion. But in the hours that follow their heated encounter, the cousins part ways – seemingly for the last time.

[Ravenspire] Meeting with the Raven

Hard as Stone and Cold as Ice

Free of her cousin’s shadow as she’s desired to be for so long, the Black Queen finds herself reflecting on the life choices that have brought her to this point. She is joined by Lady Raveena, a powerful empath and loving friend to her cousin, Rafael. Their rendezvous is cut short, however, by an assassination attempt. In the chaos of it all, Gabriela reaches out desperately for her beloved-- only to find the hand of another there to save her.

[Veelos] When The Storm Breaks

Following the assassination attempt, Gabriela is transported to Veelos posthaste. There, she mends from her wounds during a storm that lasts several days, under the strict supervision of her cousin. When information regarding Roen’s involvement in the assassination is presented, the cousins once again find themselves at odds over the matter. Braving the storm of their shared distrust, anger, and uncompromising ways, the two are able to reconcile their differences, and for the first time, establish a fragile peace between them.

To Protect and Serve

Summers Rest

In the weeks following the reclaiming of Versilla from rebel forces, the legendary Summer Knight continues to stalk the island, routing out any that might pose a threat to the Black Queen and unborn child. But the Summer Knight has a secret, and a midnight stroll in the palace gardens nearly reveals it to Gabriela. After a terse conversation where the Black Queen demands the knight’s loyalty and the return of the sword--the dreadful Hamburglar--he uses in his bloody, to which he refuses, the two part ways, seemingly destined to collide once more.


Twice a queen, Always a Pawn

Walking in a Winter Wonderland {The Coronation Event}

Royalty Never Walks Alone

Gardens Garnished with Gore

Tethered with Guilt

Elisha, a loyal servant and agent of Rafael, finds herself marked after an embarrassing display at the Black Queen’s coronation. Having placed herself at risk in a short confrontation with the Patian King, Roen Jaeger, she fully expects to be punished. But nothing can prepare her for the wrath she faces. After being cruelly reminded of her place and purpose, Rafael sets her to a new task: the seduction of the Renovatian prince, Asher. Their rendezvous is interrupted by palace alarms and the Black Queen’s kidnapping.

Lightly Dancing

Wings of Freedom

Home Coming

Moths Drawn to Flame

Winning Hearts and Minds or Vengeance

The Anima Imperium

A Prisoner of Her Own Making [Anima Imperium]

The Leather Bound Heart [Anime Imperium]

Maze Undue [Anima Imperium]

Cradle of Fate: The Swan Song 


Present Age VIII


Rock-a-Bye Baby

Mother Dearest 

Purple Rain

The Genius of Evil

A Fond Farewell

With Good Intentions

A Rare Bloom

ANT Main Thread: The Arrivals

Private Display - Private Thread

ANT Main Thread: The Treaty

Tender Machinations 


The Reverie Ball

Veelos as the Crow Flies

And lo the Harlot did Rap on the Queen's Door


Darkness and Havoc: Illyria Arrives

Blood on the Crown: Ild Pass

Addressing the Hurt

A Long Awaited Reunion

The Conception of an Empire

Home Unbecoming

Winter Lullaby

Laws yet Inked

The Manse

The Morning and Evening Star

The Song of Life


Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

Gilded Cages and Pretty Things






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