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Port Thea, the City of Sunsets



The City Flag



Ruler: Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria.
Regent: Duke Grant Knight
Contact: Deus Ex Aizen, Danzilla3.




With multicolored cliffs soaring above a sea-drowned caldera, Port Thea looks like a giant slab of layered cake. The Illyrian coast will take your breath away with its snow-drift of white houses lining the cliff tops and, in places, spilling like icy cornices down the terraced rock. When the sun sets, the reflection on the buildings and the vibrant glow of the orange and red in the cliffs can be truly spectacular.



The Port’s intrigue reaches deep into the past, with the fascinating Illyrian site of Ramalóke Caverns and the gorgeous traditional hilltop village of Thira. It also glides effortlessly into the future with up and coming artists, budding apothecaries, a unique microbrewery. The multicolored beaches are simply the icing on the cake. Port Thea currently has a population of 55,000.



Port Thea has a semi-arid climate with Mediterranean characteristics. In the summer season, strong winds can also be observed. During the summer, the weather is most frequently sunny and dry, and any precipitation falls in the form of showers or thunderstorms. The air is usually hot during the day and pleasantly warm at night, but there are some very windy days. Heatwaves may occur, but they are usually quite mild at the coastal areas, where temperatures are moderated by the relatively cooler sea and the sea breeze. Winters are wet and any snow that falls does not last long, especially in the south-facing slopes from inland.


Flora and Fauna

The region's vegetation is lush and green with plenty of olive trees and vineyards. Also present are fig trees, eucalypti, and a variety of pine trees. Thea is blessed with more than six hundred species of plants and several hundred more of these species were imported to Rising West where they were cross-bred and flourished, meaning the new species are found nowhere else in Genesaris. The mountainous topography of Thea’s backdrop has offered isolation for many plant species which has allowed them to evolve in unique ways, providing sanctuary for the area’s wildlife. Thean wolves in the mountains are one of many various imported species that are fiercely protected by THRIVE.

There are more than four hundred species of birds that have been found in the Rising West and about half of them can be spotted along the shores of Port Thea and inland. Birdwatchers can seek out peregrine falcons, kestrels, little owls, and numerous seabird species such as the Kyrosian Swift from its sister Port Kyros.

Several domestic animals are also found in Thea such as mountain sheep, cows, goats, and Alethenean Braix. They are commonly encountered by visitors to Port Thea when driving through the hilly roadways where flocks of sheep may block the route for a short time.




Because of its geographic position, Thea represents a strong island culture. Though they have faced hard times, the community is on the mend and bouncing back, welcoming trade and visitors from abroad. Cuisine and wine made from the flora are said to be extraordinary. Port Thea boasts architectural influences from its Hyperian roots with its wide domed ceilings, tall spires and iconic columns.



With the Port reopened, the trade commerce supports a majority of the economy of the city second to its seafood trade. With several new businesses flourishing after the city’s birth, Thea boasts a growing economy. Several types of currency flow from every part of the world, from Genesaris to Renovatio, all of which can be converted to the local coin.



Landmarks and Monuments

Solaria Estate: With Raveena’s ambition to gain access to more resources, she sought an opportunity to establish a sister port, and the plot for Port Thea began. Knowing that with war on the horizon between the Arcane East and the Midlands in Genesaris, she sent her son Grant to establish a house name and estate along the Rising West’s coast.. With Lady Reyna at his side, Raveena felt at ease about the ongoing affairs of the Estate, knowing that when the time was right, Port Thea could be established properly and more opportunities would arise.

Sitting on the North-western coast of the Rising West, Solaria Estates and Port Thea as a whole aim to breathe life into the coastal waters and restore the Genesarian sea trade to reach its full potential.

Bari’s Apothecary and Armaments: Antique pharmacy jars contain herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and supplements – and the shelves are stacked high with skin care, personal care, bath and aromatherapy products from around the world. Lavender toothpaste, calendula ointment, cypress tree soap – you'll find all your health and healing needs here. Need an upgrade to your gear and weapons while you’re perusing for the right potion? Drop your belongings off to be taken cared for while you shop worry free.

Thrakena Pub and Eatery: The siren call of tasty beer sings to locals and tourists alike at Thrakena, which is justifiably popular for its unique ales and brews alongside a dependable menu of Genesarian grub. A full Dragon’s skeleton soars overhead, crowning its appeal to visitors and locals alike.

Skaros Consulate: Genesarian in design, this Veluriyam consulate is being hosted in Port Thea of the Rising West. Serving as neutral ground between Terran and Genesarian diplomats and citizens, the consulate serves as a place of learning and encouraging the international exchange of ideas. The Skaros Consulate is where the birth of the T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative first took flight.

Ramalóke Caverns: Not only geologically interesting, it is also historically important, as it was the first concepts of fortresses built in the Rising West to protect the islanders from pirate attacks. Earthquakes put an end to that, however, and the inhabitants moved and inhabited further inland to adapt and survive. These wondrous caves now serve as a step into the past, where rumored artifacts are waiting to be discovered.



The Council of Seven

Like all lands within the Rising West, the port city of Thea is subject to the edicts of its capital city Aelindra. While the city rulers are allowed to police their domains with leniency--more in line with their own beliefs and views--they are all bound to the will of the council, seeing their will done and that no transgressions be made against their edict.


Local Government

The Thean Order of the Aralim: The Order of the Aralim serve as Knights of the Hyperian Empire. The Aralim serves as the militant strength and stability of the Imperial Sefirot. The backbone of the Order; These are hardened fighters, agents and diplomats are pillars of the Order's values, noblemen and women who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of the Empire.



The Thean Branch of the Hyperian Order Guard: Soldiers of the Order, these are contract soldiers hired on, manning and protecting the Empire's outposts and interests.



The countess has sought to rebuild and enforce the educational institutes of the Port City. As such, she oversaw several naval, technical, religious and academic institutes built to showcase the Rising Queen’s importance of a well-rounded education, as well as a nod to the importance of the arcane and the worship of the Emperor God.



Sloops: The most common boat of the port, these ships are lightly outfitted for defense, and can easily maneuver around larger ships at Sea.

Roads and Walkways: Thea has constructed several local roads that cascade down from the mountains and stretch all the way towards the coastal shores.

Private: Personal mounts such as Thestrals, Horses, Dire Beasts, and Wyverns are scattered among the population. Upperclass citizens that can afford larger, personal ships house them in private marinas, while others have access to their own personal airship.



Queen Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria: A Terran-born Noble of Imperial ancestry, Raveena has been a long-time ally of the Carmine Empire and is the newest member of the Imperial Family as a Princess of the Empire, eldest daughter of Rafael Bartolome. A rising politician and respected ruler, she is known to rule with a passion tempered by patience and kindness. Firm and fair, she has been well received by the citizens of Port Thea.  Resourceful and ambitious, she seeks to usher in prosperity for the Port City, and for Genesaris overall.

Prince Grant Knight, Duke of Port Thea: The eldest son of the Knight Clan, Grant serves as the regent of Port Thea. As the son of Rowan Knight, he shares the Chimera gene that the Knight family is well known for. Despite their biological differences, Grant is supportive of his mother’s ideals and has stepped up to accept responsibility and set an example for his younger siblings.




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