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Scales Village

The Hummingbird

"The fallen must never be forgotten. We live today to uphold their spirit tomorrow." - Dietrich Vanhoven from the last line of the Eulogy of the Fallen


Scales Village, Roost of the Ravens

The village is nestled between the mountains of Southern Genesaris, making it impossible to make a flanking march north, east, or west, unless one wishes to risk the lives of their men to scale the treacherous mountain face, the wind caused from the formations of the mountains make it exceedingly difficult for Airships to navigate. This leaves only the south leading out towards the river and coasts the only means of entry to village. This entry is no less than a funnel formed by the mountains, making it exceptionally dangerous for invaders to pass through, and now well trained archers of the Legion occupy that area in hidden dug out forts spread across the length of the pass. It has been so fondly named as The Raven’s Pass, due to the multitude of ravens that circle about. These Ravens are the largest of their species and bred for this climate. It is suspected that these ravens are the eyes of the Legion.

Due to the climate, it is always cold, so much so, that without the proper clothing for the area, a man would freeze to death in a matter of several minutes. However, due to the deciduous nature of the trees, there is a deep and expansive forest making a half circle around the inside of the mountain valley in which the village is settled. It is another natural defense against those who do decide to scale the mountains, and where large and small game can be hunted. There is a myth that Styders reside in the forest, and perhaps even speculated, that due to their unseen help, the people had managed to survive the war. The famed Southern White Wolves haunt these forests, called the Nightwood.

The village itself can no longer be called one. It is now a fortified citadel, and mining town. The walls are built tall, and are set deep into the ground make it exceeding difficult and more time consuming to dig beneath the wall to either topple them, or to simply infiltrate, it stands at just over twenty meters tall. Using underground streams, aqueducts have been built to provide fresh running water, as well as sewage, intricately placed so as waste will not contaminate the fresh water supply. In the Center of the city, is the newly built castle of Ravenshorn, a beautiful structure made in the design of gothic architecture, with its pointed rooftops and sturdy structures.

There are small farms that help provide only the vegetables and grain capable of growing these extreme climates. Wheat is the main crop here, as during the winter, by tilling deep, they are able to have it grown by spring with attentive watching and care. The pride of Scales Village is its mines that have been established by Corvin. Despite their similarities and mindsets, the villagers were at first skeptical when he suggested looking for ore within the mountains, finding it possibly too dangerous to attempt. However eventually they decided to attempt on the grounds that if it became dangerous that they would cease mining operations.

They were more than happy having found a mine of Blackstone Carbon, and Mokume-gane ore, and have just recently discovered a small mine of Salerian or, and the fact that they had no incidents. These are just the major mines that now provide a means of exporting goods. Minor mines of Iron, Copper, Gold, and Silver. The small and somewhat unknown village has steadily been making its name known, even creating its own currency, though still refraining from distribution. Using the river south of the path leading out of the mountain valley, they have built a dock garrisoned by forty Legionnaires, using longboats to export and import goods.

Flag: A black raven rising, one eye of pearl beneath a golden crown, on a field of white bordered by black. Beneath flies the old flag of Orisa, from before its new regime, the nation where the Legion had been founded, and where many of its members had been born. It is their statement, they have pardoned, and forgiven, but they will never forget.

Civilian Population: 40,000 – [40,800 with added Legionnaires]

Minors (Under 16): 7,000

Elderly (Over 60): 10,000

Male/Female Ratio: 50%/50%

Racial Make up: Human.

City Guard Total: 60 Volunteer War Veterans, 260 Legionnaires

High Ranking Officers: 2 (The Marshal-General, Captain-General)

Nightwood Garrison: 1000

Raven Pass Garrison: West Wall – 1000, East Wall – 1000

Jail Workers: 40

Capital Guards: 800

Merchant Guards [Free Legion]: 700

Special Assignments Officers: 1

Miltary: [Variable, can increase with Reinforcements from Shrine City or the Free Legion]

14,500 Legionnaires Total

10,000 Legionnaires on standby


Corvinus von Scales – Marshal-General

Dietrich Vanhoven – Head Healer

Prime military

With the villagers added to their ranks, the Legion now possesses a decent military force of skilled Legionnaires within that village.

Three Banners – 13,500 Legionnaires

Citywide Landmarks

Patron Hospital: This hospital was established by the now aged Dietrich Vanhoven as a means to provide emergency care for soldiers who were wounded in battle. It was since expanded into a two-story structure to accommodate the rising population of war refugees and war veterans. Currently, the majority of the patients admitted into the hospital are victims of the rampant levels of depression that seem to linger even in the recent generations of the village. The hospital also holds an underground vault room filled with archived stories and records of the events of the wars in Genesaris.

Scales Rock: The village’s namesake. It is located on a hillside approximately one mile east of the village itself. Catacombs were dug into the hill as a final resting place for the fallen combatants. An obsidian wall was embedded into the side of the hill so families and veterans could inscribe the names of their comrades and loved ones as a memorial to their sacrifice to the region of the Cold South. The shape of the obsidian wall with the names etched into its side resembles the scales on a fish, which is where the name is derived. An alter burns in front of the obsidian wall with flame that is never extinguished.

Ravenshorn Castle: Though ominous and foreboding given the setting of the area, and the sharp, gothic designs of its architecture, it is a beautiful castle and is home to the Marshal-General and those who help plan the affairs of the village. It is well fortified and guarded, with hidden passages leading into the mountains and to safety through the mines. It is the very place where royal guests make their stay when visiting, and the place where villagers may state their problems. The castle itself sits atop underground hot springs, keeping it warm within.

Nightwood: The forest that surrounds Scales Village, home to orks, goblinkin, trolls, White Wolves, and the mysterious Stryder. Due to the dark colour of the trees bark, called Ironwood, and the thickness of the forest, when stepping into the forests, it’s as if one has stepped into perpetual night. The passage of time can be easily lost. Be wary of this forest, the creatures of the Underdark hold advantage here.

Smithy: This large smithy is owned by none other than Deiter Eichmann, and managed by Gregor Friedmann, with several apprentices working beneath them. This smithy produces all manner of weapons and armour from melee combat to ranged combat. It holds another function as well, currently; it is researching into gunpowder and cannons from the specimen that Captain-General Feche had won in a game during the Dark Festival. This business operates within the Cold South, and distributes its wares across Genesaris through Cobran’s ports.

City Production

Mines: 5% Salerian Ore, 15% Mokume-gane Ore, 15% Blackstone Carbon Ore, 25% Iron Ore, 10 % Copper Ore, 15% Gold Ore, and 5% Silver Ore.

Shipyard: 7 Longships

Smithy: Arms and armour, as well as farming tools.

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