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Shrine City

The Hummingbird


Regent: Neronius, Primark, and Emperor of the Cold South

Contact: Alexei

Current Aid:

Shrine City is the strong Capital of the Cold South, and the place where the seed of the Corvinite Cult was planted. The people here are hardy, strong, and incredibly pragmatic despite their xenophobia, traits that have, in fact, kept them alive after the devastating invasion of the Great North then the trials and tribulations of constant non-human incursions during Corvinus’ rule.
Shrine City currently has a population of approximately 1,550,000.


Shrine City is built with the great cluster of mountains at its South, and access to rivers to its North. This has allowed the city both access to vast stores of precious metals and minerals, and great fertile valleys during the planting season. These factors have made the city not only self-sufficient but the center of the region. Under Corvinus and now his son, Neronius, this influence has only increased, and this is now true to the greater Imperium. Without Shrine City’s protection of these factors, much of the Cold South would starve. This has made sure the other cities remain compliant.

The city itself has natural protection. To its rear, a vast cluster of mountains protect it, for an army would surely die to attempt to cross them. Especially when they would only find themselves before the great white wall of the outer ring. To its front is the fertile river valley. The soil is tilled deep during the spring and summer months, and due to the rain can often become deep mud traps for an advancing army. Forcing them to wade through it before reaching the front of the city. With its wall to intimidate an already exhausted invading force.

In the winter it is far more treacherous. The cold is biting and with the lack of trees, as they have been cleared for farmland, the wind can kill an unwary man in a moment. Blizzards can come without warning, and fog can shroud the view. This makes the footing treacherous, and those unwary crossing the frozen rivers can find themselves drowning beneath the ice. While these factors might not destroy an army on their own, they will affect morale. Shrine City soldiers are well versed in surviving these times, often using them to hit the foe with unconventional war tactics. Attacking in the whiteout of a blizzard, striking from the dense fog, and then disappearing just as quickly as they came. It makes the city a nightmare to siege and a jewel to defend.

Shrine City—seat of the Primark Emperor—is a swell of curves and high walls and enormous, tapered spires. Most of the buildings are built from white kadium reinforced concrete, color accentuates the city in statues if gold, silver, and onyx, as well as Imperial Banners.

The center of Shrine City has been built not only to represent the strong faith of the people, but also their will to survive and succeed. High walls of Kadium reinforced concrete, pure as the snow, surround each ring of the city, extending over 30 feet into the air, and 30 feet beneath the soil. Built into the walls are the barracks for active duty Legionnaires, where their power armor and weapons can be maintained and stored. These walls are not only thick enough to withstand prolonged abuse from conventional siege weapons but also the more metaphysically inclined. The buildings in each ring reach higher the more one draws closer to the center. A testament to mankind's struggle to rise.

Ravenscar palace, the First Temple and largest structure in all of Shrine City, is located at the center of this great and holy city. Birthplace of the Corvinite Faith, it is one of the holiest and most sacred of locations to the faith, and likewise the only temple to Corvinus’ name in all of Shrine City. Ravenscar dominates the entirety of the centermost district, with all other structures of the area either built into it or under its imposing arches.

In spite of its archaic appearance, beautiful though it may be, Shrine City is the result of ingenious human engineering. That the majority homes support features such as central heat and insulation and indoor plumbing, is credited to the work of the city’s people and its unique non-magic technology. However, this is not to say that the latter has not accentuated the residents’ manner of living, assisting in things such as transportation, communication, and entertainment.

Situated between the rivers and valleys and valleys to its northeast and west and the Dragonfall Mountains to its south, Shrine City has been known to experience a variety of climates. Only one word can describe the nature of the Cold South. Unforgiving. Winters are harsh and deadly to the unprepared, fraught with the danger of deathly cold, hunting beasts shrouded in fog or hidden in snowstorms, and recently non-humans. Springs are rainy, and chilled, summers less so but one will never find the warmth expected farther north. Fall us bitter cold and short-lived, a quick death heralding winter’s deathly grip. Magestorms are not incredibly common but can be quite powerful.

Recently Shrine City has survived many magestorms, this is attributed to the construction of the Corvinite Obelisk. The city is now shrouded in the God Emperor's influence, a testament to his people that they are always under his protection.

Flora and Fauna
As a city of Genesaris, common flora and fauna can be found in abundance around the city and its territories. These listed below are merely a few that are exclusive to Shrine City and its immediate demesne.

Ravenwing (Flower): A small, black flower with wing-shaped petals. They grow abundantly throughout the city, and a rumored to be a gift from the Empress Leoa to her Emperor Corvinus in the early years of their rule. They are known to break away from their stems and fly in the breeze during the spring.

Wintersbreath Roses (Flower): These strange, unique flowers can be found growing along the city’s outermost wall. Their name is derived from their ice-like petals, which appear to shimmer like freshly fallen snow in full bloom.

Frost Sprites (Elemental): Otherwise known as “frost spirits,” these small, floating elementals have the appearance of a swirling snowstorm. These harmless sprites tend to gather in valleys along the Cold South’s, subject to frequent blizzards, feeding off the latent energies. Storm sprites are rather vicious creatures, drawn to the biological warmth of living creatures, and have been known to attack large groups traveling to and from Shrine City.

Southern Trout (Fish): Colloquially known as the “Crystal Trout,” these deceptively crystalline fish inhabit the rivers of Shrine City. Known for their hearty size and crystalline scales, the southern trout is known to reach weights over eighty pounds (when fully matured). These fish are greatly sought after for their flavor and above all their scales.

White Wolves (Animal): These pale, heavily-muscled, wolves are found exclusively in the Cold South. Used in the Ritual of Struggle, it is said that Shriners send out those on the cusp of manhood to hunt these great beasts with the more archaic rifles of the past. Only upon successfully killing one or surviving the three week period in the wild are the boys then considered men upon their arrival. Those who return with the body of a wolf are hailed as heroes, and feast upon its flesh. These wolves are known for their large size, great strength, and intelligence. They are a deadly opponent for any human or non-human, even more so in the winter months.

Shrine City is a bastion for those of mankind who seek unity, spiritual evolution, and enlightenment. This evolution, or enlightenment, generally takes shape in conforming to the faith of the Corvinite (the only religion legally practiced within the borders of Shrine City). Humans are the only inhabitants of this city, having been the majority and since the so-called “Xenophobic” decree, make up one of the only recognized species allowed to be in the city (Elves and Dwarves are allowed but segregated). What numbers had been lost due to the decree were replaced, and even increased by the influx of Renovatian and Alterian immigrants.

Alternatively, life in Shrine City is not one of placid utopian dreams. As it is written among the Corvinite’s holy tomes, “only the strong survive the winter cold”; the citizenry of Shrine City stand firmly on the principle that the strong are forged upon the crucible of struggle and the weak broken. They believe that true strength can never be given, but instead, it must be taken -- earned through blood and sweat, yours of your enemy's. It has created a people who, while they consider each other an extended family, have no tolerance for those who do not pull their own weight and burden others. A harsh people, but a people who can survive.

And since they pride themselves as the moral vanguard of the Imperium, the people of Shrine City adopt seemingly totalitarian measures to ensure their moral code remains untarnished. Crime of any form is harshly punished; there are no misdemeanors within the city. This seeming cruelty is countered by a thorough justice system, one that incorporates fair and just consideration of all the circumstances involved.


Shrine City as with the rest of the Cold South, is not known for trading with the neighboring regions. Largely independent its wealth is gained through the tribute of the various cities that make up the Empire. This is done in in exchange for food, materials, and the continued aid of the empire. Since Nero’s taking of the throne, there has been a shift of a more active economy within the Cold South and the greater Imperium. Much to Union City’s chagrin, the Cold South maintains an isolationist economic policy.

Major Companies and Institutions

Corvus, Academy of War: Second only to Ravenspire in Kadia, this is where much of the education of the Southern Empire’s citizens take place. Raising up the youth in a strict scholastic and martial regimen. It is famed for its high achievement, even outside the Imperium, and stands as a testament that the Southerners are not some primitive minded society.

Veche, Soulseeker Academy: A branch of the Eichmann academy, the youth showing potential enough are taught and trained to be the greatest warriors of the Imperium. Soulseekers. Focusing more on theology and war, it produces some of the most stalwart and unshakable Soulseekers to serve the God Emperor’s will.

Eichmann Industries (Branch): The main supplier of weapons, transportation, and infrastructure in the Cold South and the greater Imperium. Created and overseen by Deiter, the Crown Prince, this company provides the non-magical technology which brings power, purifies water, and defends the vast cities, Shrine City is no exception.

Landmarks and Monuments

Crucible Arena: A large, arena located in the first. Fully equipped, with reinforced rooms and a slew of both real and practice weaponry, it is a place where individuals can come to practice their martial skills.

The Lion’s Square Garden: The largest inner-city greenhouse garden in all of Shrine City, this beautiful stretch of vibrant emerald grass is teeming with enormous clusters of flowers: roses, lilies, lilacs, lotus, and everything in between. The park also houses a large playground.

Ravenscar: The palatial fortress of the Primark Emperor, Ravenscar derives its name as the birthplace of the Imperial Faith. The palace has since then become a place of great pilgrimage for all the religiously devout, as a Corvinite’s greatest honor is to behold the origin of their faith and mighty deity. Ravenscar is the largest structure in all of Shrine City, a mountain of walls and spires and towers of white reaching deep into the sky above, and bathing the city below in its shadow.

Local Government

The Temple Guard and High Court: These are the courts of the police forces tasked with protecting, monitoring and patrolling the city ring. These buildings, serving as both court and prison, are used to settle common disputes among the people: property damage, breach of contract, disorderly behavior and murder. Crimes regarding Heresy and Non-Human infiltrators are handled by the Inquisition.

Imperial Government

Inquisition High Command: One of several enormous, reinforced monoliths built, the Inquisition High Command holds barracks, training grounds, armories, torture chambers, prisons, and personal forges of the Imperial Legion. The notable feature of this facility is the massive rose window at the front though the glass is dark from the outside.




The Fist of the Emperor (Imperial Legion): The military forces of Shrine, known as the Fist of the Emperor, or the Fist, make up one of the smallest percentages of the Imperial Legion (the combined forces of all the Corvinite Imperium and its domains). The Fist is responsible for handling all matters of Shrine City, namely defending the Temple Square and its surrounding areas should they ever fall under attack. Because of this, their various divisions -- such as the Southern Wolves, or TEMPLAR Knights of the Raven -- are often considered the Legion's elite forces.

They are stationed in every ring of the city, their barracks built into the massive walls, and by the great gates. During times of invasion, they become a gauntlet to fight through. Highly knowledgeable of the city and Urban warfare they are a force to be reckoned with. Every citizen is a member of the military, having access to a polybolos rifle, and a suit of power armor only their biometrics can access, making up both active and reserve forces.

— 1 Primark.

— 15 Ucissore

— 25 High Inquisitors.

— 500 Inquisitors.

— 10,000 Police Force Personnel (Legionnaires).

—  1,550,000 Imperial Military Forces (Legionnaires, TEMPLAR, Inquisitors).



Under the God Emperor’s rule, education throughout all of Shrine City – and to a greater extent, the Imperium itself – has flourished to an all-time high. Shrine City hosts two of the most prestigious postgraduate institutions in all Genesaris: Corvus, Academy of War, and Veche, Soulseeker Academy.


Boat: Great waterways wind their way through the city, crafted by channeling the hidden mountain streams to provide a source of clean water to the people, and advanced technology maintains it. Specialized boats carry many citizens and tourists throughout the city.

Automobile: Paved roads, highways, and bridges provide quick routes through the city. Vehicles of steels and fusion batteries drive seamlessly through the city and are usually the general means of travel for the citizenry. A system of different colored lights and signs help to keep traffic smooth.

Walk: Sidewalks, walkways, and small bridges are also built to accommodate those who prefer to travel on foot. Signs and lights help protect and direct pedestrians.


Neronius C. Melisende: Primark Emperor of the Cold South, and one of the many sons of God Emperor Corvinus and God Empress Leoa. He is a man of great passion, unwavering fortitude, and intellect. It is said he is akin to a war god, and perhaps even the greatest representation of the Cold South and its people.

A list is currently being compiled, all threads, however, are to be considered canon (Especially done by Aleksei or myself) unless otherwise stated.

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