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Slaver's Enclave

The Hummingbird

Slavery’s Capital: Slaver’s Enclave

A place drained of all hope, Slaver’s alcove houses the largest supply of slaves available in Genesaris. Carved into the earth, this city hides deep underneath the surface, with eight total levels reaching deeply. The two of these focus primarily on business, taverns, and inns, all places for customers and employees alike to socialize and mingle. The third and fourth levels contain the homes of all those involved in the obtainment, trading, and training of slaves. The majority of slaves are kept in the 5th level, although some find themselves in the 6th and 7th levels, dungeons for problematic slaves in need of some ‘encouragement’ to shape up. The last are for those who refuse to be broken, sent to the deepest reaches to be sold off to sadistic trainers in search of those they can physically abuse far more than the average slaves.

Slavery is illegal in Genesaris, but those laws do not dissuade this group of enterprisers from continuing their business. With their own mini hierarchy, these organizations have four main groups- the Slavers (people who find/obtain slaves), the trainers (often cruel and sadistic breakers of slaves, who teach them the importance of subservience), Masters (those who own, buy, and sell the slave), and of course the slaves themselves.

Few of these slaves shall ever taste the sweetness of freedom again, but those few who do are those warped in spirit, trained to continue the work of their master even after their master becomes physically unable to continue his work. The best treated among the breeders, those selected for their desirable genes, forced to copulate in the hopes of producing useful offspring.

Flag: A set of manacles on a black backdrop

Ruler: Captain Red Mane (A former pirate turned slave empire overseer)

Prime Military: Hired Thugs and Warrior Slaves

They have no actual prime military, as they are not an actual sanctioned city, nor do they intend to apply for recognition by the central government. They hire out for thugs and the like, while also using slaves specifically prepared for this purpose. Slaves are broken and brainwashed, making them willing to fight for their cause and only their cause.

"We are the superior. We will break you, and take away from you everything you own."


Citywide Landmarks

The Circuit

Some slaves just will not allow themselves to be broken. Those who prove to be particularly problematic are sent through the circuit, found in the eight level of the Enclave. Here, they are passed around trainers, each present for the challenge, trying to be the one who breaks this slave. Each trainer pays a base amount, and if they are the successful party, the recoup their money and earn it again. If they fail, they are out the money, thus allowing the owner to make a significant amount of money for his inconvenience.

The Slave Market

Another part of the 5th level is for the showing off and auctioning of the slaves, where they are put on display for others to get a feel for the ‘product’ put up on display. Those who are sufficiently broken go up for sale.

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