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The Hummingbird

"Chill, man."

This white cloud is actually what they usually see when smoking.


A Place of Peace: Talthanus


A small village with little to offer in trade, Talthanus has its namesake from a local plant whose stalks are covered in a light brown bark, protecting the tender fleshy stem that animals seem to crave. The bark itself is spiny, but dries out easily and is ground into slow burning flakes, most often smoked in specially crafted pipes. The smell is terrible, much like a wet dog burning in a funeral pyre, but the effects are said to be quite astounding. The locals imbibe on it regularly, leaving the town often covered in a smoky haze.

The city itself exports nothing of value save for the locally growing plant, which seems to enjoy the cold weather. Neighboring people are unsure how the city manages to get by, considering that their local economy should be nonexistent; the people never work. Instead, they spend most of their time socializing around bonfires, singing, playing music, and having in depth discussions they find highly intellectual, but most others cannot make sense of. They are avid supporters of peace, often congregating at sites preparing for war. They are also major supporters of protecting the environment, and claim to worship nature itself.

The people often wear loud, multicolored clothing, which not very thick or always concealing. Even so, the people are seemingly oblivious to the colder environment. Because the smell their recreational smoking produces and their lack of bathing, they make extracted perfume oil, wearing heavy amounts of it. Unfortunately, most describe the smell as barely better than the substances smoked. In addition to their music gatherings, regular smoking, and loose sexual standards, they are known to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Flag: They have no flag. Flags are a symbol of the government, which is bad. Why do they need a sign to have others judge them by?

Ruler: They choose not to elect leaders, because things just work out on their own. They choose to listen to those who have it together, you dig? Some people just know things, and can lead them through the life journey.

Prime Military: The Commune

They have no fighting force, just thousands of people only motivated to show the world why nobody should be motivated. They will protect nature and call for an end to war, but they do not fight, and would sooner let someone run a sword through them than lift a hand against a fellow human being. Dying for the cause is just spiritual.

Citywide Landmarks

Town Center

They have a center of their village where they have a grand bonfire and lots of woodcarvings, as well as some surprisingly beautifully designed drums. Other than this, the only thing of appeal is their fields upon fields of their drug.

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