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Testerossa Town

The Hummingbird

For an example of an Aldrak, click here.

“Why yes, I do sell that. Please, come to the back...”


The City of Secret Trade:


60 years ago, the pirate ship Testerossa fought off a pursuing navy fleet, sinking the other 5 ships, but being fatally damaged in the fight. The ships captain, Thorin Jaiker, had the ship land in a nearby cove, where it forever made port. The huge crew of 112 men and women abandoned ship and made camp. After a long council, Captain Jaiker and his crew decided it was time to settle down, and disappear from the world. With no witnesses to tell of their ship being sunk, they took the Testerossa apart, put her on makeshift wagons, and headed inland, being led by Captain Jaiker, who was now known as Jarl Jaiker.

Choosing a place with a coast to their west and a forest to the east, they settled down. 60 years later, the small town had become a city, and that city had grown. The wooden buildings giving way to stone, the city expanding, and Thorin Jaiker's son Caldwell inheriting his Jarl-ship. The underglow was discovered and the rightfully named Testerossa Town became a center of black market deals and trades considered illegal by most of the world. Testerossa quickly became the place to go if you were looking for things that most would refuse to carry or sell

Testerossa's economy methods are no secret, but no one complains or protests. Jarl Jaiker bribes the right people, and a blind eye is turned to his cities deeds. Even if he didn't, Testerossa generates so much trade that no one would bother to challenge it. Of course, most of the... darker deals made in Testerossa are kept under wraps from all but those involved in the deal itself.

In the last decade, the race known as the “Aldrak” was not recognized as being human or deserving rights to citizenship by the cities high council. While the Jarl has final say on whether the Council's decisions go into effect, he chose not to agree or disagree with the judgment, and so law was passed to officially make them into nothing more than property. This began the secret slave trade of Aldrak, and eventually other races. Should the Black Watch catch onto any kind of slave trade involving something other than an Aldrak, it will be immediately shut down and those involved brought before the high council.

Flag: Black with a large white “W” on top, a large white “C” on bottom, and a large white “X” between the two.

Ruler: Caldwell Jaiker, Jarl of Testerossa

Prime Military: The Black Watch

Notoriously stealthy, Black Watch rangers patrol the city in their heavy dark leather cloaks, doing so in a highly organized fashion, constantly on the watch for a citizen in need. If one needs a member of the Black Watch, they only need call for them as the chances of one being nearby are good. They are incredible marksmen with their trademark longbows and prominent with a short sword and dagger at close ranges. Should the city fall under attack, they stand atop the cities wall and use their incredible long range firepower to keep besiegers at bay.

Should you be caught committing theft, murder, or rape, Black Watchers are authorized to judge and punish you on the spot: the usual punishments being death, loss of a hand, and castration. The Black Watch is highly respected by West Coast's citizens, and well feared by its criminals.

Citywide Landmarks

City Hall

Built out of the pirate ship Testerossa, it is the oldest building in the city, and one of the few still built out of wood. It is also the residence of Jarl Caldwell Jaiker. City hall is the central hive of Testerossa Town, where all permissions, requests, complaints, and various other official business keeps the Jarl and his staff busy around the clock.

The Underglow

While it officially doesn't exist on paper as part of Testerossa, Underglow is the name given to the amazingly extensive network of underground caves and channels that make-up the foundation of Testerossa. It is called underglow due to the florescent moss growing on the walls and ceiling that keeps it well lit in a soft green light. The natural maze has been dug out, expanded, and made fit for surface dwellers to inhibit. It is where 70% of the more riske black market deals are conducted, and is were most of Testerossa's economy is generated.

Many live in the bustling underground market, while some brave the still yet unexplored areas of the underglow, many dying from sudden drop offs, strange subterranean creatures, and malnourishment due to being lost. Still, those who do succeed almost always come back with the rights to expansive mines containing priceless gems and metals, or get paid for mapping out certain areas. There are also guides that take the curious on dangerous and adrenaline pumping tours full of amazing sites like underground waterfalls.

Central Park

Just to the south of City Hall is a park full of grass, trees, paths, and fields. In the middle of it is a huge water fountain dedicated to past generations of Testerossa citizens, including those passed away from the current generation.

Other Stats

Population: 5,000. There is a near perfect ratio between men and woman, and about 2,000 of them are elderly. 6,000 are children between the ages of 0 and 15.

Special Police: Magebane

A special subdivision of Black Watch, they wear the same light leather Black Watch wears, but the cloak is replaced by a special chain mail with a complicated circular device on the chest. This mail is magitech armor that protects against many forms of magic.

Replacing the long bow is a magitech crossbow and bolts, designed to pierce through magic shields and negate ones ability to generate and control magic. Of course, it has to hit you to work, and only works for a short time afterwards. The magitech works off its wearers magic, and will only continue to function so long as they can use magic.

All members of Magebane are magic users themselves, and are knowledgeable on most forms of magic. There are far fewer members in Magebane than the mainbranch of Black Watch, and they lack the stealth skills that the main branch has as well. Magebane is mostly a response force, with few members actually actively patrolling. Where the main branch of Black Watch is generally well liked, as well as somewhat forgiving, Magebane is feared by everyone and ruthless, rarely bringing their targets back to prison alive.

Magebane is the primary force that hunts rogue Aldrak, subdues them, and makes them into government property.

Defenses: Despite it's size, Testerossa only has a 15' wooden wall, made more for the convenience of Black Watch from which to fire than for physical protection. The reason for this is that Black Watch is more than enough for what normally attacks Testerossa city.

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