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Union Capital


"Under one sun and one law, all things converge."


Regent: Council of Fifteen

Flag: A green flag with the black silhouette of a bird in flight under black arch, emblazoned with the sun and moon.

Contact: The Hummingbird

Temples and castle-like structures make up the majority of Union Capital, the heart of the Midlands. Carved from golden sandstone and sun-bleached brick, erected over years and revered by all the lands, Union City, the Grand Capital of all Genesaris, is where all things of vital importance are presented and judged by the great council. This council is composed of representative of all the lands, fifteen in all. New laws are voted on and sanctioned here, and federal crime punished.

If any city can boast of diversity and jobs for any who wishes to sell their blade, Union City is it. Human to beast-people are seen in plenty, if not always cooperating in perfect harmony. The city dedicates time to ensure co-existence among its people, striving to bring them together despite their differences. Always teaching tolerance, Union City has endured despite the hardships intolerance has brought them. However, in the many taverns and stores scattered with in the city, there is talk of an overhaul on the laws of non-segregation.



Union City is surrounded by grasslands, gentle rolling hills and small, minor woods – a perfect combination of the wide environment Genesaris is comprised of. This is fitting, for Union City lies in the very center of the nation, the heart and soul of the Five Lands. Its nearest city and ally is its sister-city, the smaller but very robust and growing kingdom of Mezthaluen, with whom trade is relationships are wide and friendly. The Bloodstone Marsh lies close along with Mezthaluen, supplying Union City with lumber and other luxurious supplies, a duty shared by the large forest to the east.

As the Grand Capital of Genesaris, Union City opens its gates to all the other cities and capitals of their respective lands. Roads lead to and fro from the city, allowing easy entrance beyond the great walls that surround the capital. Although unprotected by any large mountains or rough landscape, Union City stands fearless with its massive army and the promised alliance of all the Genesar cities’ armies combined.


Built in the latter days of the First Era, Union City combines the early gothic architecture and the modern-day elegant simplicity of present times. Tapestries and ancient engravings line many of the aforementioned gothic buildings’ walls, while carvings, mosaics, and paintings tend to decorate the exteriors of the modern-day structures. Sophistication and respect to history radiates from every corner of Union City.

Shops and taverns of all kinds are found aplenty in Union City, more than any traveler and tourist could hope to find anywhere else. Billboards and signs looking for mercenaries and other skills are commonplace, providing work for the unemployed or anyone looking for extra coin. The army, with guards stationed at every street corner for the safety of the thousands of citizens, are always looking for new troops and intelligence officers.

Schools and libraries are also found easily in Union City, all focusing from the basic of education to the highest of academia, from simple mathematics to grand high calculus; basic science to advanced physics; turning willing readers and writers to the finest of scholars. People from all over Genesaris come to Union City purely for the education and employment available here.


The heart of Genesaris exerpiences all kinds of temperatures, from wildly hot summers to freezing cold in the summers and winters, respectively. Generally, nothing extreme has been seen in Union City beyond the unusual Heat Flash, with the most violent Magestorms usually passing it by or efficiently blocked by magically-forged shields wrought by the finest of sorcerers. Springs are warm and sometimes wet, with fall being pleasantly cool, though as the year grows later the temperature drops, often bringing pristine white snow to blanket the streets.

Flora and Fauna

Common animals and plants are found easily in and around Union City grounds, though the more mystical and magical of animals are less common, more easily spotted in places such as the Velhatien Desert and BloodStone Marsh. This is not to say they are entirety absent or unwelcome, but simply more at home elsewhere were human presence is less abundant.

There are no rivers that pass through Union City, but underground springs and small ponds have been found, and fish imported to live in these reformed water areas. Fresh seafood is still somewhat of a delicacy and expensive, with the meat of farm animals, like sheep and cattle, being less so as such animals are easier to raise in the expansive grasslands that surround the city.



As in another cities and kingdoms, culture and tradition has its place in the daily life of every citizens, but in Union City, the ideal melting pot of diversity is heavily supported and spoken for. Different religions all have their own temples, the city always trying to find ways to compensate and compromise with its ever-growing and increasing population comprised of every race imaginable. Due to its wide variety of just about anything and everything, Union City is friendly to the most unusual and exotic of races. News from other land are always welcome and considered of vital importance, for it is Union City that watches over the whole of Genesaris.

  • Civilian Population: 18,750,000
  • Minors (Under 16): 4,125,000
  • Elderly (Over 60): 3,375,000
  • Male/Female Ratio: 49%/51%\\


Economic success has never been better. Shops and companies find great success and starting opportunities here, with employment through the roof (with a little jump in living expenses and taxes, of course.) Schools profit from generous government funding and donations of concerned parents, and the great tourism that flows daily through Union City also provide a comfortable cushion for everyone’s paychecks. The massive treasury, kept and guarded by several banks, has often been used to aid other cities not so comfortable in their own economy, with plenty kept in secret deposits to secure Union City in case of emergency situations.

Major Companies and Institutions

Parks and Recreation

Parks, taverns, and clubs are bountiful in Union City, providing tourists and citizens alike with much to do and see. Most tourists are interested in the shops, buying jewelry, exotic clothing, trinkets, and other souvenirs, along with visiting the taverns to dine on food imported from all over Genesaris and even from other, faraway lands.

Landmarks and monuments

Tamara’s Zoo and Conservation: This nature-focused, eastern area of trees and grass and a small wood has been transformed into a zoo, housing and securing animals from all over Genesaris. Imported from lands strange and far, everything from the striped horses of Kethlerin to the flaming firebirds of the Velhatien Desert can be found here for viewing, with some available for feeding and petting.

Crossroads Central

The primary mode of travel in Genesaris are through portals, or gateways, known as the Crossroads. Although most cities have at least one portal that offers a round trip, Union City provides five with roundtrips to the North, East, South, West, and within the midland to any city itself. Always open, the Crossroads emanate a soothing blue light from just outside the city gates, guarded by soldiers who ensure nothing dangerous gets out… or in.

Airship Base

Within the easternmost point of the city lies the largest airship base of Genesaris, with a total of thirty airships, plus one for each leader of the Council of Fifteen. This is to ensure their safety against assassination and therefore lower the risk of war from distrustful civilizations. Shaped to resemble jets, and airplanes to more abstract designs, all airships specialize in speed and endurance, and protected by the best guards in the city.


Regent: the Council of Fiftten, made up of three representative from the Great North, the Cold South, the Rising West, the Arcane East, and the Southern Swell.


Schools are easy to find in Union City, with about three major schools to choose from to send children before sending them off to one of two colleges – Imperia University or United Collegiate. Both are known for their focus on high education in an abundance of subjects, including the fine arts, engineering, and mathematics.


Roads and Highways: there are roads and highways for walking, biking, and horses.

Rails/Subways: an underground subway has been formed to ship men, women, and children all over Union City. It is a fast and affordable way to get from one point to another, especially when one who lives at one end of the city must get to the other end.

Horse cab: Horse cabs are common in Union City, especially for tourists who don’t wanto miss the sightseeing one would not see using the subway.

Private Airship: Small airships, the size of a bus or smaller, can sometimes be seen on the roads and highways transporting a rich man, woman, or well-to-do family. Airships are available only to the rich or for someone who saved up money for a long time.

Spellcycle: an equally expensive mode of travel are these magical, Exalta-powered motorbikes. Fast and sleek, these machines are stylish and are shipped to order from Joran City.

Notable Residents

The Council of Fifteen, which changes its members once every few years.


Built in the First Era, Union City began as a small trading village, smack dab in the center of Genesaris to encourage trade and relationships among the feuding Five Lands. When the Great North eventually conquered the South and grew lazy and indolent, resentful men and women took it among themselves to encourage the growth of the then-named Solas Village, gathering alliances and promises from the West, East, and wrecked South, with diplomatic threats of a massive civil war and the oaths that only a united Genesaris could stand against the threat of the North.

Solas Village, with the help of architect mages and sorcerers, became a city, and formed a council of twelve from the West, East, and two districts of the South. Together, they conferred with the North and eventually the North was made to retreat back to where they belonged – the northlands.

Today, the renamed Union City stands as the heart and strength of Genesaris, keeping the peace and untied the Five Lands into a single nation – Genesaris.


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