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Valjer City


"We will NEVER fall."


Valjer City

– done by Calmer. Thanks!

Long ago, when Valjer City was just a cold little hamlet, men and women gathered together in the biggest farmhouse they could build and cast a simple vote: To stay and brave the vicious winters or to retreat back north. The debate took most of the night. Many of the younger folk were adamant that the next winter would be the end of them, and for good reason. Others said that Valjer, the Dragon God of Survival for whom the tiny community was named after, would scorn them if they fled. As if the colds weren't enough, packs of diabolically intelligent white wolves made Valjer City their favorite hunting grounds, and townsfolk were losing children and elderly at an alarming rate. In the end, Bailey Valmer, the settlement's founder, proposed a compromise. With them he created the Deepdelve Pact, and the entire community began to dig.

It has been almost a generation since Valjer City rose to the surface again, with nearly a century's worth of sons and daughters well-armed and well trained to fight back against the harsh winter that had driven them underground for so many years. They've risen with a vengeance. In the first months the strongest men stormed out into the wilderness and began to slaughter the winter wolves, putting a dent in their population enough to pay them back for the deaths of their forefathers with significant interest. When they found horses, they then dragged herds back to act as their steeds, and soon enough they were one of the finest troupes of rangers as could be found on the continent. What the men lack in tradition they make up for in effort, and their victories have done leaps and bounds for the community they protect and feed.

Now Bailey Valmer the Fourth seeks to make his city a center for export. The forests to the south are ripe for logging, and Valjer City is in the perfect position to monopolize on it. The more wood they can move out, the more magic they can import. Valjer City is in for a boom and, once that boom hits, the possibilities are endless.

Or, at least so says Valjerian optimism.

Flag: A white wolf pierced dead with five black spears against a forest, against a gray flag.


Bailey Valmer the Fourth. He seeks to make his city as prosperous and strong as can be, and so far, he is well on his way to doing so. Highly respected, some say his entre lineage is blessed and respected by Valjer the Dragon God.

Prime Military: Wolfbane and Deepdelve Rangers

The vengeful people who first slew many of the wolves have only gotten stronger with time, and are not a wise choice to fight or provoke. They continue to patrol the city and its outskirts, slaying any and all threats. Whether on foot or mounted on horses, they are tough, courageous, and ruthless.

Citywide Landmarks

Bailey Valmer Farmhouse

This is the first and largest farmhouse ever built, in which the Deepdelve Pact was proposed and formed. To this day it still stands strong and sturdy, having braved the harsh winds of the cruelest winters and attacks by ravenous wolves. Community meetings are still held here, and it is a place of respect and reverence, holding much history and, indeed, the survival of the city itself.

The Deepdelve

Near the Farmhouse lies a hole, covered and surrounded by stone and a wooden trapdoor. Years ago the Valjerian citizens dug far and deep, forming a community underground and living there until they grey strong enough to kill the wolves that had hounded and tormented them for so long. It has not been visited for a long time now, and most have forgotten how deep it has gone or what may lie there forgotten. Makred with a statue of Valjer the Dragon God, it remains as a sort of historical monument and remains in case it is ever needed again.

Other Stats


5500 (2000 adults, 3000 children and youths, 500 elderly)


Three (3) companies of Thirty (30) guardsmen on daily rotation.

One (1) company of One Hundred (100) horse-mounted rangers.

Four (4) Cryomancers

Eight (8) Geomancers

Maximum levy of Nine Hundred (900) able bodied citizen-warriors.


Wooden wall

Seasonal Weather

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