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The Hummingbird
  • "Imbibe."


A Western Delight: Lanternway City

Regent: Reginald Yelfert, a simple politician

Flag: Lanternway’s flag consists of a black background a white sun, sending illuminating rays in twelve directions.

Contact: The Hummingbird

Unlike many parts of Genesaris, Lanternway has come to appreciate the finer parts of life, choosing to step back from all consuming competitions and imperialistic conquests so that they may focus on more ‘indulgent activities’. Like many other parts of Genesaris, Lanternway boasts wide stretches of beautiful country, which they use to grow thousands of acres of grapevines, producing the Genesaris’ largest supply of wine. Many residents consider themselves ‘elite wine tasters’, and will look down upon others who challenge their authority on flavor, body, and quality.

In addition to the wineries, much of the alcohol produced is distributed among their many taverns and bars, where passing adventurers come by to put up their feet, enjoy quality drinks, and listen to the never-ending supply of rumors and legends. Given the rather liberal atmosphere, it should come as no surprise that many of the locals partake in Talthanus’ infamous weed, though their consumption pales in comparison. However, due to similar ideals (appreciation of art and culture, peace over war, recreational substances), Talthanus and Lanternway enjoy a very amicable relationship, trading goods back and forth- mainly, Talthanus sharing their product in exchange for most other ordinary goods that their people cannot be bothered to producing on their own.



Nestled in a large clearing surrounded by trees and brushes, Laternway is protected by considerable rolling hills and mountains that lie pleasantly calm and slightly cold to the wintry east. The same protection rises to the north of the city, giving much of the cityscape an open-mouthed valley-like appearance. The sacrifice for this considerable protection, however, is open, easily accessible spaces to the west. If Talthanus ever rose up against them, Lanternway would be in serious jeopardy. However, the two cities have a close and friendly relationship, and so the risk is fairly low. Apart from Talthanus, Lanternway would be fairly isolated due to the nearby mountains and hills overlooking their city. However, there are many roads and paths leading to and from the city proper, carving snaking, winding highways through the mountains.

Many locals have forgotten their namesake, but the setting sun once lit many paths leading from Lanternway to many other parts of Genesaris, hence the name Lanternway- their city lit the paths to many cities beyond. This is an old and ancient city, with honors that have, unfortunately, been long forgotten in favor of more modern day enjoyments.


Lanternway is beautiful in its modern-day architecture, allotting enough space for trees and other vegetation found all over the city. Streets and bridges lead the way to many marketplaces and the famous wineries Lanternway is known for, with taverns and restaurants aplenty for the weary traveler to rest his feet and fill his belly at. Art - tapestries and paintings, murals and statues – are commonplace in the city, adding a feeling of artistic pride and sophistication to the city grounds. Villas and tower-like constructs can be seen on the outskirts of Lanternway, serving as farmlands, vacation houses, and inns.


The nearby mountain range guards Lanternway from northern storms and unpredictable weather. To the east, however, winter storms and hurricanes are not entirely unheard of. A magical shield, constructed many years back, protects Lanternway from the worst of it, preserving the precious plantlife and grapevines that the city cherishes so much. It has, however, known snow in the deep winter and rainfall in the autumn and spring; therefore, harvesting is done mostly in the warm summer when vegetation is most likely least threatened by the weather.

Flora and Fauna

Like all of Genesaris, the grounds of Laternway share many common animals and plants with earth. The deadly, white wolves of the Cold South do sometimes make their way into the outskirts of the city, but are often quickly driven off by city guard and soldiers. During the summer, birds and butterflies are commonly seen, lending song and color and a sense of romance to the city. Vegetation, especially grapevines, are grown in plenty around the city, which values nature as their prime source of income. Varieties of grapes found nowhere else are grown here, valued for their sweet, fruity, varying tastes that lend themselves to the most delicious of wines.



Due to its isolation, Lanternway is wary of strangers, but are happy to accomodate them since most of their income depends on the outer cities and lands that demand their wine for imbibing. They are always eager for news of the midlands and father lands of the Great North and Arcane East.

Religion is of least concern to the populace, with the most common inevitably being naturalism and easygoing spiritualism. The people live with a “live and let live” attitude, and are unwarlike and peaceful. Education is casual at best, teaching reading, writing, and some math and history, but little else, leaving higher schooling to the discretion of the individual.

Civilian Population: 120,000

  • Minors (Under 16): 25,000
  • Elderly (Over 60): 24,000
  • Male/Female Ratio: 47.4%/52.6%


Laternway would be poor if it wasn’t for their wineries. As it is, grapes and fruits rare to nonexistent anywhere else grow here and in the mountains overlooking the city. These fruits, as well as herbs and other vegetation, are in high demand across the Genesar nation. Money flows inward from the many cities, villages, and towns for Lanternway’s wine. Income slows during the winter months, but the city is careful to keep a lofty treasury for emergencies.

Major Companies and Institutions

Fruited Gem’s Winery: The largest of perhaps a dozen wineries, this vineyard is said to produce nearly 1/3 of all the wine drank in Genesaris. Known for having some of the best plots of land, they produce a great deal of fruit, which then in turn is processed into wine. Able to afford the price of some great distillers, they continue to produce some of the highest quality drinks available on the market. Their vineyards are regularly open for touring and winetasting, as they take pride in showing off their lands. They sell their drinks in many flavors, each falling into one of four grades- G(Good), S(Superb), E(Excellent), and P(Perfect), in that order.

Oakheart WInery: The largest, richest winery in all of Genesaris lies here, abundant in rare grapes and constantly churning out the finest of wines and fruity beverages. Those who work here are masters of taste and combinations of flavors to bring out the best in just about everything… especially wine. The only downside is that Oakheart Wines are “hella expensive”.

Spirits Farms: Champagnes, spirits, vodka, rum and beer are produced here, in separation of the fine wines of Oakheart and other wineries. Though their drinks are not as popular as good wine, Spirits Farms is in no danger of going out of business. They are the only ones in Lanternway producing anything other than water and wine.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and pools for swimming are so plentiful in Lanternway that most don’t really have official names.

Landmarks and monuments

Revelry’s Square

Rumored to host no less than three dozen bars and taverns, the entire city center is comprised of establishments serving local wines and other alcoholic beverages. Those closer to the outside of the square are oriented towards passing adventurers and gruff types, while those falling closer to the very center are more artistically inspired and feature many who come to drink wine, hold intellectual discussions and read bad poetry.

Yum Janus Tavern: a famous tavern that lies in nearly every large city of Genesaris, the Yum Janus Tavern is shaped like a large cross, with one side devoted to a casual setting while the other half is devoted to the formal and grandiose. With rooms and music and exceptional service, the Yum Janus tavern is, while quite popular still among one of many establishments willing to offer room and board for visitors and guests.

Lanternway Sky Services: Lanternway’s airship base is small, but specializes in fast and agile airships that ship their wines to faraway places. The engineers here are less concerned with heavy weaponry and firearms than they are with keeping their airships fast and sleek enough to outrace any aggressive and hostile aircraft.


Agency Overview

Regent: Reginald Yelfert, a simple politician


More interested in fine arts, wine, and conversation, the city hosts no actual military of their own. They instead rely on a small group of mercenaries and deputies hired out by a sheriff appointed by the Mayor (Typically, he serves as long as he wishes, assuming they are not fired). Saint Desolates or the Western Capital gives any military assistance they may require- given their peaceful nature (though not as pacifistic as Talthanus), they rarely require help, except for perhaps when the North decides to go pick on other parts of the continent again.

City Guard Total: 70 (Deputies)

  • High Ranking Officers: 1 (Sheriff)
  • Jail Workers: 4
  • Capital Guards: 3
  • Special Assignments Officers: 0

Military: Typically none. Occasional stints of a couple hundred at a time may occur.

  • Territory Coverage: About 150mi Radius
  • Estimated Number of Forts (Contains a brigade): 1 (Maximum of one company)
  • Troops able to defend city within 1 day: 100-250
  • Time to gather entire army: 1 day.

These numbers do not account for mercenaries, assassins, or Edgemasters who might work within the city. These numbers fluctuate on a daily basis and cannot be accurately counted due to government secrecy.


Lanternway has small private schools for its children and adolescents, but these schools provide only the bare minimal of higher education. Engineers and mathematicians come from other cities to work on the very few airships the city owns, and the rest work mostly on wine and small architecture.


Roads and Highways: Most roads and highways are meant for walking with wider paths used for horses and carriages. Roads leading out of the Lanternway eventually lead to the cities lying across the Genesar Nation.

Notable Residents

Reginald Yelfert, a simple politician, easygoing mayor of Lanternway.



Will you fill this?


Lanternway is an old city, most of its historical lore lost to time. It has been the marker for travelers wanting to the see the Southern Sea and inhospitable regions of the Cold South.

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