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Coconino Creek - Obsolete 2018-03-20



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Creek is a misnomer. It's more like Coconino Creeks and Rivers Network with Some Ponds and Waterfalls. Nevertheless, the most recent people to discover Coconino Marsh found the wetlands by following a system of humble creeks upstream. Little did they know, all the creeks flow into an expansive river, which in turn feeds into the South Sea. After discovering the remnants of the Coconino tribe, and seeing similar totems found in the Marsh throughout the Creek, HERB (the Historical and Ecological Research Branch) named the whole system after the same people.

Coconino Creek flows not only from Coconino Marsh, but from several ponds to the east and southwest, some located in Ignatz. There's also some delightful, humble waterfalls here and there. It connects multiple villages and various towns, as well as the two capital cities of Ignatz and Casper. Since it services so many places, there's always a lot going on, and the otherwise calm creeks are swarmed with merchants, small vessels, fishermen and kids on their swanky little pedal boats.

Unfortunately it shares some issues with Coconino Marsh, and some of the water it provides to Terran citizens is tainted. The water filtration industry has been booming for the past two years because of this problem, and HERB is currently investigating the wetlands.

A fishermen's myth has it that swimming up and down Coconino Creek is a queer creature, a magical carp with scales of gold. Legend has it that during the Gaian Crusades, people who did not convert threw all of their coin into the Coconino Creek, hoping the spirit of the stream would help them. Out of the depths splashed a golden magic carp, and it granted their wish; as they tried to catch it, Coconino Creek flooded and they were washed into the South Sea, only to wash up in what became Last Chance.

If anyone throws away all of their livelihood in the name of repentance and prays for mercy, if their heart is as golden as their words, the magic carp will splash forth and grant their wish. Kinda. Many have tried to selfishly catch the magic carp out of greed, but they are rarely heard from again.


Adventure or Bust: An unknown traveler wanders into the Coconino Creek and gives everything he has to the river, joining with the golden carp and removing him from the creek. It is rumored that that man became Blairville's regent in 26 AO, going by the name Induo Katamus.

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