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Haunted Glen - Obsolete 3018-03-21


Rolled into Ponkapoag Lake

Without the use of literary hyperbole, the haunted glen is a place where nightmares come true and abject fears manifest. The glen in its entirety, with no discernable point of origin, is a fount of ectoplasmic and parametric energy. The atmosphere itself reacts actively to the resonant energies of sentient entities, resulting in internally manifested and externally projected mass delusions of paranoia with schizophrenic tendencies.

These perversions of reality can be subtle but terrifying. Shadows move of their own volition and take awkward shapes, but only when they aren't in direct line of sight. Sounds come into being without cause. Owls hoot and red dots float in the darkness of their own volition; the trees rustle and move when there is no wind; voices call from the darkness. Those that are particularly sensitive to the spiritual will find themselves afflicted with more personal manifestations. Seeing the ghost of a loved one tortured for all eternity is not an uncommon delusion.

In certain spots of the surprisingly expansive glen, the membrane between our realm and what some theological systems refer to as 'the spirit realm' is thin. In this area necromancy finds a particular boon, as do ghosts and those of pneumatological origin. This overlap also increases the frequency of such anomalous events as the possession of trees and animals, mutations in native flora and fauna, and forced synesthesia.

In all one is left balancing the perpetual sense of being hunted with the sober realization that as much as it could be artificial paranoia, it could be legitimate concern.



  1. A dire housewarming: House of Choisel, a coven of vampires, establishes it's headquarters in the Haunted Glen.
  2. In spirit: Members of the vigilante group Justice act on information regarding the Ghost Pouch artifact, which leads them to the heart of the Haunted Glen. Once there, Justice infiltrates a spooky mansion, claims the artifact, gets stuck in, and consequently breaks out of, an illusion-loop, and manages to trap the creator of the loop in an oubliette, the location of which is known only to Justice. Justice leaves the Glen with artifact in hand.
  3. Haunted Promenade: The Ghost Pouch, once found in this Glen, has been procured. With the pouch gone, the strange aura of unearthly presence seems lighter. Sightings of spirits have diminished noticeably. Strange occurrences, such as the disappearances of local villagers, have lessened but not stopped completely.
  4. Striking the heart - The Haunted Glen: Armin, with the Rod of Peter the Dark in hand, arrives at the Haunted Glen at nightfall and meets with a demon by the name of Blind-One. Together, they summon an army of undead and make war against bands of possessed gargoyles and, after defeating them, Armin finishes amassing a small army (2,284 unnaturals, including 7 gargoyles and one Iselyrian ombra).

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