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Hell's Gate - Retired 2016-02-15


Town: Hell's Gate
Regent: Dr. Eustace Monroe -- James P. Scott
Contact: Praetorian
Type: Technological Center.
Population: Culturally diverse with a predominance of humans, gnomes, halflings, dwarves and the occasional Drow.

-- 20,000 soldiers, trained by the military and assigned from all across Terrenus.
-- 20,000 Enforcers. The local police are a structured militia, for all intents and purposes. Since they are made up primarily of the citizens, as opposed to having been assigned by the military, the police are more likely to be corrupt.
-- 12,000 Wastelands Border Patrol. Hell's Gate is their headquarters.
-- PeaceKeeper: Cody Volsung



Title: Enforcer

Height: 6’ to 8’

Weight: 250lbs to 450lbs

Primary Magic: Force Canon. A concetrated beam of light that produces a powerful concussive force capable of puncturing steel, crushing walls, and throwing people hundreds of yards

Secondary Magic: Earth Bending

Primary Weapon: Resonance Swords/Maces/Axes/Knives

Secondary Weapon: Sonic Cannon.

Armor: Power Armor

Additional Equipment: Comms and surveillance equipment

Specialty Training: Power Armor Training


  1. Dr. Monroe's Lab is the mansion of the last lordship of Hell's Gate, back in the archaic and decidedly unenlightened times when the city had served as a king's homestead. Monroe's lab is a retrofitted castle, a veritable fortress with mechanical arms ranging from heavy-duty to precision, an inner sanctum home to all manner of chemicals and substances, and with every other room either a test room, a lab, or sleeping quarters. As of fall of last year, Monroe's lab has also become an academic ground.
  2. The Weary Orc: This is the default tavern and inn, acting as the generic meeting spot between characters whose players are too lazy or timid to make up their own.
  3. The Slipstick River: Giorgio Slipstick, a natural philosopher and geomantic engineer, designed and implemented the Slipstick River in the final year of his life, as if to show all the gods that man had no limits. Despite Hell's Gate bordering the Wastelands, this magi-tek driven river remains cool and clean, constantly recycling itself.
  4. Airship Docks: Technological marvel that it is, it should come as no surprise that for what little air traffic there can be found in Terrenus, Hell's Gate houses the largest, most popular and most secure air docks. There are three primary docks for enterprise vessels, and a slew of smaller ones for private vessels.
  5. The Archaeology Laboratory: Dedicated to research in both anthropological archaeology and physical biological anthropology. Within the labs are spaces for the investigation of ceramics, lithics, spatial archaeology (GIS), zooarchaeology, and forensic anthropology. Recently there has been the addition of a small cryptozoological department. The laboratories maintain collections related to local Terrenus archaeology, as well as comparative vertebrate osteology and taphonomic specimens. The laboratories are overseen by the major of Hell’s Gate, CEO Dr. Eustace Monroe, and current operatives [ABBR abbr=A bright new face on the scene who some say came upon the opportunity through sheer luck]Dr.S.A.Eitan, Dr.Judith Zillerman, Dr.Heinrich Strieger and Dr.Sven.D. Hutchkins.


To read about quests, click here go to Terrenus Quest Index and use your browser's Find feature, or just scroll, to find the specific town. These quests can be taken up by anyone.


  1. A sell sword selling his sword(quest) - For some time now rats have been a problem in certain parts of Hell's Gate, but recently the rats have gone from nuisance to legitimate threat as they have been seen swarming and attacking citizens. Elijah, retired Wastelands Border Patrol, found that the source of the rats mysterious aggression was some manner of mutant rat-man. Eijah then acted out his role as pest-control.
  2. To Kill A Mockingbird, Pt. 1: Unknown personnel infiltrate Dr. Monroe's manor in the wake of the Docking Station explosion. Research on pheromones as well as the student conducting the research has gone missing. This is the second kidnapping, including that of one Eustace Monroe, to happen on the manors ground within 48 hours.
  3. Hell is Within You: A star labelled "Ggatho" rises, and one of the resident astronomers brings with it ill tidings and has, in some manner, unleashed [ABBR abbr=Infected is afflicted with a lethal chill, skin turning white and gleaming, before becoming stiff and dying. This happens in a matter of minutes.]the White Death (hover) upon the western quadrant of the city.
  4. Quarantine: During a quarantine, an unknown group of assailants make their way onto one of Hell's Gate's three primary airdocks by inciting a riot and using this as a diversion to sneak into the dock's power control center and blow it up from the inside.


  1. The language in which the once-small town was originally named, the language of the settling tribal pilgrims, loosely translated to The Gates Before the Inferno. It was only after the Republic fell, in approximately 853 BG, that the town was renamed into Hell's Gate.
    Hell's Gate straddles the line between the greater lands of Terrenus and the Wastelands, sheddling light on the name's etymology. All to the north and east lies the inhospitable stretch of desert that makes up nearly a quarter of the Terran continent and which, oddly enough, houses the Shawnee Glacier. To the south and west stretches hundreds upon hundreds of miles of unbroken savanna and plains land. To the far south is the Great Pine Barrens, the largest forest in Terrenus.

North: ~1300 miles to center (not peak) of Dead Peaks.
North-East: ~850 miles to heart of High Desert.
East: ~650 miles to Forbidding Hills.
South-East: ~1000 miles to Dark Forest.
South: ~650 miles to Black Range.
South-West: ~650 miles Langley Keep.
West: ~1700 miles to Blaurg Mountain.
North-West: ~1900 to heart of Coconino Marsh.

Stepping within the city limits of Hell's Gate, one feels the full weight of Terran brilliance bearing down upon viciously from every angle. The architecture is unlike any other in the whole of Terrenus. The buildings reach to dizzying heights. Eustace Monroe, civil engineer before becoming mayor of Hell's Gate, has been quoted as saying that "if I see Gaia in anything, I see her in nature, as much in the elegant mathematics of a flower as in the intrepid manner that all life, and even life-less forms, seek to defy their chains. So as the storm rages and the lightning cracks, so as the waves swell and drown the lands, so as the fire blazes and consumes all, so as the mountains reach for the heavens I tell you that man is more audacious yet!"

All faults have been sewn and modified by Gaian Engineers, removing virtually any threat of earthquakes. The bases of the buildings are modeled after massive trees, with myriad roots reaching down deep and anchoring the buildings against buffeting winds. And the buildings themselves are truly massive. Several of these are 'micro-cities, internally self-sufficient and capable of being completely isolated from the rest of Terrenus. For now the micro-cities are built with educational entertainment and leisure in mind.

Hell's Gate's ambient temperature was originally to the point that only intelligent and semi-intelligent natives to the Wastelands were capable of settling. A massive underground aquifer fed by various channels from a water source far west was the city's only source of water. In the flourish of knowledge and magi-technology since, Hell's Gate ambient temperature is, at its worst, tropical and an artificial river running through its direct center is used for trade and washing but kept clean enough by internal purifiers to drink out of.


Some say that Last Chance is the home of all criminals; Hell's Gate says that our criminals are so crafty that they get paid for their crimes. Some say that Biazo is a haven for decadence; Hell's Gate asks, can there be a level of indulgence above that which scientists undertake every day, probing into the deeper mysteries of God?

Hell's Gate is the Research & Development center of the whole of Terrenus. Habitation in Hell's Gate is not exclusive to the greatest minds that the nation has to offer, but engineers, analysts, and logicians are among the brainier bunch and they can be found almost exclusively in this futuristic city.

Technology in Terrenus is unlike technology in the rest of the known world of Valucre, and conflicts even with the electricity based technology to be found in those strange realms outside of Valucre's physical scope.

Technology in Terrenus can be defined by more abstract "knowledge" than it can by material components, which is why it is magi-tek. A refinement of technology, then, comes from a better understanding of magic as opposed to an addition or subtraction of physical components to a machine, which is merely used as a conduit for the magic anyway.

Dr. Eustace Monroe is the model citizen of Hell's Gate. His ultimate search is one for knowledge. In his search for Truth, Monroe has sacrified trust, love, integrity, pride, friendship, and innocence and he shows no signs of slowing. The man is warm, amiable, charming, and distinctly intelligent but, if around the man at certain times of crisis, one wonders to oneself if the man has any limitations. Any boundaries that he wouldn't cross in his infernal quest.

Hell's Gate is the locus of the scientific progress and technological revolution.


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