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Palgard - Retired 2015-07-12



Credit to KB

Town: New Palgard

Regent: Melissa Greybury

Type: Port / Industrial / Militarized

Population: Approximately 25, 000


The security forces of Palgard are jointly comprised of municipal police and members of Terrenus' army. As such, the city has different levels of protection for different threats. For common crime suppression and maintaining order regular guardsmen are used. In times of tension military forces are cycled through patrols. In the case of actual invasion the city is put into a state of martial law, overseen by military forces entirely.


  1. Odin Haze Monument: A massive stone effigy carved by advanced geomancers in the likeness of the Saint-King of Terrenus. Physical contact with the statue has been known to cure a few diseases, including blindness, deafness, a few forms of physical disability, as well as exorcise possessions.
  2. Bell Tower: The Bell Tower has been brought down by a group of terrorists. A massive and multi-tiered tower from which depend a wide array of bells. The bell tower plays hauntingly beautiful music to announce the change of the seasons, as well as announce grand city events. It is rumored that a hunchback resides in the bell tower, and it is he that brings the city to life with his music.
  3. Life Preserve: A large tract of land taken from the Great Pine Barrens nearby Palgard are used as a free-range for a wide variety of domesticated plant and animal life.


To read about quests, click here go to Terrenus Quest Index and use your browser's Find feature, or just scroll, to find the specific town. These quests can be taken up by anyone.


  1. Toppling a Tyrant: A group of adventurers toppled down a tyrant ruling over a small town near Palgard city. They assassinated the tyrant, rallied the people, then led an assault to defeat the bandit forces, routing them. The town is free at last.
  2. Attack on Palgard's Belltower: A regal party is interrupted by a terrorist attack that razes Palgard's bell tower, silencing its once haunting carillon. The attack provokes the local government and foments rebellion. Lynching riots between the poor and the rich are an increasing occurrence (Generates new quest: Stop the riots)
  3. Life Can Be A Witch: The Sisterhood of Witches, after finding their magic going haywire in No Man's Land, stumbles across and puts a stop to an orc horde burning witches alive in a bon fire. After defusing the source of the arcane conflict the SoW claim No Man's Land, the orcs and their fortress for their own.
  4. Derailed Palgard: Terrorists boarded and destroyed the Lightning Rail and train in Palgard, and detonated an explosive in a crowded area. Major trade is disrupted in Palgard, resulting in chaos.
  5. Witches Be Crazy: The Sisterhood of Witches manage to end the Orc War, though are unable to salvage the orc fortress, which was one of their primary goals.
  6. Once in ruins, Palgard is now renovated (23 AO).
  7. The End of Power: For reasons unknown Roku disappears and abdicates his throne.
  8. F*ck You Roku!: A noble contracts two bag-men to clean up a mess that goes by the name of Roku.
  9. This Is MY Land: Roku takes Palgard by storm. They say he is a demon, spat straight from the bowels of hell. They say that the destruction he laid against the town was an act of vengeance, of justice perhaps, but bloody no matter the motivation.


Palgard is one of the largest port cities in Terrenus and is split in two distinct regions which are connected to one another via a system of bridges and railways; Old Palgard and New Palgard. Both regions are ruled over by the child Queen, Melissa Greybury.

While Old Palgard had been obliterated by its previous ruler, Melissa Greybury returned to the city and simultaneously began to renovate the old ruins while constructing New Palgard. Today, the ruins are a popular attraction for tourists and help to generate the funds required for the massive reconstruction efforts of Missy. Two of its most notable attractions are the Palace of Palgard, where Missy resides, and the Orphanage. Both buildings have been renovated to their original splendor. Because of the design of the regions, Missy is quite capable of viewing the entirety of her sprawling city from the comfort of the Palace.

Tourists and residents alike can make the short trip from Old Palgard into New Palgard via the inner-city railways that cross the bridges connecting the two regions. Immediately apparent upon entering the region of New Palgard is the manner in which the region is designed. The center of New Palgard plays host to the city's marketplace, serving as the region's hubbub of activity - the axis of the wheel. It is here, too, that a construction crew works diligently on a project deigned to them by Missy. What lies behind the area corded off and guarded by Terran military is known only to those working on the project and the Queen who deigned it to them.

Leading away from the center are the spokes of the wheel; a veritable network of roads and streets all connecting to one another in a web-like pattern that surrounds the region.


New Palgard as it is often referred to is a city emergent from the ashes of an inglorious and bloodied ruin. Old Palgard was originally formed as a roadside resting place and forestry camp that fed raw supplies up the Ponkapoag River to Tia. Over time it grew into a city that attracted and accepted all races. After a coup, Old Palgard was set on the path to destruction by its' usurper. With the death of the tyrant came the obliteration of Old Palgard, making way for the city to be rebuilt further south.

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