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Terrenus: Notable Military




Yet another marvel of ingenuity, countless earthen structures float high in the stratosphere in natural orbit around Valucre, specifically focused on Terrenus. The satellites are little more than giant rocks with divination matrices interlaced over various complicated tracks of runic algorithms and crystal focal points. Despite the generally simple make, the satellites are able to provide a wide array of complex information.

There are a total of 15 satellites in Terran atmosphere, one large satellite for each of the 12 main cities and an additional 3 smaller satellites for roving intelligence. Although the satellites can be moved and aimed at different parts of the nation, for the most part the 12 major satellites focus primarily on the city itself and the immediate surrounding area.

Direct Connection: Odin, and those with sufficient clearance and access to the appropriate technology in Central are able to "plug in" and receive first-hand information from the satellite's divination matrices. A sub-program written by Somnus allows for powerful, intuitive interaction with the satellite's interface. Information is also capable of being streamed into a semi-sentient, touch sensitive fungus for conference projections. If one accepts a degradation of resolution, the images can also be projected onto any other medium.

Sight Cycle: The satellite have a wide range of sight and are capable of cycling through various optical feeds. This allows the satellites to perceive magic, psionic waves, pierce through illusions, and even see through the more mundane but intensely useful electromagnetic spectrum; as such, they are capable of seeing even underground. The divination matrices have a standing order to identify any illegal teleportation occurring in Terrenus.

Solar Battery: Inspired by watching one of his faithful paladins in combat, Odin has implemented that being's method of obtaining energy into his satellites. While they loft high in the sky, the satellites are constantly gathering and storing energy into a Solarbenite core. Solarbenite harvests an insane amount of the sun's energy, and the satellite can release this pent up energy in a non-elemental ray or beam.

Spell Filters: Within the satellite's infrastructure are a multitude of discs of different colors. These lenses, when placed over the aperture by which the beam can shoot through infuse said beam with any number of magical attributes. Though there has been no occasion that caused for a merger of lenses, that they are capable of being combined is certain.

Missiles & ExplosivesThe Gladius belongs to class of armaments known as 'Precision Guided Extended Range Artillery Projectiles'. A rune located near the missile's tip with a hollow crystal eye filled with mercury acts as its primary homing method, allowing it to lock onto a specific object with a great deal of accuracy. Initial information that is usually fed into Gladius originates from Central. The Gladius comes equipped with a dual-payload and has the precision to hit a selected 10-meter-wide area after a flight of over 25 miles. Initial thrust is provided by Impulse.

Arc of Lightning: Static fills the air around the targeted area when this spell takes effect. This spells creates a magical conductivity between two areas, the target and the missile and a barrage of lightning bolts originate from the missile to strike the targeted area with uncanny accuracy and enough heat to liquefy lead.

Mana Payload: Once the Gladius comes into contact with ground, a multitude of gossamer threads 'inject' directly into the ground, seeking out surrounding ley-lines and quickly sucking up as much energy as possible. Either timed or remote detonated, the consequent explosion is impressive.

The Javelin is a piercing weapon and, as such, one could only expect the following function of this weapon. The Javelin is a precision weapon and consequently it is not as outright destructive such as the Gladius. The Javelin is meant to eliminate defenses and open up an avenue for the Gladius or military personnel.

Contact Dispel: Known as Greater Dispel by most Mages, when the Javelin contacts the desired target or pierces through a material defense it releases this effect. The Greater Dispel blossoms like a dome over a desired area (10x10 yards) and generates a temporary magical disjunction, disenchanting magical items and armor while breaking most forms of magical defense

Backlash: Done in almost rapid succession to the Contact Dispel a red globe of energy shimmers into being e before fading away just as quickly. Those that can cast magic find their spells being flung back at them with exacting precision and equal strength. It can let spells in but not out.

Surface to Air Missiles (S.A.M): Ready made and hidden within the abyssal confines of the earth's depths, they lie in wait to be catapulted into any designated airborne target. A single thought, the pathway is cleared, and the sharp, fullerine missiles are more than capable of utter destruction; harder than diamond. It is important to note that SAM's are little more than sharp, dense rocks expertly manipulated and on occasion created by a local geomancer.

Mana Mines: Formidable pockets of mana forcibly made inert through hours of trial and error, held in place by a film wrapped around the globules of energy. Upon a command, however, the circles dissolve and leave the volatile mass of power and unleash dire consequence on any hapless foe that would step into its circumference.


Exoskeleton: These marvels Terran ingenuity seem to be near perfect machines of war. They come equipped with a neuron-pulse interpreter, so the soldier and the construct move as one. A magical synaptic overlay allows the soldier to earth-bend with greater breadth and power. This is combined with a sweeping leyline connection and supplements raw energy into the soldiers system, ceasing the need for external sustenance and oxygen. The spiky exterior provides for a well-rounded defense and the Exoskeleton comes fully equipped with 3 ready-made spell-spheres which contain 3 different spell effects.


Composition: Ultra Hard Fullerene.

Attack Vector: Non-linear.

Power Source(s): Mana Battery. Sweeping Leyline Connection.

Spell Spheres: 1. Backlash

2. Dispel

3. Lucent Lance

Praetor Vita Statues: A house for the souls of the departed. If an individual is trusted enough by the highest members of Gaian clergy, he or she may request to be implanted into a Vita statue. The Praeter statues are guardians of the temples and the altars, the law being that the souls are bereft of movement without proper cause. However, the privilege of protecting Terrenus in the afterlife is more than enough for these honorable beings.


Composition: Impulse forged iron. [ Different shades make up each section of the figurine. ]

Movement: A Praeter's movement is based in earth bending, which includes the manipulation of iron.

Power Source: The soul.

Height: Ten feet.

Weight: Three hundred and fifty pounds.

Physique: Tall, and thin.


Terra Blades: Twin swords confined within the length of the Prater's sleeves. Each sword is seven feet long, including the hilt, which makes up one foot and a half of the whole thing. [iron]

Earth Bending: These statues retain the ability to earth bend at impressive levels.

Minor Abjuration: The statues are equipped with two built-in spell spheres. One of them allows for the creation of an anti-magic impulse, and the other allows for an anti-psionics field.

Terra Dreadnaughts: These monolithic machines are forged by a collective of Gaians and takes nearly a month to complete, even with their skill in manipulation. They are stored within underground hampers and emerge on the battle field suddenly, with the element of surprise. The tanks are operated by 4 soldiers at all times, 1 for guidance, 1 for assault, and 2 for movement and defense. The interior is one-way transparent, allowing the soldiers to see the environment in a 360 degree circumference while an outsider sees only the onyx plating.


Composition: Ultra Hard Fullerene.

Attack Vector: Omni-directional.

Power Source(s): Mana Battery. Sweeping Leyline Connection.

Offensive: 1. Concentrated Energy Beam.

2. Conventional Missile – Diamond Density; Ultra-fine (Piercing).

Model: GL-17RX

Anti-Magic Grenades: Upon explosion, the grenade generates a 10X10 meter disjunctive field that temporarily disallows the use of any magic; the golems themselves are immune to this as their power source is complete closed-circuit and doesn’t come into proper contact with the field.

Anti-Psion Grenades: Upon explosion, the grenade generates a 10X10 meter field of psychic static that temporarily negates psionic use. From the perspective of a psion or any practitioner of the mental arts, sounds as if is filled with a dissonant hum and feels as if one’s head is underwater.

Crossbow Beams The right arm of the golem is not shaped like a crossbow merely for aesthetics; at their whim or the command of their unit leader, the right arm engages in a concentrated draw of light and energy around them, focuses it into a bolt, which is then fired at a target. The resultant beams are not to be mistaken for lasers and cannot be reflected, but will either pierce through a target or explode on contact.

Hive-Mind: The GL-17RX model knows no fear, only caution; knows no pain, only abeyance. Among their ranks, there is no such thing as dissent or argument, there is only precise communication. There are entire races of beings that are bred for war; the difference between them and the GL-17RX models is that the models are made for war. From the moment their mission begins to the moment their mission ends, failure is simply and unequivocally not an option.

Mana Reactor: Most mana batteries work as a function of simply drawing in ambient energy and storing or circulating it through a device; the GL-17RX mana battery is different. At its inception, the dual-core battery introduced to various super-charged auranite crystals; above and beyond that, the inside is peppered with modules crammed full of volatile energy that is gently eased throughout the body of the model. This allows for 6 months of continuous function.

Optical Filters: Akin to the satellites, though taking a far less militant stance, the GL-17RX models are capable of perceiving a number of different visual feeds including, but not limited to: x-ray, thermal, arcane, motion, and planar.

Cyclopia Beam: There is a slight channel that leads from the dual-battery core up to the golem’s eyes which collects residual energies from the core and gathers it up; a fully charged channel will allow for 3 concussive blasts.



[Cannot be NPC'd]

Flowing Postern: In the form of a cape, found upon the back of the PeaceKeepers, the flowing postern is known better as a 'portable gate'; this allows the PeaceKeepers the ability to hold a number of weapons and even temporarily detain criminals.

Paranormal Sight: Easily comparable to the Arcane Sight that most mages, spell-casters, and various others seem to have the ability to purport. This allows the PK's to tell where magic is stemming from, how strong it is, and what basic school of magic it comes from. The scope is capable of applying different filters for sight, allowing for a wide range of visibility.

Advanced Cryptanalysis: When the PeaceKeepers allow their optical feed to focus on a specific spell or spell-like effect, they are capable of completely breaking down the basic components that make up the spell and tracing back the steps required to perform it. This offers them a working understanding of said spell.

Planar Awareness: The PeaceKeepers, through ways unknown though it is theorized that this is done by way of the satellites, are capable of pinpointing locations that show superfluous planar activity. This involves an abundance of teleportation (the gates are monitored very closely) or unauthorized planar travel.

Powered Armor: Akin to various others method of defense that Terrenus is known for, the PeaceKeeper armor has an internal eldritch battery and a sweeping ley-line connection that allows for a number of things. Among this is the ability to directly infuse arcane energy into bodily cells to allow for an increase in speed, strength, and reflexes.

Camouflage: When activated, the armor immediately begins to bend light around it to allow for invisibility to visible perception. Beyond this, the armor also allows for superlative manipulation of residual body heat, meaning that thermographic imaging is also rendered useless. The armor acts as a closed magical system, rendering it invisible to most methods of arcane sight as well.

Satellite Uplink: Much like Odin's own connection to the satellites, this uplink warrants the PeaceKeepers the ability to commence wide-area visual sweeps of certain locals, magnification for more specific visual conformation and, in cases of extreme duress, direct connection to the satellites offensive capabilities.

Spell-Board (Left): Once the PeaceKeepers gain a working and functional understanding of a spell, or if they are able to call one back from memory, they can now enter the varying components onto the plating of their left limb, which can form into a spell-keyboard. This allows them to replicate, refurbish, and recreate spells.

Arcane Aperture: Once the directions on the Spell-Board reach fruition, they are powered through various means (either internal arcane energy via the PeaceKeepers themselves or collected ambient energy), uploaded into the aperture and consequently fired.

Zone of Silence: Disallows sound waves to escape a vicinity no less than 5 feet, though this distance can be extended. A Zone of Silence makes it impossible for magic that requires a verbal component to be cast. Those that use echolocation to find their opponents will be able to find PeaceKeepers (even when invisible) by noting areas that lack any audible representation.

• Addendum: After recent skirmishes with the Siren menace, the ZoS has been upgraded to allow the area under influence to reflect sounds normal to that area instead of completely stopping sonic travel altogether.

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