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The Badlands are connected to the Wastelands, but separated from that inhospitable stretch of desert land by the western tip of the Shawnee glacier. Though temperatures in the badlands have reached extremes not felt in the rest of Terrenus, conditions there are at least marginally hospitable and a number of smaller tribes and chiefdoms take full advantage of the sprawling terrain.

These gypsies, or the Mahrjan according to PETAL, are semi-nomadic. They set up moderately sized, sustainable encampments within or around permanent oasis, some reaching as far west and north as the shoreline while others as far east as the base of the Glacier and as far south as Blaurg mountain. They stay in these encampments during the hottest parts of the year, move during the colder parts when travel is more feasible, and encampments are interchangeable among any of the dispersed Mahrjan tribe.

A widely quoted Mahrjan saying is: "I against my brother, my brothers and me against my cousins, then my cousins and I against strangers". According to Petal this signifies a hierarchy of loyalty based on kinship originating with the self, then branching on to the nuclear family, then extended family, and then strangers.

The Mahrjan have shown all too human tenacity and adaptability in responding to their oppressive climate. They wear clothing that provides maximum breathability and quickly evaporates sweat to cool the body down, with a pouch in the back for a waterskin with a flexible stem leading to their sand masks. Even the children show an exceptional knowledge of plant and animal life and the adults have Vakar weaponry as well as Suujali shields.

The Badlands are home to some of the most exotic, and dangerous, animals on the face of Terrenus. There are trap-ants, what look like giant lobster that burrow underground and lay traps the size of manhole covers to capture prey; high-noon wasps, hornets a foot and a half in length with a stinger five inches long that appear only when the sun is highest and carry a poison that can paralyze a grown man for half a day; and an as yet unidentified sentient cactus that eats people exclusively.

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