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Note: A lot of the original content was written by a previous member (SCO). I've had to heavily edit the article as well as add new information, and will need to continue doing so, so I've furnished the article under my name.


Regent: Nica Sero

Contact: Amenities

Socio-Economic Temperature: Raids resulting from the city’s crumbling former self inevitably instigated revolution. Headed by a mysterious organization, the riots, due to an unknown outbreak of vampire lust, resulted in the fall of the old regime. After some time a man named Nica Sero advanced from the political ranks and took charge. Since then drug trafficking has been made legal, black market and criminal activity have dramatically withdrawn, and trade economy is on the rise.

Type: Steampunk. 3rd largest port city.

Population: Overwhelmingly diverse. While there are more humans than any other race, there still is a huge non-human population, ranging from elven and dwarven to goblins and minotaurs and lizardfolk and even more monstrous types.

Approximately 1.3 million individuals live in the metropolitan area of Tia, with an additional 3-4 hundred thousand others living near the city.


  • 12,000 members of The Watch, a combination militia/police force. They are comprised of a well varied group of races, ages, and sex. Training is harsh, and weeds out mental weaknesses and frail loyalty, making the Watch nearly incorruptible. All members of the Watch are natives of Tia and so a portion of them are vampires as well.
    The Watch

    Age: 18-36
    Race: Human, Elf, Vampire, or Halfling
    Height: 5’6” to 6’7”
    Weight: 130lbs to 220lbs
    Primary Magic: Enchantment
    Secondary Magic: Earth Bending
    Primary Weapon: Hearthstone Rapier with an obsidian tip reinforced by titanium lattice.
    Secondary Weapon: Flintlock pistol with scratch rifling, fires .52 caliber tungsten and graphite ball round.
    Armor: Type W Vibranium. Extremely durable
    Additional Equipment: Enchanted gloves (dexterity), enchanted boots (speed), surcoat, and a cavalier hat.
    Specialty Training: Fencing, Marksmanship, and improvised tactics.

  • 8,000 Guardians, members of the military that come from all over Terrenus. Often they are trained in the advanced weaponry of Tia, and take their learning with them when their posts are changed. Humans make up the majority of this group, and members who have any problems working alongside any of the monstrous races of Tia are re-assigned quickly.
  • PeaceKeeper: Lisa Woodrow. Formerly of Ashville, Lisa is a very talented warrior who has already died once in the name of Gaia and Terrenus.


More information on Tia's hotspots can be found in the Locales Section

Play Style

Tia is inspired by both Steampunk and Art Noir. Dark, gritty stories in a fantastically advanced setting, constant fog or rain marring the coppery gleam. Nighttime stories are common, if not a must.


To read about quests, click here go to Terrenus Quest Index and use your browser's Find feature, or just scroll, to find the specific town. These quests can be taken up by anyone.


  1. A True Adventurer Is Heroic!: Mismatched travelers foil a trickster's plot to take over Tia, saving the mayor's nephew.
  2. The gears of Steam City have shaken their rust and as it corrodes, her innate industry pulses through renewed veins once more. Factions have been disbanded altogether or relegated through extreme force on behalf of a buffered police force to the umbrella of an anonymous organization. Beneath the hand of Tia's current rule crime is falling, business is up, and morale is blossoming.
  3. The Calm: A supernatural calm washes over Tia when mayor Nica Sero brings a sequoia seedling from the Peaceful Woods and plants it in the courtyard garden of his manor; directly in the center of the city.
  4. Out With The New: Nica Sero enters Tia and overthrows the Nichole regime after deeming it unfit to rule.
  5. The Rightful Lady of Tia: We see the rise of Selena Nichole as the new lord-mayor of Tia, following her establishment as a local baron in Search of a Home.
  6. La Belle Peches: The nightclub is destroyed in a perceived terrorist attack, brought to ruin in an explosion of fire.


With ready access to freshwater from one leg of the Ponkapoag River, it should come as no surprise that Tia has been a travel destination and a choice location for immigrants for hundreds of years. Its relative proximity to the Black Ridge and Moonwood account, at least partially, for the highly diverse population that Tia boasts.

Tia is the third largest port city in Terrenus, giving up much of its commerce and traffic due to the fact that it is very far inland and traffic to it is limited primarily to the use of the Ponkapoag River.

Tia's relative proximity to Ponkapoag Lake has also made Tia a viable target location for the body-snatchers that had slumbered in the depths of Ponkapoag Lake until recently, when they were stirred into activity as the result of a scientific investigation. And it's relative proximity to the Haunted Glen also accounts for a certain restlessness in town and a population diversity that leans more towards the frightening.

North: ~25 miles to Ponkapoag River.

North-East: ~230 miles to Ponkapoag Lake.

East: ~30 miles to Timber Creek. ~40 miles, slightly north, to the Haunted Glen

South-East: ~300 miles to Black Ridge.

South: ~400 miles to Palgard. The distance is staggering on foot, manageable on horse, pleasant by Lightning Rail and near instantaneous by Warp Gate.

South-West: ~870 miles to South Sea.

West: ~270 miles to Moonwood.

North-West: ~710 miles to Ignatz.


Stepping into the city, one is met by a few curious elements. For one, although the city becomes lighter or darker depending on the time of day, it is incontrovertibly dimmer and most of the time the city seems to be nearing twilight. Steam is one of Tia's main energy sources, and so it is usual to see plumes of white steam belting from the sides or roofs of buildings, or rising up from vents in the ground.

Tia favors technology but in the traditional, purist sense and so there is little magi-tech to be found here. In exchange for the magi-tech, Tia's setting favors the use of tooled steel and chrome, gunpowder technology with light smattering of electrical, but by and far steam is the favored energy source. It is not uncommon to see automatons, clanking and tittering, venting steam from its joints, being attended to by the teenage inventors that put it together with scraps from a dump.

Tia has an immense diversity in its culture, its space shared by a number of creatures, including: humans, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, minotaurs, dryads, lizardfolk, and ogres. These races have learned to coexist but do not do so comfortably, and so of late there has been a lot of racial tension. Gnomes and goblins sneer at each other from across the avenues and gang warfare is on the rise between some of the races. Each of these races has a minor percentage of its total population afflicted by vampirism.

Tia's city design parallels Franciscan Napoleonic architecture. Somewhat reminiscent of Ignatz, Tian infrastructure is based on a Rococo style, recognized as a "style of the people", not ostentatious, but rather sober and evenly balanced. Buildings typically have simple steel frames with box-like construction and are veneered in expensive mahogany with ebony detail. Gilded bronze furniture, the most popular style of the time but not the only one, display as high level of craftsmanship in metalworking.


One can view Tia's history in A Brief History of Tia.


Corbin Chateau


This old style manor house sits on the northeastern shore of the Yebbat River, and is the personal residence of his lordship, the Viscount Jean deCorbin, as well as the unofficial seat of local government. Numerous buildings have been added to the grounds over the centuries, ranging from extra housing for the numerous staff to offices and storage rooms. Early evening and near daybreak one can find the Viscount here. The manor and neighboring areas are heavily protected at all times. Entry into the manor grounds is strictly limited to civilians.

Riverside Park


The first ever government created, maintained, and operated park in Terrenus. It is the greenest place inside the walls of Tia, and numerous Dryads live in this mecca of foliage. A few wonderfully sculpted buildings (such as the gazebo pictured above) also dot the park.

Many discrete meetings over the decades have happened at this park, and numerous events of town shattering importance have transpired within the confines of the parks wrought iron fences. A decade ago, one of the cardinals of the Gaianist church was murdered as he strolled down one of the manicured paths in solitude.

Lightning Rail Station


Key to travel across all of Terrenus, the Lightning Rail is the lifeblood of Tia. The Station in Tia is one of the largest in Terrenus, as it is one of two cities with a three-way split in the rails. Trains are constantly traveling in and out of Tia, and the station is always buzzing with activity.

Between the thick fog seemingly ever present in Tia, the grinding of the rails themselves, and the constant movement of travellers and attendents, it is easy to see why the station is a hot spot for pickpockets. For that reason, it is also a hotspot for Watchmen. A nearby ManaNET News Booth is constantly providing pictures and information of known and wanted criminals, both local and national.

The Traveler's Gate


Tia's Warp Gate facility.

Gulthias Academy of Sciences and Magicks

The large and powerful school in Tia, the Gulthias Academy is a house of knowledge only rivaled by Gaian Academy upriver on the Pokapong Lake. Subjects such as Engineering, Architecture, Psychology, and various branches of Magic, are all taught by the best teachers possible. The Gulthias Academy also contains Tia's largest public library. The People's Library is a public library that is located on an adjacent lot to the Academy.

General Advocates Office and Justice Courts


The General Advocates are the courts of law in Tia. It is here where the laws of both Terrenus and Tia are held up to a high standard. For the large part, these courts are a mere formality, since nearly all criminal prosecutions and the laws that govern them are in the favor of the public defenders. However, a florishing small claims system, dedicated to dealing with disputes between individuals for things like property damage or breach of contract.

Jidoor Hall


The largest and most popular of inns and taverns for those non-natives in Tia. Rising five floors and filling nearly an acre of ground space, with a courtyard filled with activity at all hours of the day

The Watch Fort


A huge, reinforced monster of a building, the Watch Fort holds the barracks, training grounds, armories, and personal forges of the militia and police force of Tia. The one outstanding feature is the clock tower, that rises far above the rest of the city and rings loudly every hour.

Full Deck Dock


The Full Deck is an extravagant Casino Boat that docks in Casper, Last Chance, and Tia.

Black Dahlia Cafe

La Belle Péchés


A new and upcoming club, catering to a discrete clientele. Recently opened under the ownership of Fearix, a clever new resident and businessman in Tia.

Now in ruins

Page 3: A Brief History

Tia was founded ~430 BG when the Rod of Peter the Dark, the magical artifact which allowed Tia to thrive in darkness and lent to its massive native vampire population, was taken from the hands of its ruler and tossed into the unknown wilds of Terrenus. Without the darkness to obscure its iniquity, Tia was revealed to be something of a cesspool, a focal point for the most wicked and nefarious of creatures. Sunlight invaded most of the city without warning, and swept away the most vile of these creatures, leaving behind a population of restless creatures, some intelligent and some nothing more than a complex of instinctual savagery, to find a way to coexist.

Enter the deCorbin family. At the time a relatively small tribe of Northern vampires, with light eyes and aquiline features, the deCorbin's founded an intellectual empire in Tia and ruled with an ease not seen before by the otherwise savage creatures of Peter's darkness. The deCorbin's did not spare the rod. Dissenters were quickly culled and members of the dissenting family soon learned that the easiest way to avoid persecution was to marry into the quickly growing deCorbin family. In a few short generations, these satellite families became the noble houses of Tia and gained a great dela of power and influence, helping to alleviate any previous woes, though none grew to rival or match the true deCorbin line.

The deCorbin line is not without its stains of misery. In the year 527 BG, a blood feud erupted between the many heirs of the deCorbin line, turning the lands of Tia dark red with the blood of undead nobles. The head of the deCorbin line, Alain, had been leading a campaign against the witch-king Zengi, and had not yet declared which of his 13 sons would be heir before being assassinated by a Desecrator. The dispute between heirs turned from political squabble into civil war in a matter of days. Full accounts of this event can be read in the memoirs of Jean deCorbin, the oldest surviving member of the deCorbin family.

Shortly after the culmination of this internal war (555 BG) Geneva deCorbin, Jean's younger sister, ascended to the proverbial throne. Her first action was to kill off all of the remaining deCorbin line that threatened her right to the throne now or might hunt for it in the future; a number of them escaped and went into exile, Jean deCorbin one of them. Jean left Tia for nearly 60 years, and upon his return the city (615 BG) had been thrown into disarray. Determined to regain his power in the city and bring to reality the Tia his family had envisioned almost a century ago, Jean stepped from the shadows of time.

He called the elders of the noble houses together and they recognized him as leader; together they marched against Geneva and wrenched control of the city back from her. Tia thrived, and grew, and developed a grand culture. During Terrenus's might growth and its fledgling republic, throughout the death of Zengi and the consequent rise of the hero Jason of the Lions, Tia developed. Jean's foresight and the gentle nature bestowed on him from his heritage saw Tia becoming an icon of the Gaian Crusades, showing the world that Unnaturals could be righteous as well.

In some respects Tian's are considered socially enlightened and accepting people, allowing any race to settle and work in the city. But being given a fair shake isn't quite the same as equality, and though any race is allowed to settle, racial tensions tend to run high.

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