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Acies ab Vesania

Due to the events in Ruin has come to Ashville, this is no longer a playable city location (no longer on map or with tag in the Cities board) but can still be played in as a ruins. The below information is archival

Ashville is a popular and well known city within the land of Terrenus. Boasting a strong capitalistic economy with bold innovations in industry and technology, Ashville has moved front and center as an economic powerhouse within Terrenus.

Ashville has a population of approximately 5 million as of 24 AO.

If you're looking for an adventure, check out the Ashville Quests

Regent (is): Lady Sinne Estern
Regent (was): Lord Greg Arious



Ashville sits with one side resting comfortably alongside a massive lake, with a shore very similar to a beach, though if one squints hard enough, they can sometimes see its end. The rest of the city resides in the middle of a large temperate zone, with foothills eventually giving way into the coastline of Eastern Terrenus, and the sound continuing in a rise and fall of elevation. The lands beyond are mostly wooded, with roads carved out to allow easy travelers for merchants ferrying goods from Last Chance or other locales. The highest elevation for the surrounding areas goes little more than a kilometer above sea level, making even the highest places easy to manage when traveling on foot. These areas do gather more snowpack in the winter and provide the water source that feeds into the lake during the late spring via creeks and ground water.

Below is a list of nearby locations and their approximate distances

  • North: ~1200 miles to Dark Forest
  • North-East: ~200 miles to the ocean.
  • East: ~40 miles to the ocean.
  • South-East: ~600 miles to Last Chance. On foot, it would take you a about three weeks to walk, about 12 days by horse, while a ride on the Lightning Rail would get you there swiftly and comfortably or use of a Warp Gate gets you there in the blink of an eye.
  • South: ~870 miles to the ocean.
  • South-West: ~500 miles to the Peaceful Woods.
  • West: ~1120 miles to the Great Pine Barrens.
  • North-West: ~600 miles to the Forgotten Wood.


The majority of Ashville is an aristocratic society of old money creating new money, thus the city is quite an impressive array of updated buildings, clean streets, and post-modern styling. The buildings often undergo renovations and boast all the modern technologies and magitech. Streets are lit by lamps that operate during the hours of darkness and flicker out as the sun rises back into the sky. An underground sewage system removes plumbing wastes as well as rainwater and garbage that find its way down to the underground channels whisking away old water.

Though the majority of the population is considerably wealthy, there are those who struggle financially, but even they are well cared after. They are kept inside clean and well-furnished homeless shelters that not only give them a place to stay, but provide meaningful activities for those between places to contribute to society and gain valuable experience while they sort out of their financial matters. These measures prevent homeless from living on the streets as vagrants, thus keeping Ashville’s streets clean and pristine, preserving the image others know them by.

Ashville is literally covered in major streets and road ways, the city a busy and bustling place with both foot traffic, horse drawn carts, as well as the occasional strange vehicle powered by magitech, sometimes an expensive oddity and other times a prototype out for a test run. Asvhille has rails going all over the city, as well as rails leading to Last Chance, Tia, and Palgard. Ashville has several competing companies offering use of Warp Gates, each claiming theirs is the safest way to travel. Warp Gates take you to any major city in Terrenus, as well as the Gaian academy. There several competing companies that offer taxi services via a wagon drawn by two horses. All promise to be the fastest in Ashville, all boasting to have “the lowest rates”. In reality, their rates vary and the best is often determined by who has the best sale. Some citizens employ strange types of magitech designed to draw them around the city. In some cases, these are personal devices of high value, while others are technologies in development and out for testing.


The typical weather of Ashville is pleasant and mild, with warm but rarely hot summers, even-tempered autumns with intermittent rain and rich colors, cool and crisp winters that break away into a wet early spring that becomes dryer and sunnier as it approaches the summer. Ashville has no droughts recorded in any recent history, and the snowfall has not exceeded a foot at a time during the time records have been kept. Snow typically arrives after January, lasting from just days at a time to several weeks, sometimes falling only once in a winter, or as much as a half dozen times.

Flora and Fauna

Most of the flora and fauna of Ashville is that of which you can expect to find in the majority of Terrenus, excepting those rare creatures or foliage with very specific environments in which they thrive. There are a few examples of living things typically only found surrounding or within a few hundred miles of the city proper.

Fire-Wisp Butterfly (Insect): These rare butterflies are truly a site worth seeing should one be in the area during late spring through early fall. The butterflies wings are iridescent reds and oranges with pale blue fringes, their every wing beat giving the appearances of tufts of fire flowing through the sky. Their caterpillars too are quite interesting, though they are easy to miss, if one does not know what they are looking for. Their caterpillars resemble bright crimson centipedes with orange legs and black spines, looking very much like the young counterparts of their venomous neighbors—only these are truly harmless.

Yellow Jacket Skunk (Animal): Much smaller than the conventional skunk, these are so aptly named because their coloring looks very similar to a yellow jacket hornet. They only grow to about half the size of a regular skunk, but other animals know better than to interfere with their day-to-day affairs. The musk of these skunks consists of a yellowy mucus laced with low concentrations of thioacetone with other thiols- of note, thioacetone is the worst smelling chemical known to science. Though it only contains about 1 part per thousand, it is enough to make this little creature’s musk more than a hundred times the potency of a traditional skunk. Fortunately, the creature rarely uses its musk because other creatures have adapted to giving it plenty of room. Even still, the few times a year that it does resort to using its musk, residents of Ashville report smelling something like “rotten eggs, feces, and smelly feet stuffed into a bloating corpse left out during a heat wave”. The smell fades within a couple of days. One could just say that this yellow jacket has one heck of a “sting”.

Matrimony Trees: Though certainly not their technical scientific designation, locals often refer to these unusual trees as matrimony or wedding trees, as their pale green, almost white leaves appear to be the same lacy material that make up wedding gown vales. The trees themselves are slender and of medium height, peaking between 12 and 15 feet. Their leaves drape down and nearly touch the ground, giving the appearance of a wide canopy that young lovers often slip behind for romantic interludes during dates. Some residents even take their weddings to outside the city limits to take their vows beneath these trees. In the spring, their leaves release a hazy silver pollen that blows away in the wind.



Ashville’s benevolent and charitable regent sets the example for the rest of the successful and well-to-do population, encouraging others to act kindly and treat one and other with dignity and respect, the people of Ashville tend to be philanthropic and courteous. They aspire to represent fineness of character as well as good form, ensuring their actions match the polish the city itself prominently displays. Given its aptitude for business and innovation, people of Ashville tend to be hard workers with a high degree of curiosity and drive, always looking for that “next big thing” into technological advancement or business.

Those who do not work in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatics) sector tend to move into business, either as those operating businesses or those facilitating economic investments, running banks, or overseeing policy changes that best encourage the continued growth and stability of Ashville’s, and by extension Terrenus’, economy. Though these business men too can be kindly and chartable to those in need, do not mistake charity with pushovers—they are shrewd businessmen who love to haggle and never let anything go for much less than fair market price.


Ashville is Terrenus’ leading industrial site for technology, magitech, and other major industries of note, making Ashville a central figure in Terran economy. To ensure that great minds are drawn to their city, Ashville maintains a top notch education system with generous scholarships for those who are in need of financial assistance, especially for those pursuing work in STEM or economics. Ashville not only boasts the greatest wealth per capita in Terrenus, but also the greatest pooling of wealth in Terrenus proper. It is often said that no coin in circulation has not passed through the hands of an Ashville resident at least once in its lifetime.

Companies, institutions and locations

  • The Mill: The Mill is the large building in the middle of the picture. It is through the Mill that most of Terrenus's precious ores and minerals are processed and refined. The Mill itself is a heavily guarded and extremely secretive compound. No one is allowed inside the deeper parts of the massive construct without proper authorization. The Mill is where a character can find the highest variety, highest quality, and cheapest base materials. The mill itself is quite the spectacle and often draws tourists. They too run guided tours a couple days a week, following the government’s example of using proceeds raised to cover the costs of the program and then donating the rest to local charities.
  • Ashville First National Bank: This is the biggest bank in both Ashville and all of Terrenus, a site that not only sees the largest share of circulation passing through its vaults, but important documents, business bonds, and other valuables as well. Rumors say that this bank is more secure than even the capital residence of Ignatz (home of Odin Haze).
  • The Market: Not a traditional market, but more like the Wall-Street Market, where economists and brokers gather to trade value stocks in commodities, large companies, and even with national exports. Here deals are made and prices set, as well as guidelines for interest rates and control of the economy. This is the brain child of the Terran economy as a whole.
  • The Capital: The capital building itself is quite the site, where the Regent works with elected representatives to manage city regulations and ordinances, plans for development and infrastructure, as well as other matters concerning city welfare. Guided tours of the residence are given a couple of times a week during set hours, with residents and tourists paying a stiff price for a couple hour tour the residence- money raised is split between security and staffing costs for the program, and charities. The rest of the week, residents are welcome to reside outside the walls and take in the sites from a distance.

Parks and Recreation

Ashville boasts a number of parks for residents to enjoy, ranging in size from small areas with structures for child’s play to huge rangy parks with trails, creeks, and other sites designed to help the city dweller have a day away from the urban scene, so that they may reconnect with Gaia.


Agency Overview

  • Regent: Lord Greg Arious.
  • PeaceKeeper: NPC
  • 20,000 local police: The local police are a structured militia, for all intents and purposes. Since they are made up primarily of the citizens, as opposed to having been assigned by the military, the police are more likely to be corrupt.
  • 20,000 military: Personnel from all across Terrenus stationed in its borders.
  • 15 Niveus agents: The Niveus are Ashville City's elite guards, serving directly beneath Jett Cr'Ysiander. Discernible from your average guard by their ivory armor and alabaster cloth, these warriors wield a wide variety of powerful magics in tandem with their impressive weapon-play. To maximize their efficiency in combat, the Niveus operate in units of three, though they often intervene in certain situations by themselves. Engaging these individuals, especially when they are together, is ill advised.


Ashville maintains its status by starting early with a rigorous and thoroughly vetted academic agenda that prepares young people for continued education beyond childhood, either within the city or at the Gaian academy. Students learn history, government, politics, mathematics, sciences, literacy and literature, and culture, such as religion, music, and the arts. Though Ashville will quickly tell you that as any good Terran city, they hold true to Gaianist ideals, but the city’s education system is largely secular and focused on actual facts rather than mystical ideas.

Post-secondary education focus areas include magic used in magitech development, technological studies, engineering, sciences, geology, industrial management, and business. Given the cultural pressures to be well-educated, only a small minority of residents (male or female) lack some form of post-secondary education (and degree) and those not finishing mandatory childhood education are all but unheard of.

Notable Residents

  •  Totinaco Awomps: Powerful head of an an established merchant family. Capable of finding and trading almost anything.
  • Jay Uhsoria: A foreign artist of established and growing fame. Jay's art is particularly popular in Weland. 
  • Lord Greg Arious: The regent of Ashville. Aside from his official station, Greg Arious is also the largest independent landholder in Casper, as well as the patriarch of the richest family.



  • Ruin has come to Ashville: As a result of the Maw sweeping through and devouring Ashville, all that remains of the city are grayed cobblestone ruins, dusty glass and dirt. Wood, metal and all living material has been exhumed from the city. The area also appears to be significantly colder, and the environment looks grey and lifeless. The City of Ashville has been destroyed, with major loss of life, and even greater displacement of its citizens into Aspyn and Hyperion.
  • Winter's embrace: Vaan conducted an investigation and encountered a few strange events. The young wizard went to a cabin with  summoned beasts and, after a trying time, successfully apprehended a group of bandits. Where Vaan would've been awarded with coin, he instead traded his reward to ease the sanction placed on him against magitech research.
  • A Lost Boy, On A Man's Quest: Chaflin Demair ran into a wronged half-elven woman during his journey to solve his strange visions. Finding out that her village was taken over by bandits, determined to leave only if a selected champion won a gladiator tournament, Chaflin went to the village and registered, where he ran into Chivika Kabera. Together they fight through the first day, taking on three monstrous creatures. On the second day, against actual champions, Chivika is unable to be roused and Chaflin goes out to face the fighters alone. After a long day of fighting, Chaflin overcomes the final champion (a half-giant named Ulgoth) and wins the tournament, forcing the bandits to leave the village.
  • Sewer Diving: Monsters and creatures from the sewers have begun overrunning the streets and preying on hapless locals. Trace eliminated many of the more dangerous creatures infesting the sewers and found a mage doing 'research' on human familiars, kidnapping the townsfolk as test subjects. Trace killed the mage, plundered his workshop, and donated the mage's research notes to the Gaian Academy, taking for himself a notebook on stealth spells.


Credits: Acies ab Vesania & Supernal

Edited by supernal

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