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Biazo Isle




Biazo Isle, after which the city Biazo was named, is the largest island of the Terrenus continent located about 200 km (120 mi) northwest from the mainland. Biazo Isle and the smaller islands to its northeast and southwest are all products of a massive volcanic eruption whose origin is lost to the annals of Terrenus history and which resulted in the caldera forming Biazo Isle.

The rich volcanic soil deposited by the Isle's dormant volcanoes is ideal for growing grapes – consequently, wine is the beverage of choice for many of the villages and townships on the Isle. Provence Semillon is Biazo's most popular wine export; a full-bodied dark purple wine to be stored at temperatures 39-42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Terril is an island dialect of the mainland Terric - the two languages share strong roots and origins so that communication is possible between islanders and mainlanders but colloquialism and increasing usage of slang terminology on both-ends has made communication difficult for those that do not study either language.

The majority of the islanders like to eat their fish raw and make frequent use of Biha-Bihahl, a "miracle oil" made out of coconut and a cryptic concoction of native leaves and flowers.


A large number of volcanoes populate the surface of Biazo Isle, ranging in size from the central volcano Bia'Thera, whose diameter is approximately 620 km (385 mi), to small "pocket volcanoes" about the size of a child's head. Bia'Thera is dormant, as are most of the larger volcanoes, but the smaller ones occasionally belch smoke and flame.

There are over six-thousand (6000) species of insect in the tropical forests of Biazo Isle, over three-thousand (3000) species of reptile and amphibian, and over sixty-thousand (60000) species of plant. Many of these are extremely dangerous and poisonous.

Notable People


  • Aspyn: The newest settlement in Biazo Isle, a project spearheaded by PeaceKeeper Commager, and which houses many of the displaced from the ruins of Biazo City. 
  • Bi'le'ah: Magic twists and lies in these ruins, dangers lurk in shadows and in the hearts of men, and treasures wait, in the chaotic ruins of Biazo City. 
  • Biazo Abbey: A collection of nationally renown temples built directly into the mountains of Biazo Isle, attended to Archbishop Twizzen.
  • Greenwitch Port (new): A southern port established by Aspyn builders to be much more accessible to those traveling by boat from the mainland, after the previous southern port was destroyed.
  • Okimon Bluff: The cliffs surrounding Shiddidark Basin. It is the only area in which Effinae Tapinella can be found. Its cliffs are smooth, and thus require special equipment to climb and harvest the fungi from its staggeringly-high cliff walls.
  • Outpost Grey: A paramilitary installation with the primary goal of researching the surrounding flora and fauna of Biazo Isle. Its territories of Shiddidark Basin and Okimon Bluff are protected by the very cliffs themselves, though fences have been erected a few meters before the cliffs’ edge, often causing passersby to assume it to be a blacksite for the Terran military.
  • Shiddidark Basin: A large, hot, humid basin towards the middle of Biazo Isle that is darkened by the shadow of the surrounding cliffs of Okimon Bluff, only allowing for direct sunlight between the hours of 11:00AM and 1:00PM. It is the home of the Thorny Pink flower and the Caloriberry, as well as the center of Outpost Grey.

Flora (new)

  • Caloriberries: often mistaken for a blue fungus, Caloriberries grow in large pods adjacent to Thorny Pinks. They are completely edible, and pose no health risks aside from large amounts of calories being consumed per berry. Preliminary estimates show that each berry contains at least 500-600 calories of unknown type. However, health risks are nearly-nonexistent, so long as proper diet and abstaining from eating excess calories per day are followed.
  • Effinae Tapinella: Effinae Tapinella is a small, dull-colored fungus that is rich in plant sugar, and only grows on the cliffs of Okimon Bluff. Upon preliminary analysis, high sugar content makes it possibly-useful for desserts, sweeteners, and for use as a sugar substitute. Further testing is required in order for confirmation of primary analysis.
  • Jobolba Tree: The Jobolba tree is tall, thin, and reminiscent of bamboo. Its exact nature is unknown, but preliminary readings show the fruit, approximately the size of an apple, to contain of potassium cyanide and hydrochloric acid.
  • Jokoto Tree: the Jokoto tree was discovered on accident by an explorer, Hawthorn, whilst descending a tree thought to be a Jobolba. While structurally- and internally-identical to the Jobolba, the Jokoto's milky-blue sap contains a powerful local anesthetic, strong enough to relax muscle and bone tissue, as well as nerves, through cytoplasmic infiltration of the local cells. It is so strong that even the most painful of events will not be felt; however, preliminary analysis suggests that use of this anesthetic will render the affected area 100% useless for approximately 5-6 hours. Further analysis indicates that if administered intravenously via injection or IV, it may possess the ability to render all but lower functions (i.e. cardiovascular, brainstem) 100% inoperable, similar to a comatose state.
  • Sleepy Grasper (new): Found in caves. Sounds more innocent than it is. These green or red vines aren't sleepy themselves, instead they induce it in their victims - and really 'sleepy' here means 'immobile'. The vines produced a paralytic poison on contact with exposed flesh, and are capable of lashing out and ensnaring victims. It also produces a moss that allows one to breathe underwater, which is an appealing item for divers and adventurers. 
  • Thorny Pinks: Thorny Pinks are medium-sized, rose-like flowers with pink petals that grow in the Shiddidark Basin. Their petals are filled with nectar that, if extracted, provides excellent antibiotic properties. However, the inner petals contain bioelectric tendrils that stun and paralyze all insects that land to consume the nectar. Its thorns are very sharp, and contain high levels of an unknown compound. Further research is to be made in order to test this plant's full spectrum of special properties.



  • Snacker: The Snacker (Tyrannosaurus Nucleus) is a monstrously-sized, bipedal, carnivorous reptile. It supplements its voracious appetite with radioactive material. Its tough, scaly skin allows it to take large amounts of damage, while its berserk rage keeps it alive even when its chances of survival are bleak. It resides underground in large networks of burrows, connected at large common areas known as "nexuses." 
  • Khad'Xel's Minions: Enemy of choice. In addition to the standard dangers you might face traveling between developed cities, and the already heightened unnatural presence on the Isle ever since the destruction of Biazo City, the demon Khad'Xel and his minions have a growing presence and seek nothing more, and nothing less, than destruction and ruin.


  • Not just distance, but depth: Ampelos Spyderwalker Dali meets with Merida Spidervalley Dali (a younger cousin) to discuss various ventures, including her being selected as his apprentice on a botanical project so he can transition from journeyman to master in the Transmutation guild, as well as select a new business manager for the vineyard, which is under renovations but will soon be publicly accessible. 
  • How do you lose yourself?: Two apprentice Gaian priests, one sent to find an ancient temple and another to recall the first due to reported Outsider activity, land on Biazo Isle at different times. Through a combination of philosophical discussion and scrambling for survival, these two help a farming family and their sick children, find the ancient temple, and keep the dangerous Outsider occupied until elder members of the priesthood can banish it.
  • In animal behavior, the term is caching: Cadmium and Nur enter a mine to rescue miners and manage to do so, despite a jungle of prehensile vines with a paralytic agent trying its best to make a meal out of them. They discover an underwater vein of solabernite, as well as a moss that lets one breath underwater for a few hours. Nur decides to join the military and, when given a choice between ranger and diplomat, chooses the latter.
  • The first of many: The military are engaged in a mission to escort a grew of builders to a site so they can construct a Tian faux-ton post. Thing go smoothly until the end, where a storm takes them by surprise, and they are then attacked by a pack of undead wolves. The fight was difficult but the military proved victorious.
  • Dan's Field Guide to Biazo plant life: Dan, a mercenary from another planet, travels to Biazo Isle to collect plant life on behalf of HERB. With travels ranging from Shiddidark Basin to Okimon Bluff, Dan and his colleagues discover four previously undocumented species of plant life and one fungus. 
  • Earth, Reap: Earth and her group go to Biazo city after hearing news of the undead infestation. There, they evacuate refugees, and help Gaian priests and the Terrenus military to close a necrotic scar torn in the city. Following the trail of a sigil to a cult shrine, Earth sacrifices her physical form to entrap The End in a statue of stone. 
  • Crush the serpent with thine heel: The ruins of Biazo City are cleaned up of the unholy miasma which made the ruins a hotbed of unnatural activity. In its place is left a seed of positive energy which promotes vegetation and repels the unnatural.
  • A Storm Approaches: The shadow of a floating fortress falls over the ruined city of Biazo, and from this castle there flow creatures from out of the dark. These creatures and Marduk storm the Viceroy's destroyed study and probe it for secrets (an artifact).

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