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Dougton - obsolete




Breaking: Dougton declares independence

Dougton was constructed inside of a valley and its borders were expanded until the valley was filled with city infrastructure. Each year the surrounding high rise area is flattened by skilled geomancers to allow for further expansion, either of infrastructure or of farming grounds. This section of land was chosen for its perennially temperate climate and the wealth of potable water piped into the area by the convergence of two legs of Coconino Creek.


The criminal organization now known as the Lords of Purgatory summon a phsyical deity in Dougton. After a small skirmish by a group in an attempt to interfere with the ritual, the LOP still succeed in their task and the avatar is now on the loose and in the wind. 



The majority of the surrounding land has been dedicated to farming, rather than grazing or city infrastructure. Even residential gardens trend towards growing fruits, vegetables and herbs rather than plants with higher aesthetic value but less utility. Dougton, while not the single source of Terrenus's food supply, is a primary contributor to both volume and variety. As magic imitates nature, the converging of the two legs of Coconino Creek are symbolically paralleled by the convergence of two ley-lines, much to the benefit of the health of its occupants and the quality of their food production.

See below for a list of nearby landmarks:

  • North: ~1090 miles to Labyrinth Forest.
  • North-East: ~435 miles to Coconino Marsh.
  • East: ~820-830 miles to Ignatz.
  • South-East: ~420 miles to Blue Hills
  • South: ~650 miles to Blue Hills. ~870 miles to Casper.
  • South-West: ~870 miles to Oliver Scudder's Woods
  • West: ~1000 miles to Weland.
  • North-West: ~920 miles to Weland Gorge.


The scent of spiced meats and freshly baked goods is immediate and distcint. Dougtonites love to cook and love to eat, approaching the growth, production, distribution, and preparation of food with nearly religious fervor. Dougton is not without a homeless population but the mendicants of this gourmand city are well fed.

Dougton's architecture leans towards simple house made of simple materials, reinforced with the exotic only when it lends to utility and durability; Dougtonites are a practical people. One is struck with the impression of a rural community made up of simple structures that do not look as if they could withstand hurricanes and floods, but do.

Dougton police are among the most celebrated swordsmen and women in the nation. Their sword style and close-quarters combat technique grew up organically in an area that knew technology and magic only in rare instances, and so emphasizes environmental awareness, the geometry of body and weapon placement, and psychometabolism to increase strength and speed.



Dougtonites take on an almost luddite philosophy, favoring manual processes to those automated by magic or technology. They believe it not only makes for better character but that heavy reliance on technology makes a person less skilled in practical matters and, hence, less useful. Dougtonites are trend higher in superstitious belief compared to other cities in Terrenus but are selective in their application, most practicing customs said to grant luck or bestow favor, but paying little mind to those said to be ill omens.

Dougtonites are also extremely festive, celebrating every solstice and equinox in the year with a citywide festival and parade.


Dougtonites use recipes and cooked food as barter payment.

Companies, institutions and locations

  • Children's Refuge: Talk around the city brings news that the new building in the city's south-eastern quadrant is an orphanage.
  • Granary: With Dougton the "food capital of Terrenus", it should come as no surprise that the Granary is the largest and most diverse restaurant in all of Valucre. It's like a shopping mall dedicated to food. 
  • Magistrate's Estate: Belongs to the city manager Jim Jenkins. Although Jenkin's house is larger than those around it, the gap in size and quality to the other houses is not as large as it is in other cities.
  • Spectral District: An area of Dougton that is cursed; not rumored to be cursed, but actually cursed with hexes and haunted by malevolent spirits. Spectral District is also where one can find the home of a dead cobbler with a cursed looking-glass; it is rumored that if one trips or is tricked into the mirror, they end up in the world of mirror-sprites.
  • The Purple Axe Tavern and Inn: A purple axe cutting the moon into a crescent is burned into a wooden sign and onto the large double doors leading into the tavern. This is a generic tavern and inn. Players are free to come up with their own as well.


Local government

  1. 15,000 soldiers: Trained by the military and assigned from all across Lagrimosa.
  2. 15,000 local police: The local police are a structured militia, for all intents and purposes. Since they are made up primarily of the citizens, as opposed to having been assigned by the military, the police are more likely to be corrupt.

Local police

  • Age: 18 to 45
  • Race: Human, Drow, Hafling, and sometimes gnome.
  • Primary Magic: Psychometabolism
  • Secondary Magic: Earth bending
  • Primary Weapon: Edged weaponry
  • Secondary Weapon: Blunt weaponry
  • Armor: Bio-feedback Armored Suit
  • Additional Equipment: Spec. Ops grenades
  • Specialty Training: Swordsmanship, CQC, hand to hand, martial arts, psionic defense


Dougton education focuses primarily on botany, farming, craftsmanship and combat.

Notable Residents

  • Israh Athar: Expert botanist and horticulturist. Known for breeding and cultivating special plants to replace drugs. 
  • Iris Hyacinth: PeaceKeeper and first Terran cosmonaut.
  • Jason of the Lions: Dead for centuries. Historically significant hero of yore. 



  1. Cure for what Aleth you: The Wyrm's Bane (Argi, Aya, Dauner, Gozen, Emile, Shishi, the Mistress, Elizabeth, Caeceila) set off from Casper to take their fight to the hivemind Aleth, who was on the verge of attaining loci-like powers. In so doing the Bane triggers the hivemind's endgame. Although the worst possible outcome is avoided, millions of citizens are rendered comatose and Dougton has become unincorporated territory following the regent's questionable attempt at secession.
  2. Spontaneous Catastrophe: Kyoku and Addison do battle with a Fire Fiend conjured by a local caster. The creature ravages the area, but thanks to the aid of the two fighters, it is slain before any significant damage can be done to the city, nor any tremendous loss of life.
  3. Act and witches will act: Following a premonition, the Sisterhood of Witches travel to Dougton to stop the summoning of a great and terrible deity by elven clerics. They are forced to fight a plague of evil spreading into the locals and turning them into puppets. Through the use of a magical element that steals magic and through amplified healing magic channeled by the sisterhood, the amulet is broken in the final battle and used to purify the deity's terrible energy. The enervating miasma surrounding the lone cabin near Dougton (area of effect previously mitigated in "the ghast effect" courtesy of Terran military) has now been completely neutralized. 
  4. Demons beneath Dougton: Argi discovers the children in Dougton have been offering themselves to an angel to escape the Enrele; while getting the angel to withhold from taking them for now, he is now wanted for 'murder' in Dougton.
  5. Are evil gods morning people?: The Lords of Purgatory with Kallias and Rin manage to summon a dark and evil "goddess" in Dougton. After a small skirmish, the group manages to hold off those who want to stop them. The goddess now roams free.
  6. Walking a dangerous path: The Left Gauntlet of Zengi has been found in a nearby abandoned temple and is now in the possession of a lich named Dove.
  7. Running amok: Aoi and Kazuhiko go on a romantic adventure and kill some nasty creatures known as the Enrele. Everyone gets to be a hero.
  8. A meeting and a mask: A local farm boy returns to Dougton only to find that his family, among others, have been mysteriously disappearing, with no record of what happened to them. The disappearances, as well as information about Odin's mask, have been reported to the proper authorities.
  9. The ghast effect: Hana, Delistair and other military individuals meet in Dougton to cleanse a cabin of a large-radius enfeebling effect. After arriving they meet Flora, a mysterious girl who tries to trick them with a series of powerful illusions. After managing to defeat the illusion an attempt to capture Flora destroys her in the process. Shortly after the malign energy is dispelled with Flora's disappearance, additional personnel are called in.
  10. The shoemaker: The Curse of the Mirror has stopped whisking people away and reappearing randomly in the town. Now those who were affected by the Mirror are slowly becoming something unnatural.
  11. Personality change: A knight and his ally fight against a demon that an evil cult has summoned, which has possessed the people of Doguton. The demon is destroyed and the town is freed.
  12. A tap on the shoulder in a dark alley: After meeting with Dougton's conspiratorial resistance for several days, Preston and Noel hatch a plan to create a cure for a mysterious form of parasitism. Crazy Zaldrin involves himself and they make their way to Dougton General Hospital. Their plan inadvertently triggers quarantine but they are able to use the confusion to their advantage, Noel escaping with a patient whose antibodies can help, and Preston making his way back to the Resistance with a toxicologist as prisoner. Zaldrin is left behind and is taken sacrifice.
  13. An enchantress in Dougton: An enchanter is compelling others to steal for her. After a group of adventurers got close to her, she's been more cautious. This time, a lawman and a thug team up to successfully take her down, but other mysteries are now revealed.
  14. Shut your trap(s): A fledgling wizard (Wiz) and a half-breed soldier-of-fortune (Nur) follow the bend of Coconino Creek into a cavern that puts them on the trail of a massive underground tower. Passing through clever artifice and brutal trap, the two boys make it into the heart of the tower, where each takes with him a piece of the tower to take with him (the scholar forges himself a wand, the warrior takes a rucksack of books) and leave the tower open for all to use.
  15. Dupes of Imposture: A former member of the Terran Navy (Noel) posts an ad asking for help on an investigation. A young airship captain called Flannagan is his first response. To proceed, Noel claims they must capture a gnome named Detta. Shortly before they confront Detta they are joined by Etamnequin, an HERB operative smoking odd plants and wearing tattered clothing. An attempt is made to capture Detta and this offensive reveals her to be possessed by a violent creature using her body as a puppet and a host. At thread's end, the three are approached at the hospital by two FIST agents. Through interrogation the agents ascertain claims and evidence of the body-snatching parasites and conduct their own investigation.
  16. Repairs to the rail: Work on the Rail began almost as soon as it was taken down, and completed approximately a week and a half later.
  17. Slightly Less Than Secret Hijacking: Travel and trade by Rail is severely hampered.
  18. Secret Shipment: A terrorist band known as the Akatsuki destroy Dougton's Lightning Rail station.
  19. In session: A sixth of the city is laid to waste. The ruins of a cabin found in the hills is thought to be the point of origin. From the cabin, there is a 15 mile radius similarly destroyed. For triple that size there is a parapsychological effect that drains travelers of their vitality.



Dougton is a sleepy town, historically mundane and uneventful when compared to towns of more illustrious repute. But it has given birth to a number of local legends.

Jim Jenkins is the first person of honorable mention. He started off as the child of a textile merchant. When his father was robbed and they ended up in the streets, Jenkins joined a gang. He soon tired of a life of crime, scammed his way into a local school, and became a prosecutor. His intimate knowledge of criminal affairs gave him a decisive edge. His record, as impressive as it is immaculate, easily secured him a spot as a Judge in local affairs and when he ran for Mayor he ran virtually unopposed.

The second is Iris Hyacinth, the local PeaceKeeper. Her legend begins with Iris as the daughter of an herbalist, and a talented gardener herself. Despite her passion for plants, she soon hears the call of the war drums. It would seem as if she takes more after her father, Major Snapdragon Hyacinth, than she once thought. Iris turned out to be gifted in the arts of warfare and a natural sniper. She was selected for the PeaceKeeper Core training camp early on in her military career and was delighted to be find her hometown as her permanent assignment.

The third is from some centuries past, Jason of the Lions.


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