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Taen Materials List



Lazurum - term widely-used to refer to mineral naturally imbued with worldrift arcana. Lazurum has a dark blue color and often resists the laws of physics, though the wide variation in its effects prevents it from being used reliably. While knowledge of its nature and application remains limited, an airship from Hydra's Haven has successfully prototyped an antigravity system using Lazurum.

Taubelidor -  a chalky white mineral found primarily in Sierra Ossa's Cithandriss Pass. Taubelidor negates all extrasensory mind-affecting phenomena of living organisms in proximity to it. Prolonged exposure to taubelidor eventually deconstructs cognition and destroys consciousness. It is produced by Athnolcithandriss.


Cottawood - a wildlight-engineered tree variant widely used for building construction. Cottawood structures are visually identical to brownstone and can be sculpted without branches or leaves. Widely used in buildings in Lunaris and can easily integrate plumbing and illumination.

Lucental glass - glass doped with a transparent, chemosynthetic fungi that filters out swamp miasma and absorbs solar energy. The glass is produced from the Wetlands’ lakebed silt and prominently used in Arcturon's architecture.

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