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Faux-ton Transportation System


Created by: amenities
Developed by: supernal

General Information

The faux-ton (hereafter FT) is a piece of transportation technology created by Tia and debuted in the Terrenus World Fair on 26AO. The faux-ton is a converter which transmutes matter into coherent electromagnetic waves on one end, and which is converted into matter at the other end by use of a suitable formula. Depending on the formula used there are risks involved which could leave one with anything as minor as a cold to a severe condition such as transposed limbs.

Empire use of this technology is based Tia's FT principles but the hardware is first-party and the formula used is military-grade and encrypted for confidentiality.

The purpose of the FT was to provide a less expensive and more flexible option to the lightning rails, which are limited by their tracks whereas the FT can be quickly deployed by use of unconnected posts, and the warp gates, which require a tremendous amount of energy to provide instant travel where the FT can use a fraction of the energy cost to provide fast travel.

The FT is limited by line of sight but can achieve speeds upwards of 27 MPS (or 100,000 MPH).

In light of the lightning rails and warp gates both going offline due to the seismic shifts in the Wastelands and Shawnee genius loci, the FT has become a competitive standard for industrial fast transportation. 


Redundancy – Although only one pylon at either end is the minimum requirement to establish a connection, Faux-Ton hubs are usually built with a four-pylon configuration. The first three provide a larger virtual pipe, meaning more materials can be transported at once, and also redundancy, so that the loss of a pylon does not result in a truncated connection. Should one of the three pylons fail the fourth "swaps in", and an alert is sent to technicians to address the faulty pylon.

Validation – Once line-of-sight is established, FT send a 'keep-alive' pulse between the two ends periodically. This lets technicians monitor for clear passage and will send an alert if the keep-alive pulse is obstructed for more than a set amount of time, usually measured in milliseconds

Confirmation – In the event of emergency a technician can send a 'confirmation pulse' down the line-of-sight, which is a high powered laser that drills a hole millimeters wide to allow for the quick passage of a transportation beam. This is done as a last resort and obstructions will usually be investigated prior to sending out a confirmation pulse.

Dali Variant

Due to the influence exerted by the loci native to Ursa Madeum, House Dali has taken the FT model and engineered a version of it compatible with their unique techno-magical ecosystem. Below are the fundamental changes to the underlying architecture:

  1. The object-body is still broken down into discrete units but in this case it is sent 'over the ether' rather than converted into photons
  2. The method by which the object is scattered is via an applied chaos field derived from modified ercaniron
  3. A Teletype brain is used as the central processing unit. The primary node is housed in Dali estate and a secondary node is housed in Andelusia. This is what manages the individual units and accurately recombines them on the other side
    1. Additional brains can be added to the network (Class A quests) which can increase redundancy or capacity, but not both, although functions can be switched to support one feature over the other depending on need


  • Public hubs
    • Tia, Terrenus
    • Aspyn, Biazo, Terrenus
    • MOGAH museum, Qrill, Misral, Ursa Madeum
    • Andelusia, Corinth, Ursa Madeum (CSL approved)
  • Private hubs
    • Floracle, Casper, Terrenus
    • Dali vineyard (near Aspyn), Biazo, Terrenus
    • Dali estate, Corinth, Ursa Madeum
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