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Hell's Gate


Attribution: Artbreeder


Themes: High Tech; Science Fantasy - Mild Powers
City Manager: Matthius Brown

In the original Terric, the city's name translates loosely into The Ward Against Inferno. It was only after the Oligarchic Republic fell in approx. 853 BG that the city was renamed to Hell's Gate.


A serial killer talks the streets of Hell's Gate, and seems to be targeting the members of a specific religious order known as the Order of Thorns.

Young PeaceKeeper Michael enrolls into a combat surveillance program which sees him partnered with a "slice" of the Victory ASI (artificial super intelligence).

Hell's Gate straddles the line between the Wilds and the Wastelands. To the east lies a wedge of searing desert that's familiar to the locals but the northern stretch of the Wastelands has transformed into frozen tundra as a consequence of its loci losing the existential war it had been waging against the Shawnee glacier. To the south and west stretch hundreds of miles of savanna and to the southeast lies Limbo, a salvage yard with rife with scraps of transport and weapons technology and an organized shanty town with a market around biomedical operations.


Hell's Gate

Stepping within the city limits of Hell's Gate, one feels the full weight of Terran brilliance bearing down from every angle. The architecture is unlike any other in the whole of Lagrimosa. The buildings reach to dizzying heights. 

Tectonic faults have been patched up by Gaian Engineers, removing virtually any threat of earthquakes. The bases of the buildings are modeled after massive trees, with complex root systems reaching down into the earth and anchoring the buildings against powerful winds. The buildings themselves are truly massive. Several of these are 'micro-cities, internally self-sufficient and capable of being completely isolated from the rest of Terrenus with regards to energy, food, and waste disposal. For now the micro-cities are built with educational entertainment and leisure in mind.

Social Temperature
Note: Be mindful of the fact that the above thread was first posted years ago and the setting (conflicts, opportunities, etc), being in constant flux, have no doubt changed

Hell's Gate's ambient temperature was originally to the point that only Wasteland natives were capable of settling. A massive underground aquifer fed by various channels from a water source far west was the city's only source of water. In the flourish of knowledge and magi-technology since, Hell's Gate ambient temperature is at a more tropical and an artificial river running through its direct center is used for trade and washing but kept clean enough by internal purifiers to classify as potable.

Flora and Fauna

Elderberry: Elderberry is a fairly abundant plant used in a common form of Terran divination which uses tea leaves. One variant throwsthe leaves on the ground or in the air and predicts the future by how they scatter. The most common involves drinking a tea made of elderberry and navigating through cryptic and symbol-heavy delusions to decipher the threads of fate. It is dark brown or dark red and usually around 40 centimeters in length.


Eustace Monroe, esteemed civil engineer before becoming mayor of Hell's Gate, has been quoted as saying that "if I see Gaia in anything, I see her in nature. As much in the elegant mathematics of a flower as in the intrepid manner that all life. Even life-less forms seek to defy their chains. So as the storm rages and the lightning cracks, so as the waves swell and drown the lands, so as the fire blazes and consumes all, so as the mountains reach for the heavens I tell you that man is more audacious yet!"

Hell's Gate is the largest manufacturer throughout the nation of Lagrimosa. As a governmental entity Hell's Gate and an array of private entities inside of Hell's Gate constitute a singular royal warrant holder with Empire and maintains a monopsony business model with them. The first means that they are a preferred seller of goods to Empire and the second means that Empire is an almost exclusive buyer of Hell's Gate's highly engineered goods. This has been the case not only through the Haze era but for centuries, an arrangement that Empire more adopted and refined than cut out of whole cloth. Hell's Gate ranks among one of the wealthiest territories in the world.

Companies, institutions and locations

  • Club Tablillas:  An exotic nightclub, with an attached karaoke restaurant, located on the west side of Hell's Gate.  Here, every breath is an enchantment and every movement is an exhibition of power.  This Stygian expanse, illuminated solely by fantastical sources of light generated by the club's many patrons, bleeds ghostly shadows that amplify emotion, transforming it into a sensible force that shapes the environment in unpredictable ways.
  • Monroe's Laboratory: The Monroe Lab is the converted mansion of the last lordship, and previous regent, of Hell's Gate. It is a castle, a veritable fortress, retrofitted with cutting edge technology to service chemical, biological, and engineering research.
  • Glasmann Estate (G. Estate): A palatial, walled structure, rumored to predate the Slipstick River, serves as House Glasmann's ancestral home.  A testament to the prosperity, longevity, and traditionalism of the eccentric Glasmann family, artistry and craftsmanship adorn every shining facet of this ancient domicile.
  • Limbo: Junkyard in HG's south-eastern quarter
  • Monroe Foundation: The commercial arm of the Monroe dynasty. The Foundation now specializes in automating technologies, after being beaten out of the medical field by House Trasimene. The president is Eustace's younger sister, Henrietta. A master in engineering and software development, Henrietta piloted complex golem intelligence and has pioneered the first Artificial SuperIntelligence (ASI) housed in an organic matrix.
  • Sky Docks: What commercial air traffic there is in Terrenus finds a major hub in Hell's Gate docks, the largest, most popular and most secure of the nation. There are three (five as of 26 AO) primary docks for enterprise vessels and a slew of smaller ones for private vessels.
  • The Purple Axe Tavern and Inn: A purple axe cutting the moon into a crescent is burned into a wooden sign and onto the large double doors leading into the tavern. This is a generic tavern and inn. Players are free to come up with their own as well.
  • The Slipstick River: Giorgio Slipstick (natural philosopher and civil engineer) designed the Slipstick River in the last year of his life. Despite Hell's Gate bordering the Wastelands, this magi-tek driven river remains cool and clean, constantly recycling and purifying itself.

Local government

  • 20,000 soldiers: Trained by the military and assigned from all across Terrenus.
  • 20,000 Enforcers: The local police are a structured militia, for all intents and purposes. Since they are made up primarily of the citizens, as opposed to having been assigned by the military, the police are more likely to be corrupt.
  • 12,000 Wastelands Border Patrol: Hell's Gate is their headquarters.

Federal government

Hell's Gate education focuses primarily on engineering, magitechnology, and natural science.

Notable Residents

  • Armand Maray: Armand moved to Hell's Gate due to a lifelong passion for technology but employs ancient and esoteric methods in his occupation as artificer. 
  • Cadmium Metireal: Major in the Empire's military.
  • Eustace Monroe: Missing. Esteemed engineer and previous regent. Alongside Odin Haze and Edward Brown, Eustace was one of the pioneers of the magi-tech revolution that swept over Lagrimosa shortly after the Crusades. 
  • Henrietta Monroe: Engineer, software developer, automation specialist, and current president of the Monroe Foundation. Henrietta is Eustace's younger sister. She has a skin disease which makes her look much older than she is, and in spite of her physical fitness.
  • Trilith: Although not strictly speaking a resident of Hell's Gate, becoming the champion of the MOBS tournament has catapulted Trilith into the local spotlight.


  1. Club Tablillas - The Redeemer and The Heiress: Ilyana Sevryn and Caeceila Glasmann forge a momentous alliance with the ultimate goal of resolving several of the woes afflicting Hell's Gate, principally combating the local Enrele epidemic and agitating for more reasonable deployment of Artificial Intelligence within Hell's Gate or, failing that, sabotaging industrial applications of Artificial Intelligence within Hell's Gate.
  2. The long road home: A criminal trio travel to Hell’s Gate. After realizing they are low on funds, two adopt the guise of random women and manipulate a few men into purchasing a room. Rodan (one of the criminals) mutates a man into a rug, another into a copy of the innkeeper where they're staying (Nature's Repose) and telepathically manipulates the real owner into deliberately walking into a trap. As the dust settles after this bloody takeover, Lunara (another criminal) makes a local contact who helps smuggle Rodan to Weland while she travels with Agony (the third criminal) to Yh'mi.
  3. Desolation: A brutal serial killer known as the Apostate stalks the streets of Hell's Gate, targeting members of a select Gaian sect known as the Order of Thorns, as Detective Alexander Hawk races to stop him
  4. The cost of victory: Michael Commager's Oculus crystal is removed and repurposed to house a limited instance of the Victory ASI, developed in Hell's Gate. The purpose of this is two-fold: to gather data on field-test combat and investigation scenarios as navigated by a PeaceKeeper, and to observe Michael's mental and physical state after the combat in Last Chance.
  5. Chasing Damaged Threads: Caeceila Glasmann has captured three persons of interest from the Red Festival and delivered them to a Hell's Gate military outpost for advanced interrogation.
  6. Consider the roots: A Gaian priest and two apprentices (Yates, Mae, and Kai, in that order) are on task to explore an underground access tunnel discovered by a commercial construction crew; a common enough task for an order of geomancers. Underground they discover a murder, the town of Anchorage with its stone-people, and a volatile religion with an ominous creed.
  7. Emergence from Hell's Gate: A new crime family begins to rise in Hell's Gate eastern district. Their leader makes a simple offer: join, die, or disappear.
  8. I, Henrietta: A tour through the famed Monroe Foundation's automation facilities turns sideways. A little girl is kidnapped, at which point she's revealed to be the new artificial intelligence Henrietta has spent years creating. Noel, Invarti and Tancred give chase to the kidnappers, taking them through explosive filled runes, a high speed chase to a flight school, and the forceful grounding of an airship to keep the AI from leaving Terrenus
  9. First steps of a long journey: One exiled king's quest begins with a single step in Hell's Gate.
  10. Corruption in Hell's Gate: Investigating rumors about corruption in the police force in the run-down sectors of Hell's Gate, the police discover a mysterious group known as Bushido Blade, led by master thief Lexi Sterling. They are stopped but the motives behind their infiltration are still unclear. 
  11. Hunting for the broken hearts killer . . . wait, another?: A group has gathered in Hell's Gate to investigate a copycat of the Broken Hearts Killer. They find and arrest the suspect.
  12. Bad Times in Hell's Gate: An orc and a former assassin work together to protect the people of a tenement from three vicious gangs looking to exploit the location for their own desires. Using poison, the orc and assassin are able to turn the gangs against one another and succeed in saving the citizens from the gangs. 
  13. FIST - A deadly melody: Detective Hawk was sent to Hell's Gate to investigate the Broken Heart Murders, only to find that the murders were being carried out by multiple people. Further investigation dispelled the idea of a cult and Hawk uncovered a dangerous musical enchantment at the core of the mystery. Hawk gathered survivors of the Song to fight against the Infected and has requested a quarantine over part of the city where the disease is worst. 
  14. Truth of Bombing: A while ago a primary dock in the Hell's Gate airport was bombed. After the rebuild effort, Heina (Terrenus Military) and her colleague Alex began investigating the cause. They combat mercenaries dressed as fake soldiers and send collected information to Central. 
  15. Quarantine: During a quarantine, an unknown group of assailants make their way onto one of Hell's Gate's three primary airdocks by inciting a riot and using this as a diversion to sneak into the dock's power control center and blow it up from the inside.
  16. Hell is Within You: A star labelled "Ggatho" rises, and one of the resident astronomers brings with it ill tidings and has, in some manner, unleashed the White Death (Infected is afflicted with a lethal chill, skin turning white and gleaming, before becoming stiff and dying) upon the western quadrant of the city.
  17. To Kill A Mockingbird, Pt. 1: Unknown personnel infiltrate Dr. Monroe's manor in the wake of the Docking Station explosion. Research on pheromones as well as the student conducting the research has gone missing. This is the second kidnapping, including that of one Eustace Monroe, to happen on the manors ground within 48 hours.
  18. A sell sword selling his sword: For some time now rats have been a problem in certain parts of Hell's Gate, but recently the rats have gone from nuisance to legitimate threat as they have been seen swarming and attacking citizens. Elijah, retired Wastelands Border Patrol, found that the source of the rats mysterious aggression was some manner of mutant rat-man. Eijah then acted out his role as pest-control.



Some say that Last Chance is the home of all criminals; Hell's Gate says that our criminals are so crafty that they get paid for their crimes. Some say that Biazo is a haven for decadence; Hell's Gate asks, can there be a level of indulgence above that which scientists undertake every day, probing into the deeper mysteries of God?

Hell's Gate is the Research & Development center of the whole of Terrenus. Habitation in Hell's Gate is not exclusive to the greatest minds that the nation has to offer, but engineers, analysts, and logicians are among the brainier bunch and they can be found almost exclusively in this futuristic city.

Technology in Terrenus is unlike technology in the rest of the known world of Valucre, and conflicts even with the electricity based technology to be found in those strange realms outside of Valucre's physical scope.

Technology in Terrenus can be defined by more abstract "knowledge" than it can by material components, which is why it is magi-tek. A refinement of technology, then, comes from a better understanding of magic as opposed to an addition or subtraction of physical components to a machine, which is merely used as a conduit for the magic anyway.

Dr. Eustace Monroe is the model citizen of Hell's Gate. His ultimate search is one for knowledge. In his search for Truth, Monroe has sacrified trust, love, integrity, pride, friendship, and innocence and he shows no signs of slowing. The man is warm, amiable, charming, and distinctly intelligent but, if around the man at certain times of crisis, one wonders to oneself if the man has any limitations. Any boundaries that he wouldn't cross in his infernal quest.

Hell's Gate is the locus of the scientific progress and technological revolution.

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