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Hills of Noddendoddy



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The Hills of Noddendoddy are a wide and lush expanse of hillocks. They stand unblemished, almost untouched, as verdant now as they were centuries ago. For reasons unexplained, and unparalleled anywhere else in Terrenus, the Hills of Noddendoddy are capable of "healing" themselves, and at quite the accelerated pace. Whether it is wounds in the earth, or fires set to the trees and brush, damage never seems to last.

This ability is not continuous throughout the Hills, with some patches of it healing in weeks while other parts heal in seconds. There is one area, however, that has been visibly and permanently affected by something now inert.

During, and shortly after, the battle that overtook the guard tower near the Black Range, a host of creatures crawled throughout the land. All manner of dragons, of giants, of mind-flayer and their nefarious ilk advanced as far as these hills before the people lashed back. There is a petrified dragon to be found somewhere among these hills, at the dead center of the deepest valley, locked in immortal battle against a distant ancestor of Odin Haze.

The dragon is caught mid-way through the motion of snapping its massive jaw, wide enough to swallow five men whole, into the ground while its claws poise to cleave chunks from the earth. The champion is stilled and steeled by his passions, brow furrowed in an utmost degree of mortal concentration, sword mere inches away from stabbing deep into the dragon's eye while the maw closes around him. And in this manner, they are frozen in eternal conflict with one another.

An odd sort of tangible ambivalence takes place here. The expanse a half a mile out behind the ancestor is ripe with life and vegetation. The grass can grow no lusher, no greener, and the wildflowers can gain colors no more vivid. There are no green pastures save for the land touched by this holy man.

A half mile behind the dragon, though, things are diametrically opposed. There is only desolation in the domain claimed by the beast. It is a barren, blighted thing that shows no whisper or twitch of life. This divide is east-west, with the east being the side of the ancestor, and with both sides extending as far out as the coast.


The Blossom and the Pistil (Artifact of Healing): Part One, Part Two - Collected intel led the team from the Dead, the individuals arriving at different times, to The Hotaka Blossom in Weland. After striking a deal with a contact and gaining further info both team members traveled to the Hills of Noddendoddy where their target was located and collected. As a result, Claraina's DNA now lies dormant within the guardian Ent living in the Hills' Eastern forests and the Healing artifact was destroyed.

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