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This is only the first floor. Map sourced from www.yeoldemapmaker.com

Population (past): 1.5K assorted military.
Population (current): 3.5K assorted military.

Langley Keep is carved directly from, and into, a small and nearby mountain range. Given the type and breadth of skill befitting the Gaians, it should come as no surprise that the Keep was built with a minimum of resources, workers, and time. There were no tools used, instead the Gaian collective called on their prodigious skills in manipulating the earth and shaped the mountain into the Keep infrastructure, then went around inside shaping its interior.

The Keep's interior is a maze, and there are 10 geomancer's inside of the Keep at all times, cycled out periodically by fresh geomancers, rotated within their own ranks as well, and kept out-of-sight. Their sole duty is to keep the maze's interior constantly shifting so that no map of the Keep could ever be made. Soldiers navigate the inside of the Keep not by rote memorization, but by the application of a unique and sophisticated trigonometric function that reveals to them the path. Where it is applied, and what variables are plugged in, determine where the path revealed leads them.

The Keep has a number of "rotaries" on the inside. These rotaries emulate the design and function of revolving chambers, as one can find in any six-shooter pistol, but with a great deal more chambers. These chambers can be occupied by up to 6 people at once and are controlled by a tightly wound coil at the very center that responds to command from the Keep's control room. The rotaries are the convergence of, usually, no less than 10 tunnels and the mouth of their chambers can be rotated to fit into any of these tunnels. It simplifies travel inside of the Keep for those learned in navigation.

The Keep boasts an impressive armory. The armory is attended by two Clerks, both of whom are well versed in the use of every weapon in the armory and who are living, breathing catalogs of every weapon in the armory and its location. Weapons here range from the mundane, to the enchanted, to strictly military issue.


The Battle of Langley Keep




The Battle of Langley keep is one such battle that was never allowed to reach staggering casualties or collateral damage, and which was relatively short-lived. The singularity in focus achieved by those occupying the Keep in the first legs of the Siren War, the presence of hero Joseph Stratum (Sniper-23), and the unmitigated arrogance of their foe combined to form considerable opposition against an enemy that had them outnumbered, but clearly not outclassed.
The Siren menace introduced itself into two parts of Terrenus at the same time. One large part of their numbers, operating heavy machinery under-water, attacked the town of Casper. Peace-Keeper 12's sound defeat of the menace is another story entirely. Before they levied attack against Casper, the Sirens crept up one leg of the Ponkapoag river that emptied into the South Sea, and marched underwater until they reached Ponkapoag Lake. There they surfaced, and there they marched against Langley Keep.
Up until that point Terrenus knew very little conflict that did not come from within, by way of civil revolution and dissent, and what few enemies they had made outside of their borders rarely succeeded in making it past territorial lines. These few instances became all the more rare when Odin Haze took the monarchy. The Siren were the first foreign enemy to make it so deep into Terrenus proper before they were stopped.
Joseph Stratum was the first to respond, sniping their perceived leader in the chest, revealing in this fell strike that the Siren had thick scales (as the bullet didn't pierce) but that they could be killed, as the offender perished shortly thereafter. Unfortunately it was not their leader and the legion continued to advance. They responded by erecting a sheet of earth so that the Terran snipers could not get a bead on their targets. Joseph commandeered four fire-elementals and glassed the earth over. The Siren suffered minimal damages but continued on.
The next attack was two-fold, one which littered the grounds of the Keep with a series of arrows and one which showered the advancing Siren menace . . . ineffectively. They wore armor but as their armor looked merely like clothing they were well-protected where they might have seemed otherwise; another piece of data for Joseph to munch on.
They continued to advance. PeaceKeeper 11 arrived and the battle reaches a climax, both sides interchanging blows both quick and deadly, scarring the land around them in mutual carnage. Beast-warriors, men with the select attributes and abilities of choice animals, were loosed upon the Siren and the blood spilled faster still.
They continued to advance. The PeaceKeeper, perhaps his attention called to more pressing matters (maybe even to help PK-12 defend Casper) goes idle. Joseph enacts in measure red, calling for earth-elementals to erect a dome around the Keep and reinforcing the dome as quickly as they could before the menace arrived. The Sirens gave birth to a curious creature, one made completely of sand, semi-sentient and capable of moving at inhuman speeds. Some inside the keep took their lives out of fear; others out of courage. But it was only as the Siren menace crossed the rubicon did Joseph Stratum tip the hand that catapulted his military career.
Think back to when Joseph had the rangers shoot a number of arrows around the Keep. What could not be seen save from a bird's eye was the arrangement he had the arrows take, a configuration that had been beaten into his head by his sergeant Edward Brown (a professor of alchemical symbology). A massive disjunction swept the land, suppressing magic inexorably but only for a short time.
The plan was to emerge and take the menace by surprise. The reality was that no enemy awaited them when Terran soldiers dug themselves out. Weaponry of all kind, the corpses of their own fallen brethren, but not a single Siren or D'ijura (their mystical sand beast) in sight. As it turns out the Siren were made of some manner of crystallized magic, a fact that didn't become evident until the boys at Central studied the scene a few times, and one which wouldn't have been available had it not been for Joseph's ingenuity, accidental though it may have been.
Joseph's leadership not only saved Langley Keep that fateful day, but also provided Terrenus with the means by which to vanquish the Siren menace completely.


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