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It is unclear how long the Fairy-folk have inhabited Terrenus, as almost all other living species save for that which is hunted for food is denied entrance into their town let alone their archives. The fairies consider knowledge of the past precious beyond definition. What is clear is that they had been around for quite some time, and their civilizations considerably advanced, by the time that mankind first began recording history.

The fairy-folk are depicted as being divine in the earliest writings of mankind, and as having descended from the stars. Modern cultural anthropological experts agree that the most likely interpretation of that phrase is that the fairies are extra-terrestrial and came unto Valucre from an adjacent planet in the same solar system. At some point mankind began to regard them as equals and there was a great falling out, a bloody war, and equilibrium was reached.

However in 687 B.G. the King of the Fairies took up all his people and swept them into Moonwood, disgusted by mankind's disregard for nature and wary of the path of assured destruction they had set themselves upon with their ruthless and aggressively expansionistic policies. The King of Fairies also planned to lead a campaign to exterminate mankind but, as King Levas died shortly after the mass exodus due to direct intervention from Herbie, who the fairies had and still have great respect for, the King of Fairies let the fires of vengeance cool with time.

Moonwood exists in a dualistic state, half physical and half spiritual. The physical half is open to exploration and prodding of any kind. Travelers that pass through Moonwood often remark at an increase in physical strength. In reality the whole of Moonwood operates at one-sixth the planet's normal gravity. In the center of Moonwood is a golden arch that leads to nowhere, and is the main gate into the spiritual realm where the whole fairy kingdom resides.

The King has granted passage to a single human being, that being Vaile Trasimene PeaceKeeper of Ignatz. The spirit of Moonwood, pining for company, called to the spirit of the Moon and the celestial body began to move towards the earth. Tides fluctuated and whole eco-systems began to shift. Vaile convinced the spirit of Moonwood to cease its cries, averting a global disaster.


Jason's Talisman: An adventurer (Trace) wanders through Moonwood in search of Jason's talisman and, on the way, encounters the Regent of Blairville (Katamus). Together they avoid a grave number of dangerous predators, recover Jason's talisman. Trace relinquishes his claim over the talisman, at which point Katamus takes it, and the burden it carries, with him.

This thread also discovers a new species of predator in Moonwood. An oversize lizard capable of invisibility that takes great advantage of Moonwood's low gravity.

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