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Palgard - obsolete-2018-09-30


GM decision to retire the Palgard setting

Source: 1zoom


Themes: Modern Tech - Criminal - Low Powers
RegentSanu Toak (Bandit King) | Hana Alenko (Captain of Industry) | Renata Saratxaga (PeaceKeeper)
Contact: Suta, Spacegy4, Paroxysm

Palgard is a pirate haven built on the ruins of New Palgard, which was built on the ruins of Old Palgard. The city is situated to the far south of Terrenus, bordered by the magical Moonwood, No Man’s Land, and Black Ridge, all generally considered inhospitable places. This makes Palgard the Southern Oasis of Terrenus.

Palgard is an anarchic city populated by a wild mix of all sapient races, and currently lacks all form of organized government. A number of corporations, gangs, cults, and unions have emerged which service the needs of its members and most others, while bands of merchant pirates and bandits pick up the slack.

Its people are generally distrusting, but relaxed in their dealings with others. People can be counted on to not cheat or steal from each other on constant threat of death, but naturally this puts weaker-willed individuals on edge. By no means does this prevent lying, cheating, or killing. Not that there are any codified laws anymore.

Social Temperature
Faction Information

Additional information is as follows:


Current - Most of the people have abandoned the dangerous anarchist Palgard in favor of Martial Town


A well in town which has been spawning impish water elementals has been quieted with the removal of an odd object from its depths. More and more of these elementals keep spawning however, suggesting that there are more objects strewn all over the city. Little gangs of water elementals have been accosting travelers, good and bad alike. 



Palgard shares a harsh, uneven, environment with the Black Ridge to its east, however the flat land to the north and west are fertile enough to sustain a form of self-sufficient agriculture, and the plentiful oceans to the south offer an abundance of fishing opportunities. Due to this uneven environment, and the river that most of the city runs along, many buildings either float or take on water at various parts of the year, giving foreigners the sense, for a while, that they’re standing on a giant interconnected structure made out of boats.


Palgard forms a wild and ever changing low skyline based on the skeletal remains of New Palgard’s ruins, and the resourcefulness of those who call Palgard home. Most noticeably, from even miles away, is the towering airship, crashed vertically in the city center - by the river - that has been retrofit into a capital building for the bandit king.

Boating is an integral part of navigation throughout the city. Boats have a general access to most parts of the city, and walking makes up the rest. People are usually in no rush. Where there is wealth to be had, mine-like carts and rail have been slapped together from salvaged steel to allow people more hasty transport on a haphazard blend of community rail tapped off by whoever adds to it. There is no Gate allowing teleportation travel out from Palgard.


Palgard, during most months, usually enjoys tepid weather and a warm ocean breeze. However, during the winter months, Palgard endures long spells of freezing rain, though it never snows in the city. A hurricane has never struck Palgard since its renewal, but it is likely a single powerful hurricane would raze all but the capitol tower.

Flora and Fauna

The influence of the magical zones surrounding the city are obvious in its nature. Moonwood creatures that range from curious sprites to ferocious multi-fanged reptile-like tree-climbers sometimes venture into spitting distance of Palgard, and Unnaturals from the Black Ridge sometimes haunt the city’s civilians. The outskirts of the city also tend toward an overgrown state, to the dismay of the city’s residents.


Culturally diverse with no clear dominance of race. Humans, Fae, Orkfolk, as well as aquatic races such as Merfolk, populate the city in equal numbers.


Culture is a wild mix and match of family and affiliation. Pleasure is equated with happiness, and arbitrary segregation such as racism or sexism only comes into play when it suits one’s interests. Which is relatively common in Palgard.


Palgard is home to a hostile yet welcoming population of approximately 40 000, following steep rises in population as criminals of a less sadistic and more pragmatic nature flee the lamentable conditions of Last Chance to build and fight for homes in the constructed wreckage of Palgard.

Lacking a large government and military presence, the various groups that have formed throughout the city and its surroundings are able to cooperate, at least within themselves, and to that extent are able to enforce their own arbitrary rules as per their territory.

Companies, institutions and location

  • Bell Tower Carcass: The concrete and stone skeleton of the destroyed Bell Tower that been brought down by a group of terrorists still lingers in the city. Having once held a mighty tower, the durable foundation proves an apt place for building shanties, and is considered a strategic landmark for warring factions.
  • Life Preserve: A large tract of land taken from the Great Pine Barrens nearby Palgard are used as a free-range for a wide variety of domesticated plant and animal life. Cattle wrangling of all descriptions are commonplace.
  • Odin Haze Monument: A massive stone effigy carved in the likeness of the Saint-King. Physical contact has been known to cure minor diseases, including blindness, deafness, a few forms of physical disability, as well as exorcise possessed people or items. A river of excrement now circles the structure like a heel-high moat.
  • Sharpmate's Noodle Shop: Not quite a famous spot, not quite a hole in the ground, Sharpmate is known for its filling and satisfactory noodles. 
  • Zephyrus Tower: A skyscraper-like structure at the heart of Palgard, home to the General'nyy Direktor and Bandit King. Heavily secured, the structure serves as a logistics center for anyone that enjoys their security. On the lower levels the structure also serves as a hotel brothel.


Local government & Economy

Anarchy. Needs are met by corporations, gangs, cults, or any word one uses for factions. Rule of the strong and loyal, but with survival the only tool of management, there is no strict hierarchy that is followed. What best allows one to survive is sought after.

The economy is surprisingly robust. Contracts are upheld by threat of mutual destruction, and with so much danger surrounding citizens people prioritize passive arrangements. The rare few that attempt to take advantage of others with force are countered by overwhelming force, usually resulting in their mob-enforced execution.

Federal government

Although initial concerns indicated abandonment by the federal government, the Terran empire has responded to the upheaval of Palgard by tasking some of their best minds with re-establishing order and repairing damaged infrastructure, as well as providing aid and shelter to refugees fleeing violence in the core of the city.


Factions educate their young, but Palgard is no place for youth. Given that Odin’s laws are generally ignored, children are generally working hard jobs by 10 years old. They learn while they work, experience and seniors guiding them.

Notable Residents

  • Corso: Mercenary. Doesn't do murder but has done nearly anything else. He isn't for hire but he knows about a job or two if you're interested. 
  • Renata (Paroxysm): PeaceKeeper and authority of martial town and the military
  • Bandit King: Leader of the anarchists
  • General'nny Direktor (spacegy4): Leader of the industrialists



  1. Well, well, well: Ellen, Morrin, and Circe investigate an odd well that has been propagating mischievous water elementals. Inside the well, the three mages find a strange object of uncertain origin that appears to have been causing the disturbance. The trio remove the object from the well's presence, halting the creation of new elementals, and then go their separate ways.
  2. Palgard's club med: A three-man cell of soldiers is given an assignment – find out who keeps stealing the medical supplies being sent to Palgard. They discover that the bandits are well armed and highly coordinated, and follow a trail which leads them to Zephyrus Tower. They're able to reclaim some of the supplies and have uncovered what could be a criminal conspiracy in Palgard.
  3. An engineer's work is never done: The General'nny Direktor hires mercenaries to investigate a mysterious bandit outpost. After the mercenaries vanish before their job is completed the Direktor intervenes, and successfully converts the outpost to industrialist control.
  4. Demon in the Vault: Adventurers Michael and Donovan venture into a vault with Professor Renés. Sneaking through corridors filled with Grotesqueries, the duo finds the vault containing a demon named Sener. After being exposed, Sener attacks. Defeating the demon and taking a book that described its origin and the locations of others like her, Michael and Donovan leave the vault. After being deceived by an image of a woman he has strong affection for, Michael resolves to find the other demons.
  5. Tazarek turns to Palgard: An expedition for resources spirals into a deadly rebellion.
  6. No-Way Gate: The military closes its grip on its newly acquired asset, the Way Gate, and restores it again to functionality, but only unilaterally, allowing for inbound traffic only. Following the completion of its power source, work begins on a backup engine, the previously used ICE, as well as restoring outbound traffic between the other mega-cities.
  7. Brawl within the Belltower: The swordsman Garrett and engineer Kresh are hired by the General'nny Direktor to investigate the ruins of a Belltower in Palgard. The intrepid duo quickly discover that a gang has taken root in this once proud edifice's ruins, and so are forced to dispatch the anarchists in order to secure the site for whatever plans the Palgard government holds for this region.
  8. The First Move: Those Anarchists organized under the Bandit King expand their territory in all directions under the lackluster hand of their leader. They begin stockpiling Auranite. Rumors of secret dealings with the Bandit King and a mysterious, invested, party are abound.
  9. Rebuilding Greatness: The General'nny Direktor expanded the reach of her industrial territory by displacing nearby anarchists. 
  10. Once in ruins (again), Palgard is (not entirely) renovated (26 AO).
  11. The city is attacked by mercenary and pirate forces, a dark army is employed through crony Palgard security to fight them off, but they end up joining forces. A giant airship ends the attack, and the child regent goes missing, believed assassinated.
  12. Toppling a Tyrant: A group of adventurers toppled down a tyrant ruling over a small town near Palgard city. They assassinated the tyrant, rallied the people, then led an assault to defeat the bandit forces, routing them. The town is free at last.
  13. Attack on Palgard's Belltower: A regal party is interrupted by a terrorist attack that razes Palgard's bell tower, silencing its once haunting carillon. The attack provokes the local government and foments rebellion. Lynching riots between the poor and the rich are an increasing occurrence (Generates new quest: Stop the riots)
  14. Derailed Palgard: Terrorists boarded and destroyed the Lightning Rail and train in Palgard, and detonated an explosive in a crowded area. Major trade is disrupted in Palgard, resulting in chaos.
  15. Witches Be Crazy: The Sisterhood of Witches manage to end the Orc War, though are unable to salvage the orc fortress, which was one of their primary goals.
  16. Once in ruins, Palgard is now renovated (23 AO).
  17. The End of Power: For reasons unknown Roku disappears and abdicates his throne.
  18. F*ck You Roku!: A noble contracts two bag-men to clean up a mess that goes by the name of Roku.
  19. This Is MY Land:Roku takes Palgard by storm. They say he is a demon, spat straight from the bowels of hell. They say that the destruction he laid against the town was an act of vengeance, of justice perhaps, but bloody no matter the motivation.



New Palgard as it is often referred to is a city emergent from the ashes of an inglorious and bloodied ruin. Old Palgard was originally formed as a roadside resting place and forestry camp that fed raw supplies up the Ponkapoag River to Tia. Over time it grew into a city that attracted and accepted all races. After a coup, Old Palgard was set on the path to destruction by its' usurper. With the death of the tyrant came the obliteration of Old Palgard, making way for the city to be rebuilt further south.

Upon the fall of the Bell Tower and city-wide riots, New Palgard is razed by the death and subsequent detonation of the child queen Melissa Greybury, ending her reign and leaving in its place a chaotic mess and a lost people too accustomed to the minutiae direction of their queen. From the ashes rose two leaders, the charismatic pirate Sanu who would eventually be crowned the Bandit King, and the organized, methodical Hana, who would go on to run and manage all of the major organizations that make Palgard their home.

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