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Terrenus Timeline: Condensed


As with most articles the information is subject to change both as knowledge surfaces IC as well as when I learn something OOC that would call for something to be modified or is just cooler (which is always a valid reason). If this is a difficult concept to square against what should be a record of fact consider that recorded history is itself a historical narrative, with limitations on perspective (who recorded what information and why; primary, secondary, and tertiary sources), and even the effectiveness of the historical method. Also keep in mind that the continent has been host to much chaos and intrigue, which gives Lagrimosa more-reason-than-most to lend itself to revisions to historical perspective.


BG = Before Gaia.

AO = After Odin.

The most recent events start at the top and work their way back in time as you go to the bottom of the timeline. In section itself, newest items are at the top as well.

Article is subject to change and can be taken IC as due to recent developments / new findings / etc, things of that nature.

1100 BG – 30 AO

  1. Eternal Night overtakes Valucre and presages the beginning of another cycle of chaos
  2. The Terran Empire pioneers magi-technology. Terran military and government advances by leaps and bounds; with Lightning Rail and Warp Gate, the nation experiences an unprecedented golden age which lasts for decades.
  3. Odin Haze establishes modern Gaianism and unifies Lagrimosa as Saint-King under the Terran empire.
  4. Odin Haze leads a war against the Desecrators in a religious crusade.
  5. The nation falls into barbarism, lacking rule of law and favoring might. Tribes who love chaos and destruction (Wyrm worshipers, Zengi's desecrators, so on) flood over the face of the earth.

1200 BG – 1100 BG

  1. The false republic is exposed as an oligarchy and falls. Rumors have it that the Assassin's Guild was involved.
  2. Shawnee Glacier is discovered to be shrinking
  3. A sphinx is discovered to be guarding the pass in Hidden Valley
  4. The gauntlets of Zengi are discovered and sold
  5. Sheobrazi the Golemancer dies

1300 BG – 1200 BG

  1. Shawnee Glacier is discovered to be mystical ice
  2. There is growing religious unrest in the land
  3. An oligarchy posing as a republic is formed
  4. The Legion of Desecrators is disbanded; the few die-hard members remaining go into hiding
  5. The largest factions leftover from Levas's fallen monarchy go to war.

1400 BG – 1300 BG

  1. The Forbidding Hills are exposed as a Necropolis
  2. Two lovers die in each other’s arms during war-time; the Hills of Lost Hearts is formed
  3. Herbie casts a powerful sanctity spell on a forest, thereafter known as the Peaceful Woods
  4. Herbie, a mystical sage, isolates himself from civilization and takes residence in the Great Pine Barrens
  5. Two genius centaur twins, the Scudder’s Brothers, flee racism and populate the forests near their hometown of Weland

1600 BG – 1400 BG

  1. Zengi the Witch-King is destroyed
  2. Jason of the Lions, a great hero, dies fighting Zengi and is mourned nationwide
  3. Zengi casts Terrenus into a Dark Age
  4. Last Chance is made as a refuge for criminals

1700 BG – 1600 BG

  1. The Desecrators's current figurehead is assassinated
  2. King Levas is assassinated; the monarchy splits into provinces
  3. There is an epidemic with an infection rate of 21% and a mortality rate of 73%
  4. The King of the Fairies is disgusted by human nature and takes his kingdom into hiding

1800 BG - 1700 BG

  1. A terrible flood damages Casper. Tethys is first written about in mythological works
  2. The Desecrators are formed in worship of Zengi
  3. Levas the Cruel unites the territories under his iron fist
  4. Dragons are hunted and retreat from Valucre; those that stay behind hide or or killed 

2000 BG – 1800 BG

  1. Successful assassination of Queen Ersela and Queen Hildena ends the matriarchal diarchy, dividing the nation into territories
  2. The Assassins’ Guild is formed
  3. A terrible famine sweeps the land
  4. The Witch-King Zengi invades the Great Pine Barrens and makes his stronghold. He begins a campaign of indiscriminate destruction

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