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The Safeguard Act


Note: Safeguard is active only in Blairville,Ā Casper, DougtonĀ and Tia. It was drafted and passed in late 26 AO to early 27 AO.

The Safeguard Act, henceforth referred to as the act, prohibits the use of unlicensed magic. Punishment ranges from fines to incarceration on the basis of the magic use itself, with intent (accident vs intent to harm) and circumstance (standalone vs simultaneous with other crime) considered exacerbations.

The act requires an additional form for residents, citizens, and companies to fill out in tandem with tax declarations. This form asks for information on magical ability, interests, and future potentialities. An optional form allows for the registration of artifacts and items.

A flat wafer-thin telemetric crystal records magical signature when activated. This signature does not alert any agency upon use but will allow for reference if investigation is necessary.

The information is stored on twinned-crystal technology encrypted at the atomic level by layered Brownian algorithm. Competency tests are optional for residents and citizens (and look good on a resume) but compulsory for any entity that turns a profit of magical ability.

Statistical Data: 19% of the forms provide useless data. Some are lost, some are incorrectly filled out, some are faked, others have their crystal signature interfered with (by accident or on purpose).

Non-Violent Crimes

  • Property damage.
  • Magical drugs:
    • Possession: Fine for first offense.
    • Sale: Fine for first offense.
    • Trafficking: Incarceration for first offense.
    • Cultivation: Depends on the amount.
  • Arcane counterfeiting/forgery (potions, items, artifacts, etc).
  • Owning/use of unregistered magical items.

Violent Crimes

  • Unnatural Compulsion: Possession, enchantment, etc. Are all federal offenses for impinging on people's wills.
  • Blue Magic (sex magic)
  • Assault and Battery
  • Kidnap/abduction/false imprisonment
  • Murder (manslaughter, first degree, etc)



In those cities, anyone caught using magic without a license will be fined or hauled to jail for a trial or what have you. If someone reports a crime and investigation reveals there to have been a magical source involved, and that traced back to someone who practiced unlicensed magic, it would exacerbate whatever punitive actions would be taken against them for the mundane crime. For instance, robbing a bank might get you 10 years (random #), robbing a bank and using unlicensed magic to do it might get you 20 (again, random #).

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