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Timber Creek


File Code: GCT GA- 24

File Title: Timber Creek. Survey and analysis report.

File Author: Edward Hawthorne.

Timber Creek


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Letter to Mr. Hawthorne

Dear Mr. Hawthorne.

It has come to the attention of the GCT (The Geographical Committee of Terrenus) that proper documentation, and information made available to the public, has been severely lacking on the location known as Timber Creek. Therefore, the committee has agreed to finance your survey and analysis request. Please find enclosed a check with the requested sum attached with this letter.

Best of luck,

Andre R Younger

Excerpt from Journal entry # 1

This journal will serve as a record of my personal experiences into Timber Creek, as well as the findings of my team for our expedition. On this 26 day of February within the year of our Saint Twenty Six, I, Edward Hawthorne, set out with my hand chosen team for the survey and analysis of the location known as Timber Creek.


Timber Creek’s name is nothing short of well deserved, as the land consists of dense forest, small watercourses, ponds and lakes. To the south one will find the forest and watercourses to thin as they meet the harsh and dry climate of No Man’s land. To the east the woods of Timber Creek meet The Great Pine Barrens, while to the west one will be greeted by the rolling plains leading to the city of Tia. The area to north is best avoided, as Timber Creek and The Haunted Glen share more than just a border.

Excerpt from Journal entry # 98

As my team and I neared the southern border of The Haunted Glen, it became clear that we had come ill prepared, as our runic wards were swallowed by the growing shadows and fog. Tonic that had been gifted to us from the Gaian Academy only kept the mind invading nightmares at bay for mere moments. My team and I retreated back up the creek before setting up camp to rest, and it is only now that I can steady my hand to write on these pages.

Photo taken with entry #98


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The source of the Timber Creek draws its water from many outlying areas, the primary of which being all the way south towards Black Ridge. Other noticeable sources come in from the Great Pine Barrens and No Man’s Land.

Excerpt from Journal entry # 243

Though Timber Creek has many sources, it is interesting to note that the creek hardly ever detours from its namesake, only pooling up into small ponds, and upon recent discovery, one lake- of which there may be many more. Upon the start of our journey we did a brief survey of the lands around timber creek to further investigate the creek’s source. Nothing of note caught our attention near the Great Pine Barrens, but the source coming from No Man’s Land was indeed puzzling. Further investigation is suggested for this odd phenomenon, as water was observed as trickling in from desert rock faces and even the sand itself. My team and I would have investigated further, but alas, our destination was not No Man’s Land, for which I am grateful.

Despite having two dangerous neighbors to the north and to the south, Timber Creek boasts beautiful scenery all throughout its landscape. Some locations provide enough peace from dangerous creatures to support small communities.

Settlements and Inhabitants.

Timber Creek has a very large highway between Tia and Ashville that intersects the highway from Ashville to Palgard, thus it is not uncommon to meet all manner of traders and travelers when traveling the road. Just off the highway one will find the usual tavern, inn, and even small communities and settlements, but the deeper one travels into Timber Creek, the less likely one will find the hospitalities of the civilized world. Just like any undeveloped and unsecured location in Terrenus, caution should be advised to citizens who travel off the main roads, as taken from the Journal of Mr. Hawthorne, there are dangers that lurk deep within Timber Creek.

Not all is dangerous, however, should one stray from the path of the highway. One very popular tavern lies within Timber Creek, should the wanderer find their legs more weight than they can carry. The Dragon’s Gut, run by one Julia Thunraw (an orc woman), is refuge from the elements and dangers of Timber Creek.

Photo taken with entry #132


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The Dragon’s Gut.

~Room and board~

Proprietor – Julia Thunraw

Location – East of the Timber Creek Highway, between the Haunted Glen and the Great Pine Barrens.

Excerpt for Journal entry # 132

After so many taxing experiences, it is with great relief and comfort that I write this entry. My team and I now find ourselves within the warm shelter of a tavern known as The Dragon’s Gut. I find myself at peace amongst even this small portion of civilization, despite the fact that the patrons seem to be of the less than reputable sort. Though the owner (one very tall and very muscular orc woman) had put me at ease with her straightforward and strong nature, she threatened one of my team, as he had become disorderly from the drink. She stated, very flatly, that if I didn’t get him under control, she would crush his head with her large… chest. I’ll admit that I was terrified by her masculine size at the time, but I cannot help but chuckle as I write this entry.

Note: Suspend drinking rations for Thomas Hartford for the remainder of our journey, or until he proves himself capable of restraint.


The wildlife in Timber Creek remains quite tame along the highway that runs through it, but deep exploration should be avoided. Documented reports tell of all manner of beasts roaming the landscape- the reports worsening in severity the further north the reports originate from.

Excerpt Journal entry # 102

A Body Snatcher. A Gaia, damned Body Snatcher! We thought we had made a fair distance from Haunted Glen, but one of those disgusting creatures still made its way up the creek! We had paused our journey for a quick swim, but situations as well as the wildlife seem keen to keep us from enjoying ourselves as of late.

Noted Excerpts.

Excerpt from journal entry # 116

It is with great sorrow that I put this pin to paper, as we have lost one Jacob Hoffman to an unknown entity within an abandoned town. Upon our approach the town appeared deserted, as no one answered our calls, save for the echo of our own cries into the fog. We elected to set up camp in an abandoned warehouse. I know not when Jacob left our group that night, but the scream that met our ears was not meant for mortals to hear. Upon our arrival to where we heard him last, the only thing that was there to meet us was a floor stained crimson. His scream still haunts me, as it still pierces my being this day, even as I am protected by the light of the sun. Gaia rest his soul.

I have reconsidered this expedition, but my men give me courage to press on. I am truly lucky to have such brave souls at my side.

Photo taken with entry # 116


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Excerpt from Journal entry # 158

There seems to be a silent battle ragging on in Timber creek. On one side there is the beauty that Gaia has bestowed upon the land in all its glory, and on the other lies the shadows and nightmares that I can safely assume are trickling in from Haunted Glen. Just this morning my team and I took rest near a small pond in the shade of the leaves,

Photo taken with entry # 158


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but when nightfall came I stumbled upon a very disturbing shack by the creek. I managed to snap a picture before leaving, but cannot help but regret it as the scene grips my heart with a haunting air. I relish the thought of leaving this place, yet hope to return one day- if for nothing else than to hear Julia from The Dragon’s Gut sing again.

Second photo taken with entry # 158


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