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Faejarhe Overview







| G E O G R A P H Y |


Map by Meraxa.


   Alterion receives all four seasons, but is known to have very mild winters, being a land of spring storms and fall rains more than winter and cold. Most hurricanes and storms that build off the coast of Alterion rarely make landfall and those that do, leave few casualties in their wake. Overall, Alterion can have it’s sweltering days in the summer, but is largely a pleasant and mild locale. It’s snow capped peaks are known for their cold bite, however, and its coasts are known to have creeping tides that can pull an unsuspecting soul out to sea, at times.



   Alterion is a land that, as a general rule of thumb, rises towards the north and the east, culminating in the vast sprawl of the Izral Mountains, and dips towards the south and west, opening out into the vast lowlands - interlaced with plains, forests, swamps, and a great desert - that cover Greater Arkadia, Cosanastre, and Khaznah. With water on almost all sides - save for the questionably existent landbridge with the Realm Formerly Known As Elendaron - Alterion possesses coasts of all kinds, with some beaches particularly favoured as among the most romantic in the world; others rest close to some of the most dangerous creatures of the sea.


Flora & Fauna

     Alterion is flush with various types of plants, many of which are used in alchemic concoctions and various other chemicals.

   Despite its vast urban city-scapes, Alterion is quite rich in agriculture. Though, Izral specializes in genetically modifying and distributing produce, Alterion as a whole can provide for itself. Alterion's coastal regions, with their sandy, soft soil terrain are ideal for fruit and vegetable growth. Alterion is the largest producer of citrus in the known world and has cross bred a particular hybrid known as the Cosa Blood Orange—named so due to the Crimson color of the orange's pulp. Alterion does have difficulty cultivating a lasting row crop, however, these crops usually see a boom in production thanks to genetic engineering.

  • Bestiary


Cities, Provinces, Territories

   Alterion is a booming hub of technology, with it’s primary Regions all having access to advanced technology. For a more detailed look at the individual regions and their varying designs please visit the links provided above in the introduction. Please Note: The Hollow event has caused chaos, mass mutations, geographical and population changes in different areas of Alterion. They are noted in the above table and marked on the map provided.

   Alterion has four massive regions and numerous disparate villages, towns, baronies and lordships around the nation. Three of the four major regions are population dense and, thanks to advanced technology and spell crystals vary in tone and design. Outside of the major cities the Alterion wilderness is horrific, wild and unbroken. It is not uncommon for the merchant or fool hardy hunter to venture on their own beyond the protected regions to wind up dead. Khaznah being one of the more devastatingly deadly of these areas as it is home to the Devla Desert.

   Alterion is scattered with off-the-grid cities not located on the main map. These small towns and villages have limited to no technology and range from rural, feudal villages, to lower steampunk tech. They’re generally referred to as ‘unaffiliated’ since they have no sworn fealty to any specified governmental body and, as such, are not always afforded protection from bandits, rebels and monsters.


Map by Meraxa.



[ Momar ]


[ Khaznah ]

Realm of Sun & Sand

[ Yamakaku ]


[ WIP ]


[ WIP ]

The Spirit Realm

| their Major Cities |


Londoh Soboln

Port Tauranga



| their Major Islands |


Shino Tsuro






| their Major Landmarks |

Longu Valley

Cloud Forest

Momar Basin


Isles of Judgement

Pijesak Peninsula

Horn of Dique

Ketakutan Archipelago


| their Notable Locale |


Babel Corp







| C U L T U R E |

   Alterion is flush with culture stemming from a blend of multiple locales and time periods, one such as Victorian London/America and its reliance on corporations during its industrial revolution. As well as Chinese culture due to long periods of trade with the outside world, but its systematic reliance on a caste system and honor bound code of conduct. Alterion was designed to allow players to write whatever they desire without searching various subforums for a specific genre. The City-States allow a rich modern/steampunk/sci fi culture, along with its affiliated cities, while the unaffiliated cities and unconquered realms allow for any other genre ranging from fantasy to cyberpunk, pending your desire.

  • A citizen living within one of the mega cities, or an affiliated city, is literate, adequately versed in alchemical theory to make use of Alterion crystals and technology, is aware of common metaphysical phenomena (ghosts, rituals, telepathy, charms, hexes, etc), and is often capable of using Alchemy (“magic”) as a result of scholarly pursuit and understanding.
  • A native from one of the unaffiliated towns or unconquered regions is less likely to be literate and have empirical insight into Alchemy and metaphysical phenomena. Instead, their ability to use metaphysica is a result of hereditary traditions and cultural myths. Their understanding of alchemy is intuitive rather than logical, making them more susceptible to charlatans and superstitious fears.
  • But, steeped in tradition and removing empirical observation as an obstacle, more young people tend to be able to wield powerful, ancient abilities. An Alterian from any part of the nation tends to be robust due to exposure to the Crystal’s energy and Masonic religious practices and have a strong fortitude and charisma about them.



   The Primary spoken language of Alterion is Alterrin. It can be compared to Chinese and its multiple dialects. It has various dialects (well over 200), but these are the best known in order of use.

  1. Indigenous; the standard dialect, very proper lots of honorifics. Used exclusively by the uppers with other uppers or with those they are showing a high regard for.
  2. Lesser; bastardization of the first. very gruff, very urban.
  3. Muhiran dialect; a blend of indigenous and the ancient muhiran tongue. Most common amongst the merchant and lower classes. 
  4. Rosinderian dialect; a blend of indigenous and the incredibly faded rosinderian tongue. Most common amongst the uppers and middle class.


Politics & Religion

   Alterion was once governed by a religion following the faith of the one Crystal, further bred by it's daughter Riva. However, with the progression of technology, challenging bodies, and thoughtful mindsets of newer generations it began to lose its hold. The first crusader to fight back, though at great cost to himself was the previous High Mason Ocelot Royce. In his endeavor to change the will of the Crystal he was overpowered and locked within the confines of its planar realm. Who next would stand against such an evil, was none other than his beloved sister Heir High Mason Nadia Royce. She who freed the minds of Alterion's people.

   What had been a religion built to oversee and segregate the populace from outside ideals-even though outwardly accepting of them-was abolished on the day the crystal shattered. A day recorded in history as the Hollow and aptly represented by the loss of both affliction from the Crystal and the abysmal chaos that ensued.

   Although the Masonic religion is no longer a major factor of their daily lives, Masons still exist. Their tormented minds still unable to grasp the loss of the Crystal and fighting from the shadows for a return to the old ways.

   Overall, Alterians believe in an afterlife and in the existence of alternate planes of existence. They refer to the realm of their Archon's as Valholl (the hall of heroes). It is considered to be similar to Renovatio's realm of Qua'Xar. Alterians also recognize the existence of Inferno and utilizes their own version of Heaven's Gate called Xaengri-La for entering and travel between the realms. The celestial plane that encompasses all these realms is referred to as Xaengri-La, as well.



   Alterion is, or was, unique in that it could fit a number of differing definitions as to the nature of its hierarchy and government. To many, it was a Theocratic Empire, with the Masons ruling over the people by divine right of the Crystal; the realm at that time was divided into three constituent regions, equal partners under the light of the Crystal. Others would argue that Alterion was simply an Oligarchy with the trappings of faith, where church and class stood together as the only equal partners to be seen, jointly ruling over the populace. For a time it could have even been argued as an Autocracy, with the High Mason - one Ocelot Royce - having absolute authority over the nation as a whole; all other considerations subservient to their will.

   Then came the Hollow. Ocelot Royce is gone. The Crystal is shattered. And with it, the notion of Alterion as any singular nation, however defined, is also broken. The three regions have become four, each the size of a small nation in their own right, argued along traditional and geographical boundaries than any political or administrative ones, with interpretation varying between the speaker. Having once operated at the pleasure of the Masons, the destruction of the crystal and the uprooting of society that the Hollow has wrought has seen them break away from that rule, whether they have found their own, or been subsumed by another. Until such alternative claimants are legitimised however, the outside world still considers Cosanastre as Alterion's capital city, and the region surrounding it core to that Empire which was, as overseen by Ocelot’s replacement and heir apparent, High Mason Nadia Royce. But beyond the edges of Cosanastre, the High Mason's influence mightn't as well exist at all. Each of the other three Regions - Greater Arkadia, Izral, and Khaznah - see the rise of new powers, asserting their authority over the lands that surround them, as they are able. Whether they will come to recognise the right of the Royce bloodline to rule, or shall instead challenge it for the rule of the continent altogether, will only be known in time…



   There is public education, as funded by the government for all children in Alterion, regardless of age or station (though children of the Uppers/the Nobility often receive private schooling to prevent them from mixing with undesirables.) The Uppers often hire tutors for their children and their are private academies and universities available for those who can afford them.


| I N F R A S T R U C T U R E |
national flag
Law & Order

   The Laws and regulations that guide Alterion are now divided by the four regions that it is comprised of. Each of them differing under the powers that reign over them. The only exception at this time being Khaznah, the realm of sun and sand. The easternmost region of Alterion is the only one lacking a major city with as grand a foothold as Cosanastre, Arkadia Prime [Momar], and Izral. Although it is made vastly up of wild territory, a citrine sun strives to shine overhead while a shadow brews beneath its dusty surface.


Foreign Relations

   Alterion is far from an isolationist nation, but it primarily deals in exports, feeling it can provide for its people. Certain imports are permitted, provided they come through government sanctioned vendors, but overall Alterion prefers to operate as an intermediary, moving what would be their imports to a third party before it touches Alterion soil. It's a poorly kept secret that Daius Industries are large supporters of piracy/privateers , particularly Sky Pirates, and pay decent and fair wages to those who provide consistent service.

Alterion has signed no official treaty with any specific foreign body  but remains on good terms with most nations.






National Defense

   With the advent of the Hollow, and the subsequent hammer blow to the nation's infrastructure, military affairs have undergone a similarly significant shakeup. Everything from what is to be considered standard equipment, to exactly who is in command, and where their loyalties lie, has been up for consideration - and in many instances, sale. Thus the first thing to understand is that, in its present state, much of the Alterion military is now supplemented with men and arms provided by PMCs - Private Military Contractors - in which the most prominent are the traditional corporations that have long ruled the continent from the shadows, and now wish to seize the opportunity to re-ingratiate themselves. Second to understand is that in many instances they do not simply supplement the military, but have downright replaced it, whether for being the only providers of now difficult-to-acquire technologies, or because local forces have gone rogue. Third to understand then is that much of the Alterion military has in fact gone rogue, and if they have not already defected to other claimants of power, many officers now rule as Warlords, with personal fiefdoms ranging from single villages to domains the size of some kingdoms; some will maintain their loyalties for a price.

   In an effort to combat this general degradation in the nation's fighting strength, Ocelot Royce, in his capacity as High Mason - Supreme Leader of Alterion and Commander-in-Chief - and before his disappearance, enacted a draft without being called a draft, where those of age must complete military training prior to graduation, and will almost inevitably find their way to some sort of military-tied industry, with an aim towards 60% participation in the military under this system. While this means on paper a majority of the population should be expected to be called upon for duty, unless granted leave, until such time that Alterion exerts full command of its dominion once more, it is far from reality.

   Further complicating matters, many members of the Rebellion, once the ever present enemy to all Crystal fearing Alterions, have presented themselves as allies to the Royce regime - if not defected to the military outright - in exchange for pardon, and the chance to protect their people without fear of further persecution. This has created rifts not only within the wider Rebellion, disagreeing on whether or not this course of action is acceptable after so many years of fighting, even if the Crystal is gone, but also within the very military such (former) rebels now serve and support. In a time where loyalty is already a commodity, it easy to see those previously defined by the lack of it to their now CnC as probable traitors, breeding a resentment that may some day turn to self-fulfilling prophecy.

   Nevertheless, assuming all were as according to design, and eliminating what forces the other claimants hold for themselves - the composition of which should be found in articles their own - then the Alterion military would be broadly arranged as follows:

  • Sanctum—The High Mason’s personal soldiers. An elite subset within RioT.
  • RioT—Genetically modified super soldiers, beholden to the High Mason.
  • Daius—The Gilded Army of Knights
  • ARMADA—Heavy Artillery. Maintains and pilots Alterion's massive war machines.
  • Radicals—Black Ops Intelligence Agency
  • Proteus-- Weapon Masters and foot soldiers. The general military of the Masons.

   All corporate 'partners' of the regime are nominally based out of Cosanastre; in reality these are the branches that could most readily throw their lot in with the regime, where others fell to ruin, were subsumed by emergent powers, or have tried their own hand at the game of thrones. That is to say, it might very well be the case that Proteus are called upon to deal with forces acquired from... Proteus.



   Despite dealing heavily in crystals, Alterion currency is known as Notes. A note may be transcribed via alchemic sigil on special alchemic paper (this is the most common form of currency among the populace) but the more tech savvy traders are capable of transferring Notes through specialized alchemic crystals (all managed and monitored by the Masons.) The particular brand of alchemic paper, the specialized and treated ink, and the specialized sigils used are closely guarded secretes of the masons, making counter fitting a nigh impossible task from outside of the organization. Exchange Rate: A Note may be loaded with any specific type of currency. Given that most of the world trades in precious metals, (ie. Tin Copper SIlver Gold Platinum, Rhodium, etc) Alterion notes typically reference these. (ie. a 10 Gold Note, exchanges for 10 oz of Gold. ) Alterion's wealth of precious crystals and jewels and its booming alchemical prowess means the nation is usually able to create, trade or (thanks to the booming sky pirate trade) steal almost every known currency.


  Magic & Technology

   Crystallyns, Tellyns, & other Preternaturals; Tellus Seeds

   Alterion doesn't practice traditional magic, viewing magic unaided by crystals as of questionable means. The closest thing to mages Alterion has would be the Alchemists. While Alterion does practice traditional alchemy and chemistry, the term has become something of a catch all for abilities. Other forms of magic do exist and are practiced within, Alterion—but it's not something the populace likes acknowledging. The most common forms of Alchemy (Magic) within Alterion follows and are in order from Common to Exceptional. Please note: that the order does not dictate supremacy over the other, merely the level of exposure.

Common Knowledge

  • Alteria/Alterna— Imbued with the power of nature from which they are essenced, these blended & manufactured crystals come in all shapes and sizes and grant individuals abilities and powers they might not otherwise have, and/or enhance current abilities/powers.
  • Alchemy—Just as the Runemaster serves as the jack-of-all-trades for the magical community, so too does the Alchemist serve the psionic/scientific. The alchemist uses scientific knowledge and complex formulae in conjunction with Alchemic symbols to unleash devastating attacks. Just as a Runemaster studies spells and their workings, an alchemist studies the world and it's compounds in order to manipulate it. There are numerous schools of Alchemy each of which differ in their results, but all operate off of the same principle of equivalent exchange. Many practice the basics of Advanced Alchemy, but few can claim to be a master of a specific School.
  • Tellyn—the term reserved for individuals who have consumed a Tellus Seed and gained supernatural abilities as a result. Considered a lower level demi-god. Rare Knowledge
  • Althane—a race of greater demigods resulting from the breeding of the The Guild with the indigenous people of Alterion. They left Alterion when the Alteri and the Guild fled, but unlike their ancestors have been known to visit the mortal realm from time-to-time.
  • The Guild—a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are descended from the Alteri. They are sometimes referred to as Archons and High Archons by Renovatians and the Altarr, by Alterians.
  • The Alteri— The primordial deities spawned from the Crystal during its descent into the Alterion landmass. They were exceptionally powerful beings revered as nature spirits and elementals. They birthed the Altarr, the gods and goddeses of the Guild.
  • Crystallyn—Crystallyns were/are individuals infused with the Crystal's power, either by genetic enchantment or by virtue of birth (given that the Crystals power literally infected the land it resides in, it used to be very common for children to be born with preternatural abilities. These individuals are now rarities, since the Crystal no longer exists.) They can be considered something of a demi-god.


  Technology & Setting

   From a technological standpoint Alterion is on par, if not a small step ahead of Renovatio—if only in regards to biotechnology. Alterion is a blend of dark science fantasy and horror. There are certainly modern and futuristic elements, at play. You'll see motor cars, you'll also see horse(and various other creature)drawn carriages. You'll see men in doublets and men in jerkins alongside men in business suits. You'll see a man in a suit of armor. It's common for people to utilize swords and other bladed weaponry as guns (as is the case with most RP) aren't tried and true methods of stopping an attacker. Older sections of certain Provinces may have archaic temples and castles with vaulted skyscrapers looming over them. How is Alterion tech affected elsewhere?

   Alterion technology used to operate solely via crystal energy from synthetic crystals. Now, being that the Crystal and its crystal reactors have been destroyed, it relies on various means including but not limited to Alchemy, Magic, and New Frontier technology developed by the major companies in Alterion. Daius Industries, Proteus Enterprises, Aureus Labs, Magnus Corp, and Babel all play a critical role in the nations function and are continually striving to advance its technological capabilities. Those currently upholding the highest standard of advancement are Daius Industries and Babel Corp. Although in constant competition, these two pillars of success are known to work in concert on various endeavors. 

   Alterion tech can usually function in other realms, but since it operates on auxiliary energy it is only as powerful as that land can provide (ie Alterion weapons in Fracture/Genesaris/Renovatio) are bound by that boards limitations, but function normally in Alterion.



| H I S T O R Y |
| Condensed Faejarhe Timeline & Major Historical Periods |
| these events are from most recent to times long since past |


The Hollow

Coming Soon....






This lore was written  by -Lilium-, Meraxa, Sanonymous, & Priestess.

Formatting & Tabling variations used are credited to Csl & vielle.

Edited by -Lilium-

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