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About Us


Who we are

Founded: 2004.

Founder: supernal.

Administrators: supernal and desolate

Pronounced: Val-uh-cray

Mission statement: Make roleplay as fun, accessible, and meaningful as possible

From server hosting to custom mods to advertising campaigns, Valucre is powered by donations. Every dollar (or pound or euro depending where you are) goes to keeping Valucre alive and helping the site grow. Every member of Valucre's attentive and helpful staff is a volunteer who contributes their valuable time to managing the community.

Our promise to you

Short version

  • Quality roleplay in immersive settings
  • Flexible RP options: mystery, horror, action, political in the canon world or "anything goes" in Alternative
  • Active and friendly community
  • Helpful staff
  • "New member" specific areas and guides

Long Version

Valucre emphasizes character development and plot driven writing inside of persistent settings, backed by an active community which loves to write, made up of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. What ties us all together is our love of roleplay, writing, and story.

Valucre is also a bit of a sheep in wolf's clothing. You sign on looking for a place to game and what you end up with are friends and an endless potential to craft stories in one of the longest running roleplay sites on the internet. 

Register on Valucre and you can change the setting with your characters and your plots too. We're a roleplay community that focuses on exactly that. The roleplay, and the community. 

Social Media

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Origin story

I was 15 and the places I'd go to roleplay were vanishing, either because of technical issues or because of poor management. I got tired of wading through the constant stream of dying sites and decided I should just make my own and see how that goes. I signed up on a free forum host and made Valucre's first incarnation. 

And then got to work. Instead of hopping around on forums I was hopping around on familiar chat rooms, picking the right time and place to advertise my new and growing website and P.T. Barnum'ing my friends into coming along. 

The state of roleplay forums at the time gave me the impression that if I became an admin I'd eventually go crazy, but eventually I came to the conclusion that people were just making the job harder for themselves. I treat members the way I'd like to be treated and shape the site around what I want to see and be able to do if I was just a regular member. 

Here we are today.


Vatista said:

What attracted me the most is Valucre's excellent balance between freeform and (an) organized universe. Players can create almost anything they like, within reason. This is a very good balance as people have the chance to unleash their creativity while the site maintains order as a whole. I suspect this is what keep Valucre going strong through the years.

Nemmy said:

I really love the layout of Valucre. It's not too flashy or elaborate and it's easy for the most part to navigate. I also find it very creative with all the roleplay threads and the Tavern for all the newbies. None of the other RP sites I've been in have done that and It's really nice.

Durco said:

The first thing I noticed was the . . . amount of lore, canon updates, and well thought out settings. Science-fantasy, high-fantasy, and sword and sorcery . . . how can you go wrong? Then I joined . . . there was a lot of warm welcomes . . . and talking about RP systems. I am a newb and nobody seemed bothered by it . . . and made it very clear they were here to help.

The fact that a good framework is put in place and that players can add on and actually affect the world around them is fricken amazing.

Gohricka said:

I had been deadlocked for years on the novels I'm writing just cause everything seemed to be the same copy/paste no matter where I went. It was always the same. Not so here. It has all been very original and very well thought out. Thanks to this site, it got my mojo flowing and I've actually gotten my first real chapter done.

Die Shize said:

In many ways, Valucre surpasses other roleplay places I’ve been to. There is so much promise and potential here, so many pools of activity just waiting to be dived into. As much as I enjoyed other roleplay forums, they didn’t have a universal understanding quite like there is on Valucre. And while some had their own pools to profit potential from, they seemed less opened to newcomers; too many Closed threads. In comparison, Valucre shines more brightly with its . . . greater Open ones.

Edited by supernal

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