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Guide to Canonization


What is the canon?

The canon is the body of Valucre's lore. The end result of years of effort and collective, creative contribution from board leaders and site members. Please note that canon can be reviewed and retconned as deemed necessary. 

What is canonization?

The process where a thread or group of threads is approved and integrated into the Valucre canon. Writing to influence or contribute to canon is encouraged by Valucre's administration, but isn't a requirement for a majority of threads and should not be thought of as an impediment to any of the various plots, characters, etc. that you want to write.

Many members can, and have, had a great deal of rich storyline and character development in threads spanning over a year or longer without seeking approval for canonization. Canonization should only be submitted if you are effecting a change to established lore.

As a disclaimer, in any threads goal or task oriented threads with an eye towards canonization (artifact threads, quest threads, etc), users that stop posting without warning should expect to have their characters minimally controlled in the interest of the overall story. 

What are the requirements?

Posts in the thread should be no less than 80 words for the purposes of influencing the canon. To canonize your thread, the last post should be a summary of the events the thread contains which includes the below sections, and then send a private message to the appropriate board leader:

  • A full summary: A full summary (1-3 paragraphs) must include all important details. Transparency is required here as anything not included is not considered approved. It may not seem fair but this is the most efficient way to handle a forum of this size, activity and still offer the level of creative freedom we do.
  • A minor summary: A minor summary (2-5 sentences) should be included in the Summary as well as this is what will be included in the lore article. 
  • Notable consequences: An itemized list of what these summaries mean; how they affect or influence the canon in question.
  • Opportunities: Finally, any canonized event must generate at least one event or quest in turn. This way everyone that contributes gives others a chance to contribute as well.

Example: Chasing shadows

What if I don't submit a canon request or it isn't approved?

If you don't submit a canon request, then your thread is not considered canonized. Not every thread requires canonization to begin with, so this process does not apply for every potential action that a character can take.

If your request is rejected, it means the same as not submitting a request to begin with. A board leader may reject your request outright, reject parts of your request and approve others, or approve your request on the condition that certain parts of the thread be modified.

Why this whole process?

In the past some members have felt a bit helpless in terms of impacting the lore, failing to realize that canonization isn't necessary to have a grand storyline.

We've automated the process as much as possible to avoid unnecessary wait time. It allows board leaders to strike the balance between the freedom of the members to impact the setting and the ability of the creator of those settings to be able to shape the impact to some degree.

And to roleplay themselves. Who wants to spend all of their time reading and none of it writing? Not me. Who wants a project they spent a year writing up and working on to be destroyed by the passing fancy of a member that spends a week on the forum and then vanishes? Same answer.

Examples of actions that you can canonize:

  • Completing a quest, which is the most common method of canonization. When completing quests, you must still generate an an RP opportunity for other members.
  • Assassination of a canonically significant figure, which would require board leader approval.
  • Destroying, rebuilding or renovating an established business or organization.
  • Amassing an army, making preparations for war, or other large-scale actions that would reasonably draw attention.

Examples of actions that you don't need to canonize:

  • Assassination of an important figure in a personal plot.
  • Your character's death (unless your character is an important figure).
  • Destroying a ready-made (NPC made and destroyed at players discretion) town or village.

Reasons why your request might be rejected:

  • You exceeded Mild Powers rules.
  • You introduced something incongruous to the local lore.
  • Using copywritten content (Sonic the Hedgehog, Goku, etc).
  • The means does not justify the ends, i.e. the amount of effort undertaken does not justify your desired results.

Examples of roleplay opportunities: 

  • Add a bounty for your player if they destroyed property or killed people
  • Add a new ready-made setting with facets to explore
  • Rebuild something that was destroyed / destroy something that was created
  • Follow up on new information (names of people, cults, organizations, etc) 

Who do I submit my canon request to?

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