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Standardized Artifact Rules


Consistent in Terrenus, Genesaris, and Renovatio

General system

  1. PM board leader to confirm artifact availability
  2. Put "artifact" somewhere in the title to make for easy visual tracking
  3. Threads (or players) that go 30 days or more without a post are subject to have their artifacts listed as available
  4. Threads must be completed within 1 year of their start date 
  5. Threads must use the narrative damage system, or express some equivalent difficulty, at least once
  6. Artifact threads are open to meaningful interruption
    1. Respect the fact that these threads often require structure and planning
    2. Respect that the item is high value and someone may show up to oppose you. Antagonist beware however, because if you interrupt the thread your contribution to the thread should be significant - either making up a large contribution to the thread or taking place in a separate thread prior to joining the existing thread
    3. NDS, MOBS or any other system of board leader choosing will be used to determine end result if another system is not agreed on by players
  7. 3 artifact limit per player
  8. Hunting artifacts one after another is allowed; hunting two or more at the same time isn't
  9. When complete, go through canonization process and PM board leader
    • Omit Opportunities and Consequence

Classification system

Item weighting: Readymade items (pulled out of a magic hat) > Canon backed items (roleplayed out and submitted to canon) > Artifacts (significantly powerful items as approved by a board leader in their list)

For artifact vs artifact, thread content will determine the class of the artifact relative to other artifacts

  • Class B (Medium - minimum for an artifact): 1 or more players; 2+pages
    • 2+ people to Challenge
  • Class A (Hard): 1 or more players; 3+ pages
    • 3+ people to Challenge
  • Class S (Crazy): 2 or more players; 5+ pages
    • 4+ people to Challenge

Challenge system

  1. Owner must not have a relevant IC post in the last 60 days. Use it or lose it. 
    1. If you've been added in error, contest with a link to the relevant post. Relevant posts must be made before included challenge date 
    2. If you believe an artifact isn't available that should be send board leader a PM
    3. Challenger must complete a "seeking" thread that is 1/2 (or more) of the claim thread in order to challenge for ownership
      1. This thread should be used to justify how challenger heard about or discovered current artifact / location
    4. Once seeking thread is complete, send PM to current owner and board leader to arrange organic conflict thread 
    5. Owner has 2 weeks to reply and make arrangements. Failure to reply forfeits the artifact which the challenge can claim by completing the basic artifact post requirements if not already met
    6. If a challenge thread goes inactive for 30 days, and the player challenged has made at least 1 RP post in that time, the challenge expires and the timer is reset
    7. NDS, MOBS or any other system of my choosing will be used to determine end result if not agreed on by players

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