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Valucre's Code of Conduct - Obsolete


The below code of conduct is outdated, is being kept for purely archival reasons, and has been replaced by the updated code of conduct: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/general/code-of-conduct-r660/

Code of Conduct

Valucre has a code of conduct for its members. This is primarily a matter of etiquette. We want the site to be fun for everyone and part of that is having a civil community to interact with or at least be around.

The OOC portion of the site is rated R for strong language and innuendo. The IC portion is rated R for text-based adult themes, strong language, violence, and nudity. Although these themes aren't pervasive, situations may call for them. However, an R rating does not mean NC-17 or TV-MA; explicit depiction of sexual acts will not be tolerated. This applies to PM as well as to the forum. 

Staff are not omniscient. Members are expected to take care of conflicts at the interpersonal level before officially reporting content to staff but are encouraged to report any behavior or content they suspect is in violation of the CoC. When in doubt, let the staff sort it out. There is no hard and fast rule against griefing since similar behaviors are often the result of incompetence rather than purposeful ill-will but administration will warn, suspend or ban anyone exhibiting behavior that can drive away other members. 

By registering on Valucre and posting on the site, you agree to grant us nonexclusive rights to display, store, adapt, and create derivative works of anything you submit on Valucre. Administration reserves the right to remove, modify or keep any content posted on Valucre for any reason. Requests for removal or modification will be taken under consideration but the final decision rests with Administration alone.

All content submitted or uploaded to the site is subject to review. Do not submit any content you consider to be private or confidential. As all members of staff are volunteer, allow up to 3 days for a response to any inquiries, concerns, reports, etc. The below are examples and not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Staff will exercise discretion on a case by case basis. 


  1. Do not advertise other roleplay sites, whether on the forum, in your signature or through private message.
  2. Do not add copyrighted or illegal content to our website.
  3. All content provided on the CMS is copyright per their creators.
  4. Do not post pornographic material on the forum or in PM.
  5. Basically, don't use our web service for vile or suspect activity.


  1. Don't metagame or godmod. Although this is a fantasy setting, we expect a certain amount of realism. New nations do not appear out of nowhere, nor do governments topple for no reason.
  2. In-character actions have in-character consequences. What those consequences are will vary depending on what board they are in.
  3. Three days is the rule of thumb limit you should wait before skipping a player in a thread.
  4. Tiers of escalation: Property owner > Board leaders > Global mod/Admin. If there's a dispute in an RP area, administration shouldn't be involved until the hierarchy has been followed.

When to Report Content

Written by Acies ab Vesania

In the last year (give or take), it has become abundantly clear that what should be, and what should not be, reported for moderation is not as clear as we had hoped. This is evidenced by the number of reports that end up being rejected out of hand, clearly outside the area that we feel we need to police. Of course, we have received valid reports of this last year and we have dealt with them accordingly- to those who have used this system as intended- thank you!

Note that if your report is empty and contains no reasoning or justification it will be cleared.



There are some clear-cut cases where a post should be reported. I’ll start with reasons why you might report one of your own posts.

  1. You accidentally made a double post. Reporting the duplicate is a good way to let us know that there is a cleanup needed- we’ll stop by and take care of it when we get the chance.
  2. You posted something, but have decided later you would rather have not made the post at all- go ahead and report and ask us to hide the post/thread, and as above, we’ll take care of it when we get the chance.

Reasons why you might need to report a different post (that are clear-cut, black and white reasons) are:

  1. You find a post that is clearly made by a “bot” (posts spam/gibberish)- we appreciate you guys catching these for us.
  2. Someone does offsite advertising- this is major rules violation (and typically only seen with individuals who registered only to attempt to poach members), so we appreciate these head’s up a great deal.
  3. Someone posts something pornographic- while not “illegal” necessarily, we do have prohibitions against pornographic imagery. If it is clearly not explicit art (Greek statues come to mind), don’t worry about it. If you are unsure, report it and we’ll sort it out.
  4. Someone posts something illegal- this always needs to get reported. 
  5. If you own a role-play thread that is closed and a person posts there anyway (without permission) you can ask one of us (or a boardleader for that board) to come by and remove it.
  6. If you own an OOC thread and it is getting derailed by offtopic content, you can report one of the offending posts and ask us to remove the rest.
  7. If you seen an RP thread with a detailed, explicit, and graphic depiction of sexuality. This kind of content should exceed rated R and be textual porn. Talking about a pair of characters sensually touching each other and making love is generally fine. Telling us about how the pork sausage was forcefully thrust through the taco until sour cream came bursting out the sides is excessive use of detail. Our threads may, and sometimes do, contain sexuality and violence (and both combined)- this is not an infraction of the rules.

The above generally is not an issue, but I thought it would be good just to make sure that these are clear. On to the stuff that generally results in unwarranted reports.

That person said something I find “offensive”

  • What one person finds offensive another person considers to be an everyday part of their culture or common vernacular. Offensive to you does not generally cut it. If it is clear use of something like hate speech- in that the words used are directed at an individual with malicious intent- then you can report it. If you don’t like that the person expresses radical opinions or expresses opinions contrary to yours in an uncouth way- we suggest the ignore function. To be clear: Report blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, or threats to cause violence that appear to be genuine. Just because it is rude and crude does not mean we are going to bother policing it- because we probably won’t. We opt for the belief that people here are adults and will have adult conversations using adult language. There is a line between being crass and promoting hate- we’ll deal with it when crosses into hate.

That person was rude

  • See above, we don’t police people’s manners. If they want to say that your opinion is stupid, they can say that. We’re not going to tell them to give you a better counterargument- ask them for it yourself or put the individual on ignore.

Reports that fail to follow the complaint process- we get a lot of these

  • There is a complaint process, and if it is clear that you have not followed it, your report will be tossed out without further consideration. To review, the complaint process says:
    • Take your disagreement to PM and try to work it out.
    • If your disagreement cannot be resolved, ask the other party to cease engaging with you on this subject and end the conversation.
    • If the person persists, put them on ignore.
    • If the person continues to try and contact you after you have put them on ignore, you may now report them. NOT BEFORE.
  • The second part of this complaint process is writing a detailed, well thought out report. It needs to include pertinent details and an argument that makes logical sense and gives validity to your concern. Name calling, baseless accusations, or lacking reports will all work against you, likely leading to an outright dismissal of the report.
    • This guy is being an asshole!- this will get ignored, we’re not interested in your choice labels for this person. If your perception is that they are being an “asshole” and that using ignore has failed to address this, you need to explain why you have reached this conclusion. Just saying “rude” or “mean” does not work either. Spell it out- did they call you names, contact you after you asked them to stop, make threats of violence, join threads that you asked them to stay out of, etc.
      • This person is a troll- well, then specifically state how they are being a troll, not tell us that they are a troll. A troll is someone who goes out of their way to piss people off by manipulating them through various means, all centered towards getting a reaction. Describe to us how that this person, in their post(s) has worked towards achieving this.
      • Blank- if the report is blank, short of the reported post containing something from the above obvious category, it’s going to get tossed out. If you can’t bother to fill it out, we can’t be bothered to look at it.

I hope that this guide will assist you in future reporting decisions. Please note that while there is no set statute of limitations for any single report type, reports for content that is a month or older will usually be considered but dismissed. 

Administration reserves the right to punish or expel any player who is in violation of these rules. Administration reserves the right to take action against any account at any time. Administration reserves the right to jump to any level of punishment they feel appropriate. Generally, players violating the Code of Conduct can expect the following:

  • Verbal warning, or ban from thread.
  • Two warnings will result in having the ability to post in the OOC sections of the forum taken away, and potentially removing IC sections as well.
  • Three warnings will result in an automatic ban for two weeks while the Administration considers further action.


Policy on Leaving Valucre and Account Deletion

Valucre is a shared space where member contributions directly impact other members and their contributions. Mass deletion of posts and their associated accounts with no discretion is both harmful to the entire website and its users, especially members who interacted with the leaving user or facilitated their involvement in the community. Furthermore, deletion of accounts causes documentation issues in the site database. As such, we will not be mass deleting posts, nor deleting accounts.

The Valucre staff is committed to protecting member privacy. While we encourage you not to post any personally identifying information, if you choose to request a closure to your account, we will help you scrub it of any personal information and ban the account. Be aware that any public "Leaving Valucre" messages will be considered a request for account closure, but this does not apply to notices of a temporary leave of absence. Please contact the Valucre staff by e-mail if you wish to return to the website.

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