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Building a Character


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Building a Character guide for Valucre roleplay. A woman in a white dress stands on the edge of a cliff. Below her are clouds.

Flowchart for Water Cooler subforums

Profile Database Board User Lore

The User Lore board is a scratchpad forum where users are free to submit their own unique roleplay creations for reference or shared use with the understanding that anything posted within is not considered Valucre canon. This board hosts information like character sheets, profiles on organizations (as well as clans, organizations, mercenary groups, etc), user created bestiary entries, and more.

Users have the option to differentiate the kind of lore they're creating by using the tag system, which also makes the thread searchable by clicking on any given tag. 

It's worth noting that character sheets are optional for a majority of the roleplay on Valucre. Occasionally members may require them for specific plots and many members find filling out character templates a useful way to store and reference information about characters, but they are not required.

There is a pinned Character Sheet Templates thread which has a number of staff and member created sheet templates that you can adopt and modify for your own use. If you come up with your own character sheet template, feel free to add it to the list!

If you want some ideas and guidelines around creating a solid character, visit our Character Creation Guide.

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