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Help and Contact


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Help and Contact. An expedition of adventurers trek across an icy plain together with a frozen titan in the background.


Responsible for maintaining the forum, managing the server, updating the software, and site costs.

  1. supernal
  2. desolate

The Contact Us form (also found in site footer) can be used to report code of conduct breaches, ask pre-registration questions, ask questions about the lore or the site in general, and get those questions sent directly to the administrator mailbox.

Outside of administration, Valucre's staff is made up of Site Moderators, who assist in community moderation, and Outreach; both fall under the general Staff umbrella. Site Moderators can assist you with technical issues and inquiries on the site, and Outreach is Valucre's customer service. Both will help members integrate on the site and interact with the community, answer questions or direct them to the right person, and gather feedback on the site to keep everyone involved aware of the community temperature. 

If you have question for the outreach team, you can post in the public Outreach AMA thread or PM the members individually.

Board Leaders
Board leaders are the rulers and policy makers of their respective virtual space. Given the fact that Valucre can be divided into a large number of discrete spaces, where a list of board leaders is provided it accounts only for the top-level. A full list can be found in the staff directory or in the world basics page. The Valucre AMA series thread has a link to the various "ask me anything" threads board leaders have posted over the years.

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