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Making Your Mark


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Making Your Mark guide for Valucre roleplay. A ringed spaceship hovers in the sky over a town. A man stands on a bridge looking at the spaceship.

Introductions Board You and the Canon

The canon is the body of Valucre's lore, the end result of years of collective effort and creative contribution from board leaders and members. The canon is different from general roleplay on the site, which is any activity or story that anyone wants to tell for any reason, and comes without expectation or requirement. When you want to change something that impacts many people, this changes.

As a game world, Valucre has a mild powers ceiling and is made of multiple territories, each managed by a board leader who creates artifacts, quests, events, and approves canon activity. Because the canon is what makes the world what it is, the ability to change it offers to players opportunities immortalize their characters in Valucre's history. This is an enormous potential and so, unsurprisingly, comes with a few requirements. 

Enter the canonization guide, the process by which a thread or group of threads is reviewed, approved, and integrated into the canon. The guide will give more details and examples but, to paraphrase, what is basically required is that you respect the lore you're changing, summarize the events at the end of the thread, and submit this to a board leader, who either updates their lore accordingly or provides reason for rejection, which usually just requires minor modification to more accurately portray the lore. 

Writing to influence the canon is encouraged, that is Valucre's history, but this should not be confused as a requirement for most threads or play on the site. The canon process is not a roadblock to the plots and ideas you want to explore, but a quality assurance and organizational measure when those plots and ideas affect things on a large scale. Many, many players have years of quality roleplay without worrying about the canon process, either because there was never a need or because the content always exists and can be submitted for canon at a future date.

Introductions BoardBuilding your legacy as an individual player

There's no perfect formula that you can follow and end the effort a star. But there are some simple things that you can do, which I'll simplify and itemize for your convenience, which if done well and with an eye towards collaborating with your fellow members, will see your efforts remembered in Valucre's lore. 

  1. Complete a quest and seek to make a single, significant change in the lore.
  2. Claim an artifact in one of the areas which interest you for long-term engagement.
  3. Connect something in your quest to an effort with your artifact to create a new event or impact and invite other players to help or oppose you.

Canonize after every step and your character will be written into Valucre's history and isn't likely to be easily forgotten.

Introductions Board Worldbuilding, lore, and virtual spaces - legacy as a maker

Making a change to an existing space through the actions of your character or characters is one way to change the world but not the only one. By using our lore templates and either posting them in user Lore, or submitting them to board leaders for integration into their lore, you can create plants, creatures, and materials to add to the lore that other members can then use in their roleplay. 

What about if you want to take things even further, and take up the mantle of responsibility?  There is no concrete, formal, or individualized process that a member can take which ends with them becoming a board leader, but the ability to create and manage your own virtual space exists on Valucre in spades.

Historically a member will create a piece of lore that they want to see used by the site at large and submit it to a board leader for inclusion in their lore. Templates are useful to standardize information but not the only way to get something approved. Another avenue a player can take is to increase public awareness by using it to change and influence canon - "it" can be members of a species, citizens of a kingdom, a certain kind of material; the possibilities are many. Legacy can look like an update to a map or a list of creatures, and it can also look like something dozens of members use or engage with on their own.

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