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. . . to the Promised Land.

Valucre is a play-by-post roleplay site which differs from many other roleplay sites in that it has no central plot and does not separate our member base by experience or skill level. Valucre is a persistent global setting capable of supporting nearly any type of theme or idea with dozens of plots of various scale going on at once.

There's a lot to see and do here on Valucre. You could spend, quite literally, hours every day for days on end combing through guides, canonized threads, character sheets, and lore information. But worry not dear reader, that is neither expected nor required. Think of Valucre's body of work less like a guidebook that you have to read beginning to end to understand where you are, and more like an encyclopedia, a reference book that you pull out when it's relevant and otherwise can write comfortably knowing it's always within reach. 

Below you'll find a number of tiles covering different topics. Visit the links which are of interest to you and visit the rest when they become relevant.

Getting Started guide for Valucre roleplay. An archer stands on a rock and aims an arrow at a mystical portal with a large moon in the background. The Community guide for Valucre roleplay. Trees on a lake island. The water shows the trees reflection and there are mountains in the background. World Basics guide for Valucre roleplay. A house on a stone balances on the point of a small mountain. A sunset of many colors is in the background

Building a Character guide for Valucre roleplay. A woman in a white dress stands on the edge of a cliff. Below her are clouds. Becoming a Legacy guide for Valucre roleplay. A ringed spaceship hovers in the sky over a town. A man stands on a bridge looking at the spaceship. Support Valucre guide for Valucre roleplay. A unicorn and two humans are in a dark valley between mountains. A man is glowing white and reaches out to touch a giant sphere.

Help and Contact guide for Valucre roleplay. A group of people look small from a distance and are marching in a desert towards a single mountain.

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