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Alterion Mecha


Alterian Mecha

Mech Systems & Capabilities

There are a lot of mech systems in the rp world and there are a considerable amount of great mech writers on Valucre. Trying to nail down one type of system that pleases everyone is impossible. The Mech system you will find in use on Alterion will not be a statbased system, nor will it cater solely to any one type of mobile suit. For the purposes of this RP and thanks to Alterion being a technological superpower, it can be assumed that Alterion has an abundance of Mobile Suit manufacturers. Whether they're called orbital frames, mobile suites, wanzers or Knightmare Frames, they're all giant fucking robots that rock like motherfuckers. If one player is operating a suit that is reminiscent of one found in one of the many Gundam timelines and another is utilizing something from the Zone of the Ender series, it is assumed that they were created by two separate manufacturers. However, as is the case with all things on Valucre in the case of PvP Combat: should two mechs square off against one another, regardless of make/model and source material/history, all things are assumed equal. No suit is faster or stronger than the other solely based on source material history.

What does determine mobile suit capabilities is the type chosen.

Mecha Types

There are three basic builds that most mechs are going to follow:

Recon: Recon is faster than heavy assault, but tends to be outfitted with less weaponry and cannot take as much damage as the other two. It favors speed and maneuverability over damage output and defense. Recon suits tend to be the choice for pilots who prefer CQC.  Recon types have a stock weight of 2.00 tons, a land & air speed of 450/~600mph and can carry no more than 3 weapons (not including melee weapons). 

Note: Recon Units can discard their additional  weaponry in battle and operate as a recon unit. In PVP combat you must expend one prep/turn to discard these items. 1 Prep/Turn for each weapon you're dropping. They must retrieve their equipment and re-assemble their suit to resume  Assault Status. Note: Recon Units can equip additional  weaponry in battle and boost their energy shields at the cost of speed to operate as an assault unit. In PVP combat you must expend one prep/turn to collect these items. 1 Prep/Turn for each weapon you're picking up and 1 prep/turn to reconfigure your suits energy output. They must retrieve their equipment and re-assemble their suit to resume  Assault Status. 

Assault: While slower than most Recon builds, the Assault builds pack more of a punch, but cannot sustain as much damage as the Heavy Assault builds. Of the three base types, the Assault build is the most balanced favoring neither speed, nor defense, but focusing instead on steady damage output. Assault suits fair well in either CQC or Long range combat, but excel at mid-range. Assault types have a stock weight of 3.00 - 4.50 tons, a land & air speed of 300/~500 mph and can carry no more than 5 weapons (not including melee weapons).

Note: Assault Units can discard their additional  weaponry in battle and dampen the energy output towards their shields to boost their speed and operate as a recon unit. In PVP combat you must expend one prep/turn to discard these items. 1 Prep/Turn for each weapon you're dropping. They must retrieve their equipment and re-assemble their suit to resume  Assault Status. 

Heavy Assault: Considerably slower than Recon and mildly slower than Assault, Heavy Assault is designed for two things: to deliver damage and take damage. Heavy Assault can wield more weapons than any other type and take more damage than any other type. The biggest drawback is that it is painfully slow. etc. Heavy Assault is unmatched in Long Range Combat, but tends to fair poorly in CQC due to the weight caused by its numerous weapons.Heavy Assault types have a stock weight of 5.00+ tons, a land & air speed of 200/~350 mph and can carry no more than 8 weapons (Heavy Assault types are only afforded 1 beam saber and no other melee weapons). 

Note: Heavy Assault Units can discard their additional armor and weaponry in battle and operate as an assault unit. In PVP combat you must expend one prep/turn to discard these items. 1 Prep/Turn to abandon the armor and 1 Prep/Turn for each weapon you're dropping. They must retrieve their equipment and re-assemble their suit to resume Heavy Assault Status. 

Alterion Mecha 

Alterion Mechs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and with all types of operating systems. The most common type of mech are those produced by Proteus Enterprises for their ARMADA branch.

All Alterion mechs (model #'s ALT-etc, etc) house a mana generator with a synthetic crystal core which allows a consistent and infinite power source (the synthetic crystal is constantly absorbing ambient cosmic energy to fuel the mech.)

The theory behind the prevention of negating mana reproduction is similar to how a special rubber can protect electrical units from EMPs. The maduria alloys used to design the mechs are exposed to miasma of pure Crystal energy during the refining process. Normally the miasma is capable of negating energy, but it has been reenginered to protect against alien energy and not diffuse what it coddles.


Proteus Enterprises is the chief manufacturer of mass produced mobile suits. Various other companies develop individual far more powerful suits for various people across Valucre, but in Alterion few can produce the amount that Proteus can while maintaining a quality product. The most popular (and thus most commonly utilized by the standard NPC soldier) is the Lodurr (pronounced LOAD-er). The most popular mass produced variant is the Lodurr Assault, but Proteus primarily focuses on perfecting the Lodurr Recon build and then adding the additional armaments and energy rerouting prior to shipping. The Lodurr Heavy Assault are still very popular, but are more difficult to ship en masse due to their size. Most individuals who desire a Heavy Assault type order an Assault type and outfit additional armor and weaponry in house. 

Piloting 101

Proteus model Cockpits are designed to be snug; close fitting so that all of the controls are in reach.

There are three monitors that host standard sensory units with few features such as: image amplification, 1000m sensory range, and thermal vision with HUD assisstance. Each monitor works as one and places 180 degrees affront of the pilot. The greater your view, the greater your blind spot.

There is a lever to the pilots immediate right that runs on a track which displays two gear ratios titled: Accel (I.e ~500mph) & Overboost (I.e 700mph~).

There is a clutch and a feed pedal. The clutch is pressure sensitive and must be pressed whenever increasing speed by simply pushing the lever up even if inches at a time.

Credit to Dre/creationism for a bulk of the information.

Mech Schematic Template

General Schematics

Mech: (ex. TYRANT)

Type : (recon, assault, heavy assault)

Registration/Model : (Reno mechs always begins with RN, and ends with 3 digits. RN - ??? Alterion mechs always begin with ALT, followed by the project name initials, two digits and the Mech's officially sanctioned callsign )

Note: Equipment Class(es) : (recon/3 weapons max not including melee weapons. Aslt/5 weapons not including melee weapons. Heavy/8 weapons + 1 beam saber )

Technical Schematics

Height : (13 - 15m)

Stock Weight : (recon/~2.00tons aslt/3.00-4.50tons heavy/5.00+)

Stock Top Speed : (land & air: recon/~450/~600mph aslt/~300/~500 heavy/~200/~350)

Pilot Accomodations : Single

Specs: Label from 1-3 how you prioritize them. 1 is top priority, 2 is a secondary concern and 3 is the last thing you worry about. If you're pilot and mech are fully balanced and excel at nothing, list everything as 1. These numbers are only used to determine what type of pilot your character is and have no actual bearing in combat, other than to express a general idea of their personal preferences. These are largely helpful to a GM when he's throwing npcs out and determining what items and gifts to bestow. If someone really really likes their speedsters, a prototype set of thrusters would be pretty swank.

Aim | [how accurate are you?] |

Fin| [Finesse. How do you handle the suit? Can you dodge well? Use tactical maneuvers? Get fancy!]

Con | [Conditioning. How long can you pilot the suit before it takes it's toll. How hard can the suit be pushed?]

Wea| [Weaponry: What shape are your weapons in? Is Dmg output top priority for you?]

Arm| [Armor. Are your systems running up to max? Is DEF your top priority?]Arm |

Thr [Thrusters. How capable are they? Do you prioritze maneuverability over all else?]

Clo | [Close. You like your melee up and dirty?]

Mid | [A little distance isn't bad, right? But you're no coward, you still love to hit shit.]

Lon | [Long. Fuck honor. Blow these fuckers up and head home, like a boss.]


Alloy : Madeum, Furyi, Alteria blend/(Maduria) The self resorative exterior and interior coating simultaneously gives it pliability, strength, and adamantine hardness exceeding that of ceramic components.

Construction Type : Semi-monocoque

Weapon Schematics

Primitive System Inventory

[ BSC Sensory unit (1000 meters)

[ Alteria Supercharger

[ Maduria Parcel

[ Vernier Thrusters

[ (left arm weapon)

[ (right arm)

[ (right shoulder)

[ (left shoulder)

[ (chest)

Note: if your mecha can only have 3 weapons, adjust the sheet accordingly.

Weapon Breakdown

BSC Sensory Unit

The BCS Sensor system was outfitted to all Alterion models to supplement the typical radar systems fitting most units. The range on the radar sensors is the standard 1000 meters. The key feature, however, is that within 300 meters the unit is capable of relaying infared data for the purpose of detecting stealthed units and simply strengthening the mech's and pilot's targeting capabilities. Special features: HUD assisstance and image amplification.

Alteria Supercharger

The supercharger rapidly heats the adamant Maduria weapons of a mech granting the pilot the strength to now cut through any and all armor with ease.

Maduria Parcel

A system which use a small space to absorb matter, weapons, and mecha attachments.

Vernier Thrusters

A smaller thrust motor used for fine adjustments to the velocity of a mobile suit. Vernier thrusters are used for mech control requirements such as maneuvering during docking or simply spinning on a dime [recon 4 / assault 2 / heavy / 0. Be sure to detail where your vt's located on your machine]

This is by no means the only type of mech allowed in Alterion, merely the most popular due to Proteus cornering the market. Feel free to create your own type of mech, as long as it can fall within the recon, assault or heavy assault classification it's considered fair play.

Credit to Dre for layout and general information.

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