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Alterion Military(dep)

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Royal Alterion Military

Since seizing control of Arkadia Prime, Ocelot Royce—upon declaring himself King of Alterion, restructured the Military and the Corporate forces into a single cohesive force. The Royal Alterion Military.

What follows is a very brief rundown of the Alterian Military. Links will be provided for certain branches and will contain more detailed information than what's found below. The current order of authority is, as follows: 


Ministry, Cabinet, High Command [all of equal authority]

The Royal Family  


Supreme Leader

High Mason

Ocelot Royce

Supreme Commander of Alterion's military forces and governing bodies.


Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

Lyonene Melisende

Minister of Science and the Occult


Minister of War and Foreign Affairs


The Cabinet

Cosanastre's Regents and Ocelot's other named advisers.


Cosanastre Proper: Ocelot Royce 

Kageroth Province: TBD

Chamre Province: TBD

Vysroth Province: TBD

Opharion Province: TBD

Setroth Province: Gerath Tyndall (NPC)*

Arysene Province: TBD

Zompoc Province: TBD

Brummagen Province: TBD

High Command

High Marshall

Richter Grievous

First Sword of the Kingdom and Vice-Commander of all armed forces

High Warden


Commander-in-field of the Armed Forces and director of Kageroth prison. Leader of the secretive Dark Troupe.

High King

Dorian Carter

Master of Whispers, Commander of the Daius/Radicals.

High Fist 


Commander of the Poor Sons

High Inquisitor 


Commander of the Justicar

High Overseer

Tobias Black

Chief Court Alchemist, head of the Alchemist's Bureau and Commander of Aureus/SEER.

The Royal Family 

Members of the Masonic Imperial family.


NOTE The "*" marking represents and individual who has secured their position as Regent. Those without stars have not officially secured their position meaning the Province is still up for grabs.


Sanctum— Formerly the Zodiak Brave. These individuals are the finest warriors Alterion has to offer. Each is considered to be a weapon of mass destruction personified and serve as King Ocelot's personal guard.

Commander: HIGH MASON

RioT—Elite of the Elite. advanced super-soldiers with superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Typically only utilized for special missions where the greatest strength is required.


Justicar- Holy Knights of the church. Skilled in various forms of combat, weaponry and Alchemy. May Serve as judge, jury and executioner throughout Alterion.


ARMADA— Specializing in Heavy artillery and advanced Mecha, ARMADA maintains and pilots Alterion's massive war machines.


Radicals—The Radicals act similarly to an intelligence agency or investigative bureau, engaging in reconnaissance and espionage, or even black ops, including kidnappings and assassinations, on behalf of the Daius corporation and thus Alterion.


SEER—Seer operates as something of a mage council, though an Alchemist Bureau is more fitting. They body the intelligence and know how if the Alterion military, handling tasks such as advanced scrying to the re animation of dead tissue. They are well versed in the use of alteria and certified alchemists down to the last soldier.


Poor Sons & Proteus— Weapon Masters and foot soldiers. These are the backbone of the Alterion Military. The Poor Sons are charged with policing the cities and affiliated villages while the Proteus are the first called to serve on the front lines during a declaration of war, maintaining the constant struggle against the rebels and locating and taxing unaffiliated villages.


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