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Alterion Religion and Mythology


Ancient Alterion

The land that would one day be Alterion was once home to a race of ancient primordial beings known  as the Alteri (ALL-Ter-EYE). Largely forgotten by modern Alterion the Alteri were revered as god-like by the indigenous alterians, who it is believed the Alteri created.

Alterion Mytholgy
Long ago when Valucre was still young a great calamity was visited upon the stars and the sky itself was rent open. From this otherworldly tear fell the body of great and terrible monolith. The being's descent drove it deep into the earth forever scarring the landmass. From the creature's blood and dismembered body crawled the Alteri. The Alteri were as savage and cruel as they were powerful and sought to devour that which birthed them, in pursuit of further power. At its journey’s end however, several miles down into Alterion's core, the being sought to stave off death and with its remaining power encased itself in an otherworldly luminous mineral. To The mortals of Alterion this being became known as the Crystal.

Unable to breach their progenitor's exoskeleton the Alteri turned to warring with and devouring each other. As time passed the Alteri transitioned from vengeful and spiteful warriors to god kings of powerful and thriving civilizations. The Alteri birthed many lesser deities, who in turn birthed more (the althane). They built great machines and developed ways in which to manipulate the world itself to do their bidding (Alchemy) until the day the Crystal rose out from the earth and basked in the sun. With the Crystal’s appearance, the Alteri fled the mortal realm and left their great cities and machines of war behind...in the hands of men. 

The indigenous people of Alterion came to believe that their gods, and all of Valucre's gods, were but living personifications of the Crystal. When settlers from Muhir and Rosinder arrived in Alterion they adopted this belief, lending further support to the Crystal as Valucre's chief deity. 

The Alteri
Primordial Deities, shapeshifters, elemental forces, nature spirits, giants, great trolls. The Alteri were exceptionally power, as primordial gods, they could largely shape the world as they saw fit and used their power and knowledge to create things of wondrous and terrible power. Alteri could often appear in human form, but their true forms were often considered misshapen and grotesque. They were exceptionally large and are considered the creators of Alterion's Giants, Dragons, Ogres, and Trolls.

The Altarr/ The Guild
Lesser deities, the Altarr were far more intelligent than their ancestors and allied together to rule over Alterion's populace. They were known to frequently breed with humans ultimately yielding in an influx of demigods and other powerful beings. They, like their creators, built great machines and wielded exceptional power. They too were shape shifters, but their true forms were almost indiscernible from humans. 


Greater Demigods, the Althane have more in common with their celestial parent than their mortal one, but find existence in either the mortal or immortal realm relatively easy. They are beings of immense power and are capable of transforming to increase their power, but do not possess the same liberties of choice that their shapeshifting parentage were privy to. 

A Crystallyn is a demi-god, for lack of a better term. They are beings that are either born with preternatural abilities are were given preternatural abilities by being infused with pure Crystal energy. 

A lesser demigod, for lack of a better term. A Tellyn is a mortal who has consumed one of the Tellus Seeds and now possesses extraordinary power. 


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